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Kim Darby ACTOR

Kim Darby was born on July 8th, 1947 in Los Angeles, California with the birth name Deborah Zerby, born to Jon Zerby and Inga Wiere.  Both of her parents were professional dancers known as The Dancing Zerby's.  She followed in their footsteps from a young age taking up dancing lessons with her father.  At the age of fourteen, Darby went to an acting workshop at Desilu Studios on the Paramount lot.
Kim began working as an actress as a teenager appearing on such television series as, "Mr. Novak", "Dr. Kildare", "The Eleventh Hour", "Star Trek", "The Fugitive" and "Run For Your Life".  Her first film role was in 1963 at the age of fifteen performing as a dancer in, "Bye Bye Birdie" starring Ann-Margret and Bobby Rydell.
When producer, Hal Wallis saw her in, "Run For Your Life" she was offered a role in the film, "True Grit" (1969) starring John Wayne and Glen Campbell.  It was this film role that made her an icon in Hollywood and soon more prominent film roles followed such as, "The Strawberry Statement" (1970), "The Grissom Gang" (1971), "The People" (1972), "Better off Dead" (1985) and "Mockingbird Don't Sing" (2001).
In addition to her television roles and film work, Darby also starred in a number of television movies such as, "The Story of Pretty Boy Floyd" (1974), "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark" (1973) and "Enola Gay" (1980).
In addition to her working as an actress she also holds workshops and seminars to educate others on the craft of acting.  She also taught acting and directing classes for seventeen years at UCLA.
More recently she has added such television credits to her resume with appearances on, "Profiler", "Becker", "The X-Files", "Murder, She Wrote", "Crazy Like a Fox", "Riptide" and "E/R".
Kim Darby has married three throughout her lifetime, first to James Stacy in 1968 and after having one child this marriage came to an end in 1969.  She then married, James Westmoreland in February of 1970 but by May 1970 another marriage came to an end.  She then married producer, William Tennant, but this marriage even though her longest, still ended in divorce.
She has not re-married and remains working in the industry with some of her more recent roles being on the films, "NewsBreak" (2000), "You Are So Going to Hell!" (2004), "The Story Teller" (2005) and "Cold Ones" (2007).  Kim Darby resides in Studio City, California.


2007   Cold Ones 

2005   The Storyteller 

2004   You Are So Going to Hell!

2002   For the People

2001   Dark Realm 

2001   Mockingbird Don't Sing 

2000   NewsBreak 

2000   The X-Files 

1999   Becker 

1999   The Last Best Sunday 

1996   Profiler 

1995   ABC Weekend Specials

1995   Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers 

1984-1995  Murder, She Wrote

1989   Deadly Embrace

1987   Teen Wolf Too 

1986   Crazy Like a Fox 

1986   Riptide 

1985   Scarecrow and Mrs. King

1985   Better Off Dead... 

1985   Embassy 

1985   First Steps

1985   This Is the Life 

1984   Hotel 

1984   E/R 

1984   The Facts of Life

1984   The Mississippi

1983-1984  Trapper John, M.D. 

1983   Summer Girl 

1983   Close Ties 

1979-1982  The Love Boat

1982   The Capture of Grizzly Adams

1982   Fantasy Island

1980   Enola Gay: The Men, the Mission, the Atomic Bomb 

1979   The Last Convertible

1979   Flatbed Annie & Sweetiepie: Lady Truckers

1978   The One and Only

1978   Family

1976   Rich Man, Poor Man

1975   Baretta 

1975   Wide World Mystery

1975   Thriller

1975   Archer

1975   Petrocelli

1974   Police Story

1974   This Is the West That Was

1974   The Story of Pretty Boy Floyd 

1974   Owen Marshall: Counselor at Law 

1974   Marcus Welby, M.D. 

1973   Love Story 

1967-1973  Ironside 

1973   Don't Be Afraid of the Dark 

1973   Circle of Fear 

1972   Cool Million 

1972   The Streets of San Francisco 

1972   The People

1971   The Grissom Gang

1971   Red Sky at Morning

1970   Norwood

1970   The Strawberry Statement

1969   Generation

1969   True Grit 

1966-1968  Run for Your Life

1968   Flesh and Blood 

1967   Bonanza 

1967   Judd for the Defense 

1967   Gunsmoke 

1967   The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

1967   The Road West

1966   Star Trek 

1965-1966  The Fugitive

1966   Ben Casey

1965   The Restless Ones

1965   The John Forsythe Show

1965   The Donna Reed Show 

1965   Bus Riley's Back in Town

1963-1965  Mr. Novak

1964   Wagon Train

1964   Dr. Kildare

1964   The Eleventh Hour 

1964   The Farmer's Daughter

1963   Bye Bye Birdie 

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