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Lorenzo Lamas ACTOR


Lorenzo Lamas was born on January 20th, 1958 in Santa Monica, California with the birth name Lorenzo y de Santos Lamas to parents Arlene Dahl and Fernando Lamas, a famed Argentinean actor.  His family relocated to New York in 1968 and he completed his schooling at Admiral Faragut Academy in 1975.  After school he chose to relocate back to California and attend Tony Barr's Film Actors Workshop and soon began working in the entertainment industry.
His first role was on a television series in 1976 and then in 1980 he was cast in the series, "Falcon Crest" a prime time soap opera.  In total he appeared in 227 episodes of this soap opera.  He portrayed the character, Lance Cumson for which he is best known to the public for.  He followed this role with two others, "Renegade" and "The Bold and the Beautiful".   
Lamas also had a number of other roles such as a small role in the film, "Grease" (1978) and other guest star appearances on such television shows as, "Secrets of Midland Heights", "Fantasy Island", "The Love Boat", "Hotel" "Are You Hot?" and "Renegade' (1992).
Throughout his career he was honored with two soap opera digest awards and a Golden Globe Award.  He currently has his own reality television show, "Leave it to Lamas".  Along with building a decent acting resume, Lamas also performed a song on the soundtrack for the film, "Body Rock" (1984) which cracked the Billboard Hot 100 Charts. 
Some of his latest work was a role in the film, "The King and I" (2007) and some stage work in, "Dracula" and "The Fantasticks".  He is also an avid Harley-Davidson motorcycle collector and is involved in charity rides for a transplant fund.   
He has been married a total of five times.  His first wife was Victoria Hilbert whom he wed in 1981 and divorced two years later.  He then married Michelle Smith in 1983 and they had two children before divorcing in 1985.  His third wife was Kathleen Kinmont who he wed in 1989 and after having no children this marriage ended in divorce in 1993.  Lorenzo married for a fourth time to Shauna sand in 1996 and they had three children together before also separating in 2003.  He is currently married to his fifth wife, Shawna Craig from April 20th, 2011. 


2011 Cathedral Canyon
2011 Backstabber
2011 Let Lorenzo
2010 Big Time Rush
2010 Pee-wee Goes to Sturgis
2010 Ash Global
2009 Leave It to Lamas
2009 Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus
2009 Phineas and Ferb
2009 Mexican Gold
2008 I Am Somebody: No Chance in Hell
2007 30,000 Leagues Under the Sea
2007 Succubus: Hell Bent
2004-2007 The Bold and the Beautiful
2006 18 Fingers of Death!
2006 Body of Work
2005 Killing Cupid
2005 Thralls
2005 Lethal
2005 The Nowhere Man
2004 Unseen Evil 2
2004 Sci-Fighter
2004 Reno 911!
2004 Raptor Island
2004 Deep Evil
2004 Latin Dragon
2004 Motocross Kids
2003 Dark Waters
2003 13 Dead Men
2003 Rapid Exchange
2003 The Paradise Virus
2002 Hope Ranch
2002 The Circuit 2: The Final Punch
2000-2001 The Immortal
1998-1999 Air America
1998 Invasion America
1998 Back to Even
1998 Undercurrent
1997 The Rage
1992-1997 Renegade
1997 Black Dawn
1996 Mask of Death
1996 Terminal Justice
1995 Gladiator Cop
1995 Midnight Man
1994 Bad Blood
1994 Final Round
1993 CIA II: Target Alexa 
1993 Bounty Tracker
1992 CIA Code Name: Alexa 
1992 Snake Eater III: His Law 
1992 The Swordsman 
1992 Final Impact
1992 Flesh and the Devil
1991 Killing Streets
1991 Dear John
1991 Night of the Warrior
1990 The Hitchhiker 
1981-1990 Falcon Crest 
1989 Snake Eater II: The Drug Buster
1989 Snake Eater
1980-1986 The Love Boat
1984 Body Rock
1983 Hotel
1983 Fantasy Island
1980-1981 Secrets of Midland Heights
1980 Detour to Terror
1979 California Fever
1979 Tilt
1979 Dear Detective
1979 Take Down
1978 Sword of Justice
1978 Grease
1977 Switch
1969 100 Rifles 

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