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Keye Luke ACTOR


Keye Luke was born on June 18th, 1904 in Guangzhou, China.  He had four siblings and his father owned an art store.  He was raised in Seattle, Washington and originally entered into the film industry as a commercial artist and a designer of movie posters.  One of his brothers, Edwin Luke also became involved in the entertainment industry as an actor.    

He began with working on several Asian-themed films as a technical designer.  It was through his art work that he became noticed and was asked to be a part of the film industry working as an actor.

His film debut was in, "The Painted Veil" (1934).  He was also in the film, "Charlie Chan in Paris" (1935).  Luke worked a lot with Warner Oland and portrayed the character, Chan which became later on a regular character in the Charlie Chan series.  In 1938 after Oland passed away, Keye Luke left the series.  

The majority of films he appeared in were those that were in need of a Chinese actor.  Most roles were small bit parts but he did have some more relevant roles that showed off his acting skills such as in the film, "The Good Earth" (1937).

Alongside a film career, Luke also worked on television and portrayed Dr. Kildare's rival on the television series, "Dr. Kiladare" with MGM.  He also worked with RKO Radio Pictures on, "The Falcon" and "Mexican Spitfire" (both 1942).  

He was also a very talented artist and his specialty was painting murals.  Some of his work can be seen in the films, "The Shanghai Gesture" (1941) and "Macao" (1952).  In the 1950's he published a limited edition set of pen and ink drawings of the, "Rubiyat of Omar Khayyam".  He also painted the garden fairytale setting murals of the interior of the Graumans Chinese Theatre and the Chinese Theatre massive auditorium ceiling.

In 1948, Luke returned to the Chan mysteries and he appeared in the last two Chan features, "The Feather Serpent" (1948) and "The Sky Dragon" (1949).  His career roles were booming with another role in, "The Chairman" (1969).  One of his most well known and remembered roles was the character portrayal of Master Po on the television series, "Kung Fu" (1972-1975).    

He was in the late 70's seen on many other shows such as "Anna and the King" and "The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan" (both 1972).  He also was a guest star on, "General Hospital" (1985) a soap Opera and also appeared on the television comedy sitcom, "Golden Girls" (1986).   

In the popular Gremlin films, Luke played Mr. Wing and was also involved in a number of voice over projects such as the voice of Zoltar and Colonel Cronus in, "Battle of the Planets" (1978) which was an American animated television adaptation of the Japanese anime series Science Ninja Team Gatchaman (1972).  He was also known for doing a lot of voice over work where his voice was used to dub foreign language films into English as well as doing voices for animated cartoons.
Keye Luke was married one time to Ethel Davis from 1942 through January 22nd, 1979 when she passed away and together they had one child.  Keye continued to work up until the age of eighty six with his final role being in the film, "Alice" (1990) by Woody Allen.  Keye Luke then passed away on January 12th, 1991 in Whittier, California from a stroke.  He is interred at Rose Hills Memorial Park in Whittier, California.

For his contribution to televison and the motion picture industry, Luke was honored by having a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  


1990   Alice
1990   Gremlins 2: The New Batch
1989   The Adventures of Superboy
1989   The Mighty Quinn
1985-1988  MacGyver 
1988   Dead Heat
1988   Friday the 13th
1988   Beauty and the Beast 
1986-1987  Night Court
1986-1987  Sidekicks
1986   The Golden Girls
1986   A Fine Mess 
1986   T.J. Hooker 
1986   Kung Fu: The Movie
1986   Jonny Quest 
1985   General Hospital 
1985   Jem 
1985   Crazy Like a Fox
1985   Blade in Hong Kong
1985   Street Hawk
1985   Miami Vice
1984   Trapper John, M.D.
1984   Gremlins 
1984   The New Mike Hammer  
1983   The A-Team
1983   The Chipmunks 
1983   Mister T
1983   Faerie Tale Theatre 
1983   Falcon Crest 
1983   Magnum, P.I.
1983   Cocaine and Blue Eyes
1982   Voyagers!
1982   Remington Steele 
1981   Bret Maverick
1981   Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends
1981   Fly Away Home 
1978-1980  M*A*S*H
1980   Charlie's Angels
1980   Thundarr the Barbarian
1979   Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-Doo
1979   Just You and Me, Kid
1979   How the West Was Won 
1979   Vega$  
1978   Battle of the Planets
1977   The Amsterdam Kill
1977   Quincy M.E. 
1977   Hunter
1976   Won Ton Ton: The Dog Who Saved Hollywood 
1976   Harry O  
1974-1975  Cannon
1972-1975  Kung Fu
1975   Noon Sunday 
1974   Judge Dee and the Monastery Murders
1974   Judgement: The Court Martial of the Tiger of Malaya - General Yamashita 
1974   Love, American Style
1973   The Cat Creature
1972   Anna and the King Kralahome 
1972   The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan
1971-1972  Adam-12
1972   Here's Lucy
1971   Marcus Welby, M.D. 
1970   The Hawaiians 
1968-1970  It Takes a Thief
1969   Hawaii Five-O
1969   The Chairman 
1969   Star Trek
1968   The Outsider
1968   Project X
1968   The Big Valley 
1967-1968  Dragnet 1967
1968   Family Affair
1968   Nobody's Perfect
1967   The Andy Griffith Show 
1966-1967  The F.B.I.
1966   Space Ghost
1966   Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre 
1966   The Smothers Brothers Show
1965   The Wackiest Ship in the Army 
1965   I Spy
1965   Jonny Quest
1962-1965  Perry Mason
1964-1965  Kentucky Jones 
1964   Mickey
1962   Fair Exchange
1962   Target: The Corruptors
1961   Follow the Sun 
1961   The Case of the Dangerous Robin 
1958   Trackdown 
1958   Richard Diamond, Private Detective
1958   Mike Hammer 
1957-1958  The Gale Storm Show 
1958   The Californians 
1958   Alcoa Theatre 
1957   Climax!
1957   Panic!  
1957   Battle Hell 
1957   Wire Service
1956   Rodan  
1956   Around the World in Eighty Days  
1956   The Adventures of Dr. Fu Manchu
1956   TV Reader's Digest
1956   Buffalo Bill Jr.
1956   Jungle Jim
1954-1956  Cavalcade of America
1956   Crossroads
1955   Crusader 
1955   Gunsmoke 
1955   The Lineup
1955   Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing
1955   Gigantis the Fire Monster
1955   Soldiers of Fortune 
1955   Annie Oakley
1955   Big Town 
1954   The Bamboo Prison 
1954   My Little Margie
1954   The Ray Milland Show: Meet Mr. McNulty 
1953-1954  Fireside Theatre 
1954   Studio 57
1954   Hell's Half Acre
1954   World for Ransom
1954   The New Adventures of China Smith
1953   South Sea Woman
1953   Fair Wind to Java  
1953   Terry and the Pirates
1952   Gruen Guild Theater
1952   Hong Kong 
1952   The Congregation 
1951   The Stu Erwin Show
1950   Mysteries of Chinatown
1950   Young Man with a Horn
1949   Manhandled
1949   The Sky Dragon 
1948   The Feathered Serpent 
1948   Waterfront at Midnight 
1948   Sleep, My Love
1947   Dark Delusion
1946   Lost City of the Jungle 
1946   Tokyo Rose 
1945   First Yank Into Tokyo
1945   Secret Agent X-9
1945   Between Two Women 
1944   3 Men in White  
1944   Andy Hardy's Blonde Trouble
1943   Salute to the Marines 
1943   Dr. Gillespie's Criminal Case 
1943   The Adventures of Smilin' Jack
1942   Dr. Gillespie's New Assistant 
1942   Destination Unknown
1942   The Falcon's Brother  
1942   Mexican Spitfire's Elephant 
1942   Across the Pacific
1942   Somewhere I'll Find You 
1942   Invisible Agent
1942   Spy Ship 
1942   Submarine Raider 
1942   A Tragedy at Midnight
1942   A Yank on the Burma Road 
1942   North to the Klondike  
1942   Mr. and Mrs. North 
1941   No Hands on the Clock 
1941   Burma Convoy 
1941   Passage from Hong Kong 
1941   Let's Go Collegiate 
1941   Bowery Blitzkrieg 
1941   They Met in Bombay 
1941   The Gang's All Here 
1941   Footlight Fever 
1940   The Green Hornet Strikes Again
1940   No, No, Nanette 
1940   Comrade X
1940   Phantom of Chinatown 
1940   Wildcat Bus
1940   The Green Hornet 
1939   Barricade 
1939   Sued for Libel
1939   Disputed Passage  
1939   North of Shanghai 
1938   Mr. Moto's Gamble 
1938   International Settlement 
1937   Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo 
1937   Charlie Chan on Broadway 
1937   Charlie Chan at the Olympics 
1937   The Good Earth 
1936   Charlie Chan at the Opera
1936   Charlie Chan at the Race Track 
1936   Charlie Chan at the Circus
1936   Anything Goes 
1936   King of Burlesque 
1935   Charlie Chan in Shanghai 
1935   Here's to Romance 
1935   Shanghai 
1935   Mad Love 
1935   Oil for the Lamps of China 
1935   Murder in the Fleet  
1935   Eight Bells 
1935   The Casino Murder Case 
1935   Charlie Chan in Paris 
1934   The Painted Veil 

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