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Leslie Caron ACTOR


Leslie Caron was born on July 1st, 1931 in Boulogne-Billancourt, Seine in France with the birth name Leslie Claire Margaret Caron. Her father, Claude Caron worked as a chemist and her mother, Margaret Petit was an American born former ballet dancer.
As a young girl Caron began taking dancing lessons, but her training was interrupted when the Nazi occupation occurred and she had to flee with her brother.  She later returned to France and continued to take up dance training.  At the age of sixteen she was a member of the Ballet des Champs-Élysées.
In 1948, Caron was cast in the ballet production, "La Recontre" and was seen by Gene Kelly who was so highly impressed with Caron's talent as a dancer that two years later when he was searching for the perfect dancer for  his musical film," An American in Paris" (1951), he remembered Leslie Caron.
Her fluid dancing skills along with being a talented actress and singer earned her great attention from film critics and her career was well on it's way.  Her next well known film roles were in, "Glory Alley" (1952), "The Story of Three Loves" (1953), "Lili" (1953), "Daddy Long Legs" (1955) and  "Gigi" (1958). 
It was her role in, "Lili" that not only earned her an Oscar nomination but she was also awarded the British film Award for Best Actress.  Then the musical, "Gigi" went on to earn nine Academy Awards, however, this time Caron was not nominated for her performance.
As her career progressed, she continued to appear on the big screen and made a good comeback with her role in 1961 in the stage musical, "Fanny".  She then worked a couple more highly successful films such as, "The L-Shaped Room" (1962) and "Ondine" (1961).
Leslie Coran then decided to see what television acting jobs were available to her as film work was becoming less available.  She appeared on such series as, "The Love Boat", "Falcon Crest" and her latest television appearance was on, "Law and Order" (2006) for which at the age of seventy five, she won her first Emmy Award.  
Leslie has married three times, first to Geordie Hormel in 1951 through 1954.  She then married her second husband, director Peter Hall in 1956 and they remained married until 1965 and had two children together, Christopher and Jennifer.  Her third husband was Michael Laughlin in 1969 and they remained together until 1980.  She has not remarried for a fourth time and for the most part remains retired from the industry.
Leslie Coran was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for her contribution to the Motion Picture Industry. 


2006 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit 
2003 Le divorce 
2001 Murder on the Orient Express 
2000 Chocolat 
2000 The Last of the Blonde Bombshells 
1999 Passion's Way 
1996 The Great War and the Shaping of the 20th Century
1996 The Ring
1995 Let It Be Me
1995 Funny Bones 
1994 Normandy: The Great Crusade
1993 The Genius 
1992 Damage
1991 The Man Who Lived at the Ritz
1990 Guns
1990 Guerriers et captives 
1990 Courage Mountain
1988 Lenin: The Train
1987 Falcon Crest 
1986 The Love Boat
1985 Le génie du faux
1984 Dangerous Moves 
1984 Master of the Game
1983 Cinéma 16 
1982 Imperative
1982 The Unapproachable
1982 Tales of the Unexpected
1981 Mon meilleur Noël
1981 Chanel Solitaire
1980 The Contract
1980 All Stars 
1979 Goldengirl 
1978 Docteur Erika Werner
1978 Nicole
1977 Valentino 
1977 The Man Who Loved Women 
1976 Surreal Estate 
1974 QB VII 
1973 Carola 
1972 Purple Night 
1971 Chandler 
1970 Madron 
1968 Off to See the Wizard
1967 The Head of the Family 
1966 Is Paris Burning? 
1965 Promise Her Anything
1965 A Very Special Favor 
1964 Father Goose 
1964 Les fables de La Fontaine
1962 Three Fables of Love 
1962 The L-Shaped Room 
1962 Guns of Darkness 
1961 Fanny 
1960 The Subterraneans 
1960 The Battle of Austerlitz
1959 The Man Who Understood Women 
1959 TV Play of the Week 
1958 The Doctor's Dilemma 
1958 Gigi 
1956 Gaby 
1955 Daddy Long Legs
1955 The Glass Slipper
1953 Lili 
1953 The Story of Three Loves 
1952 Glory Alley
1951 The Man with a Cloak 
1951 An American in Paris  

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