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Lane Chandler ACTOR


Lane Chandler was born on June 4th, 1899 in South Dakota with the birth name Robert Chandler Oakes.  He became a supporting player throughout his career as an actor mostly appearing in westerns.  

He was raised in Montana and after high school enrolled briefly at Montana Wesleyan College.  He left college early to work at Yellowstone National park and then moved to Los Angeles working as an auto mechanic.
Soon due to his skills from his younger years as a rancher, he was able to catch the attention of Hollywood directors and was cast with Paramount Pictures appearing in a number of silent films, mainly westerns.
Some of his early film roles included, "The Idle Class" (1921), "The Last Outlaw" (1927), "Open Range" (1927), "Love and Learn" (1928) and "The Legion of the Condemned" (1928).
As his career progressed he left working for Paramount and did freelance film work with such studio's as Big 4, Syndicate pictures and Kent Pictures.  Making the transition from silent films to sound was not so successful for him, but he continued to work appearing on, "Hurricane Horseman" (1931) and "The Cheyenne Cyclone" (1931).

As time went by other film roles included, "Blue Steel" (1934) starring John Wayne, "The Lone Bandit" (1935), "The Outlaw Tamer" (1935), "Trigger Law" (1944), "Riders of the Sante Fe" (1944) and "Red River" (1948) starring John Wayne, Walter Brennan, Montgomery Clift, Noah Beery Jr., John Ireland and Joanne Dru, "Tulsa" (1949) starring Susan Hayward, Pedro Armendariz and Chill Wills, "The Big Trees" (1952) starring Kirk Douglas, Eve Miller, Patrice Wymore, Ellen Corby, Alan Hale Jr., John Archer and Edgar Buchanan.  The majority of films that followed were uncredited, although he did act in over 300 roles throughout his career.    

Along with film work later in his career he turned his focus towards television appearing in such series as, "Gunsmoke", "Lassie", "Cheyenne", "77 Sunset Strip", "Bronco", "Maverick", "Rawhide", "The Cisco Kid", "Stories of the Century", Annie Oakley", "Racket Squad". "Mr. and Mrs. North", "Have Gun - Will Travel", "Lawman", "The Untouchables" "The Lone Ranger" and "Sugarfoot".

Lane Chandler passed away on September 14th, 1972 in Los Angeles, California after suffering from cardio-vascular disease.  


1971         One More Train to Rob
1961-1966     Gunsmoke 
1965         Hank 
1965         Requiem for a Gunfighter
1965         Lassie 
1960-1963     77 Sunset Strip 
1955-1962     Cheyenne
1962         Bronco 
1957-1962     Maverick 
1961         Rawhide 
1959-1961     Have Gun - Will Travel
1961         The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come
1961         Stagecoach West
1961         Gunslinger
1960         Noose for a Gunman
1960         Overland Trail 
1959         The Untouchables 
1959         The D.A.'s Man 
1958-1959     Lawman
1957-1959     The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp
1959         Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color
1958         The Buccaneer
1957-1958     Sugarfoot 
1958         Space Master X-7
1958         Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok
1958         The Left Handed Gun
1958         Quantrill's Raiders
1958         Colt .45
1958         The Restless Gun 
1957         State Trooper
1957         The Californians
1957         Sergeant Preston of the Yukon 
1957         Tales of Wells Fargo
1957         The Storm Rider
1956         Zane Grey Theatre
1956         The First Traveling Saleslady
1956         Canyon River
1956         The First Texa
1956         Great Day in the Morning
1956         The Lone Ranger
1956         Corky and White Shadow 
1955         The Indian Fighter
1955         The Rawhide Years
1955         Alfred Hitchcock Presents 
1955         Schlitz Playhouse
1955         Apache Ambush
1955         Creature with the Atom Brain
1955         The Johnny Carson Show
1955         Tall Man Riding
1955         Shotgun
1955         The Man from Bitter Ridge
1955         Annie Oakley
1955         Your Favorite Story
1950-1955     The Cisco Kid
1955         Prince of Players
1954         Living It Up
1954         Return to Treasure Island
1954         Silver Lode
1954         Stories of the Century
1954         Waterfront
1953-1954     The Adventures of Kit Carson
1954         Border River
1953         Calamity Jane
1953         Thunder Over the Plains
1953         The Gene Autry Show 
1953         Gun Belt
1953         The Charge at Feather River
1953         Take Me to Tow
1953         Law and Order
1953         Cow Country
1952-1953     Mr. and Mrs. North
1952-1953     The Range Rider
1952         The Lusty Men
1952         Gang Busters 
1952         The San Francisco Story
1952         The Lion and the Horse
1952         Rancho Notorious
1952         The Hawk of Wild River
1952         The Big Trees
1952         The Greatest Show on Earth
1951         Cattle Queen
1951         The Big Night
1951         The Well
1951         A Millionaire for Christ
1951         Racket Squad
1951         Along the Great Divide
1951         Santa Fe
1951         Prairie Roundup
1951         The Living Christ Series 
1949-1950     The Lone Ranger
1950         The Admiral Was a Lady
1950         Outcasts of Black Mesa
1950         Montana
1950         Ambush
1949         Samson and Delilah
1949         Tulsa
1949         El Paso
1949         The Lone Wolf and His Lady
1949         Riders of the Whistling Pines
1949         Dynamite
1948         The Paleface
1948         That Wonderful Urge
1948         Belle Starr's Daughter
1948         A Song Is Born
1948         Two Guys from Texas
1948         Red River
1948         A Southern Yankee
1948         Northwest Stampede
1948         Return of the Bad Men
1948         The Street with No Name
1948         Big Town Scandal
1948         The Arizona Ranger
1948         Money Madness
1948         The Big Clock
1948         Campus Sleuth
1948         Mr. Reckless
1948         Caged Fury
1948         Albuquerque
1948         Song of My Heart
1948         I Love Trouble
1948         California's Golden Beginning
1947         Unconquered
1947         Heaven Only Knows
1947         The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
1947         The Corpse Came C.O.D.
1947         The Vigilantes Return
1947         Pursued
1947         California
1946         Duel in the Sun
1946         It's a Wonderful Life
1946         Terror Trail
1946         The Dark Mirror
1946         Monsieur Beaucair
1946         The Dark Horse
1946         Lover Come Back
1946         Two-Fisted Stranger
1946         Rainbow Over Texas
1946         Blonde Alibi
1946         Gunning for Vengeance
1946         Little Giant
1946         The Bandit of Sherwood Forest
1946         Behind Green Lights
1946         Idea Girl
1946         A Letter for Evie
1946         A Guy Could Change
1946         Tomorrow Is Forever
1945         The Spider
1945         San Antonio
1945         Saratoga Trunk
1945         The Royal Mounted Rides Again
1945         Senorita from the West
1945         Rustlers' Hideout
1945         The Purple Monster Strikes
1945         Incendiary Blonde
1945         Along Came Jones
1945         Manhunt of Mystery Island
1945         Sagebrush Heroes
1944         Destiny
1944         The Great Mike
1944         Riders of the Santa Fe
1944         Heavenly Days
1944         Laura
1944         Strange Affair
1944         Trigger Law
1944         Casanova Brown
1944         JaniE
1944         Silver City Kid
1944         Louisiana Hayride
1944         Trigger Trail
1944         Waterfront
1944         Silent Partner
1944         Once Upon a Time
1944         The Story of Dr. Wassell
1944         Follow the Boys
1944         The Lady and the Monster
1944         Her Primitive Man
1944         Men on Her Mind
1944         Lucky Cowboy
1943         In Old Oklahoma
1943         Riding High
1943         The North Star
1943         Flesh and Fantasy
1943         Crazy House
1943         A Lady Takes a Chance
1943         Phantom of the Opera
1943         Law of the Saddle
1943         Alaska Highway
1943         Riders of the Rio Grande
1943         Behind Prison Walls
1943         They Got Me Covered
1943         Hi'ya, Chum
1943         Wild Horse Rustlers
1943         Tenting Tonight on the Old Camp Ground
1943         Tornado
1942         Arabian Nights
1942         The Valley of Vanishing Men
1942         Moonlight in Havana
1942         Secret EnemieS
1942         Invisible Agen
1942         The Pride of the Yankees
1942         Men of Texas
1942         Sundown Jim
1942         Reap the Wild Wind
1942         Born to Sing
1942         The Bugle Sounds
1942         Don Winslow of the Navy
1941         Among the Living
1941         They Died with Their Boots On
1941         Last of the Duanes
1941         Six-Gun Gold
1941         Sergeant York
1941         The Spider Returns
1941         Lady from Louisiana
1941         Sky Raiders
1941         I Wanted Wings
1941         The Roundup
1941         Road Show
1941         Caught in the Act
1940         The Green Hornet Strikes Again!
1940         Santa Fe Trail
1940         The Great Plane Robbery
1940         Pony Post
1940         Junior G-Men
1940         North West Mounted Police
1940         The Howards of Virginia
1940         Deadwood Dick
1940         Wagons Westward
1940         Murder in the Air
1940         Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe
1940         Midnight Limited
1940         Virginia City
1940         Pioneers of the West
1940         Charlie Chan in Panama
1940         My Little Chickadee
1940         The Green Hornet
1939         Invisible Stripes
1939         The Man from Montreal
1939         Saga of Death Valley
1939         The Phantom Creeps
1939         The Taming of the West
1939         Oklahoma Frontier
1939         Rio
1939         Calling All Marines
1939         Outpost of the Mounties
1939         The Oregon Trail
1939         The Man in the Iron Mask
1939         Man of Conquest
1939         Union Pacific
1939         The Law Comes to Texas
1939         Code of the Streets
1939         Buck Rogers
1939         North of the Yukon
1939         You Can't Get Away with Murder
1939         Southward Ho
1939         Secret Service of the Air
1939         Blackwell's Island
1939         Made for Each Other
1939         St. Louis Blues
1939         Risky Business
1938         Heart of the North
1938         Hawk of the Wilderness
1938         Angels with Dirty Faces
1938         Come On, Rangers
1938         Girls on Probation
1938         Red Barry
1938         Mutts to You
1938         The Spider's Web
1938         Crime Takes a Holiday
1938         Campus Confession
1938         Too Hot to Handle
1938         I Am the Law
1938         Many Sappy Returns
1938         Passport Husband
1938         Marie Antoinette
1938         Two Gun Justice
1938         Heart of Arizon
1938         Over the Wall
1938         Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars
1938         The First Hundred Years
1938         Land of Fighting Men
1938         Start Cheering
1938         The Lone Ranger
1938         Daredevil Driver
1938         The Jury's Secret
1938         The Buccaneer
1937         Wells Fargo
1937         Tim Tyler's Luck
1937         Rosalie
1937         Exiled to Shanghai
1937         She Loved a Fireman
1937         Missing Witnesses
1937         Zorro Rides Again
1937         Conquest
1937         Alcatraz Island   
1937         The Wrong Road        
1937         Carnival Queen        
1937         The Lady Fights Back       
1937         The Firefly
1937         Sea Racketeers    
1937         Confession    
1937         Heroes of the Alam        
1937         San Quentin       
1937         Public Wedding       
1937         The Singing Marine                
1937         Fly Away Baby    
1937         The Road Back    
1937         Reckless Ranger    
1937         Kid Galahad        
1937         The Go Getter   
1937         Law of the Ranger   
1937         When Love Is Young
1937         Sing While You're Able       
1937         Sea Devils
1936         Stormy Trails
1936         Three Smart Girls
1936         Four Days' Wonder
1936         The Plainsman
1936         Law and Lead
1936         Magnificent Brute
1936         The Black Coin
1936         The Idaho Kid
1936         Crash Donovan
1936         Winds of the Wasteland
1936         Undersea Kingdom
1936         Hearts in Bondage
1936         Flash Gordo
1936         The Return of Jimmy Valentine
1936         The Lawless Nineties
1936         The Bohemian Girl
1936         A Face in the Fog
1935         Public Hero #1
1935         The Outlaw Tamer
1935         The Phantom Empire
1935         The Lone Bandit
1935         North of Arizona
1934         The Merry Widow
1934         The Affairs of Cellini
1934         The Girl from Missouri
1934         Tomorrow's Children
1934         Beyond the Law
1934         Now I'll Tell
1934         Blue Steel
1933         Sagebrush Trail
1933         Roman Scandals
1933         Hold the Press
1933         The Wolf Dog
1933         War of the Range
1933         Deluge
1933         Fighting with Kit Carson
1933         Corruption
1933         Trouble Busters
1933         The Eagle and the Hawk
1933         The Devil's Brother
1933         Via Pony Express
1932         The Wyoming Whilrwind
1932         The Sign of the Cross
1932         The Devil Horse
1932         Guns for Hire
1932         The Reckless Rider
1932         Lawless Valley
1932         Texas Tornado
1932         Battling Buckaroo
1931         The Cheyenne Cyclone
1931         Hurricane Horseman
1931         The Primrose Path
1930         Riders of the Rio
1930         Under Texas Skies
1930         Beyond the Law
1930         Rough Waters
1930         The Lightning Express
1930         Firebrand Jordan
1929         The Forward Pass
1929         The Single Standard
1929         The Studio Murder Mystery
1929         The Wolf of Wall Street
1928         The First Kiss
1928         The Big Killing
1928         Red Hair
1928         The Legion of the Condemned
1928         Love and Learn
1927         Open Range
1927         The Last Outlaw
1921         The Idle Class 

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