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Linda Stirling ACTOR


Linda Stirling was born on October 11th, 1921 in Long Beach, California  with the birth name Louise Shultz.  She began her career by studying music, dance and drama as a young child and then got a scholarship to a acting school in Hollywood.  However, when she arrived in California she found the school to be closed and therefore found work as a showgirl at the Earl Carroll Theatre in Hollywood.  She began also working as a model in fashion advertisements and one shoot led to a screen test with Republic Pictures.  Her film debut was in, "The Powers Girl" (1942) working as a model.   Soon after, in 1943, she was signed to a contract with Republic Pictures and earned the title of, "Queen of the Serials". 

Stirling is best remembered for her role in, "The Tiger Woman" (1944).  She was also the only female to play, "Zorro" in, "Zorro's Black Whip" (1945).  This role followed with other serial roles such as, "The Purple Monster Strikes" (1945), "Manhunt on Mystery Island" (1946) and "The Crimson Ghost" (1946). 
After she married Republic's screen writer, Sloan Nibley on December 20th, 1946 she retired from the film industry and only made a couple television appearances She focused on raising her two children, Christopher and Timothy Nibley. 
When her children were adults she started a whole new career enrolling at UCLA and earning herself an MA and a BFA.  She then began teaching at Glendale College as a teacher of the college of English and Drama.  
Linda Stirling remained married to Sloan Nibley until he passed away on April 3rd, 1990.  Seven years later, Stirling lost her battle to cancer, passing away on July 20th, 1997 in Studio City, Los Angeles, California. 


1959   The Real McCoys  
1957   The Joseph Cotten Show: On Trial
1956   The Millionaire 
1956   The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp
1956   Cavalcade of America
1954-1955  The Adventures of Kit Carson 
1954-1955  The Public Defender 
1955   Medic
1955   The Whistler
1955   The Man Behind the Badge
1954   The Adventures of Falcon
1954   The Pepsi-Cola Playhouse
1954   I Led 3 Lives 
1947   The Pretender
1947   Jesse James Rides Again 
1946   That Brennan Girl
1946   The Magnificent Rogue
1946   The Crimson Ghost 
1946   Rio Grande Raiders
1946   The Mysterious Mr. Valentine
1946   The Invisible Informer
1946   Passkey to Danger
1946   The Madonna's Secret 
1945   Wagon Wheels Westward 
1945   The Cherokee Flash
1945   Dakota 
1945   The Purple Monster Strikes 
1945   Santa Fe Saddlemates
1945   Manhunt of Mystery Island 
1945   Sheriff of Cimarron
1945   The Topeka Terror
1944   Zorro's Black Whip 
1944   Vigilantes of Dodge City 
1944   Sheriff of Sundown 
1944   Strangers in the Night  
1944   The San Antonio Kid 
1944   The Tiger Woman
1943   The Powers Girl

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