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Kevin McCarthy ACTOR

Kevin McCarthy was born on February 15th, 1914 in Seattle, Washington, to Martha Therese Preston and Roy Winfield McCarthy.  Both of his parents passed away in the 1918 flu pandemic when he was only four years old and he was left as an orphan being raised with his siblings by his grandparents in Minnesota.
After graduating in 1932 from Campion Jesuit High School in Wisconsin, McCarthy enrolled at the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University in Washington DC and later went on to study at the University of Minnesota where he first developed an interest in acting.
McCarthy then enrolled at the Actors Studio in New York in 1936 and began his pursuit of a career as an actor.  During World War II he continued acting but also participated in a number of United States Army Air Corps training films. 
He began with working as a stage actor and soon was appearing on Broadway in such productions as, "Two for the Seesaw" (1959), "Advise and Consent" (1960) and "Give Em Hell, Harry", which was his one man show that he performed for over twenty years portraying Harry S. Truman.
Some of his early on roles were in the films, "Winged Victory" (1944) and "Death of a Salesman" (1951), for which he received a Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor as well as won a Golden Globe Award for Most Promising Newcomer.  He also appeared on such television series as, "Light's Out" (1952), "Studio One in Hollywood" (1950-1953) and "Danger" (1953).
As his career in the industry progressed, McCarthy would add over two hundred television and film roles to his resume.  His break out film role and one that he is most remembered for was in the science fiction classic, "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" (1956).
Adding to his credits were such television roles as, "The Twilight Zone" (1960), "Breaking Point" (1963), "The Fugitive" (1966), "The Road West" (1967), "The Survivors" (1969), "The Oregon Trail" (1977) and "Flamingo Road" (1980).
Other more prominent film roles he appeared in were, "A Gathering Eagles" (1963), "Hotel" (1967), "The Hell With Heroes" (1968), "Innerspace" (1987), "Hostage" (1987), "Love or Money" (1990), "Mommy" (1995), "Just Cause" (1995) and "Fallen Angels" (2006).
In addition to stage, film and television series work, McCarthy also appeared in a variety of television movies such as, "A Great American Tragedy" (1972), "Making of a Male model" (1983), "The Rose and the Jackal" (1990) and "Dead on the Money" (1991).
More recently McCarthy has appeared on the big screen in such films as, "Slipstream" (2007), "Wesley" (2009), "I Do" (2009) and  at the age of ninety three, he played the Grand Inquisitor in the film, "The Ghastly Love of Johnny X" (2012) which released in 2011.       

He married twice throughout his lifetime, first to Augusta Dabney in 1941 and after having three children this marriage came to an end in 1961.  He then married Kate Crane in 1979 and they had two more children and remained married until he passed away from pneumonia at the age of ninety six, on September 11th, 2010 in Hyannis, Massachusetts.


2012   The Ghastly Love of Johnny X 

2009   I Do 

2009   Wesley

2008   Her Morbid Desires

2007   Trail of the Screaming Forehead

2007   Slipstream

2006   Fallen Angels 

2006   Loving Annabelle

2006   The Boneyard Collection 

2005   Eyes

2003   Looney Tunes: Back in Action 

2002   The Legend of Razorback

2000   The District 

1998   Addams Family Reunion

1997   The Weird Al Show 

1997   Elvis Meets Nixon

1997   The Second Civil War 

1997   Early Edition 

1996   Boston Common

1996   The Pandora Directive

1995   Mommy

1995   Steal Big Steal Little 

1995   The Sister-in-Law

1995   Liz: The Elizabeth Taylor Story 

1995   Just Cause 

1994   Dream On

1994   Roadracers 

1994   Rebel Highway

1994   Greedy

1994   Judicial Consent

1993   Love & War

1993   Matinee 

1992   The Distinguished Gentleman

1992   Tales from the Crypt

1992   Batman

1992   Human Target

1992   Duplicates 

1985-1992  Murder, She Wrote 

1991   Charlie Hoover

1991   Ghoulies III: Ghoulies Go to College 

1991   Dead on the Money

1991   Final Approach

1991   Father Dowling Mysteries

1991   Eve of Destruction 

1990   The Rose and the Jackal 

1990   The Sleeping Car 

1990   Love or Money

1989   Matlock

1989   UHF

1989   Fast Food 

1989   Dark Tower 

1989   China Beach

1989   Passion and Paradise

1988   Simon & Simon

1988   Channel 99

1988   In the Heat of the Night

1988   Once Upon a Texas Train 

1987   Head of the Class

1987   The Long Journey Home 

1987   Poor Little Rich Girl: The Barbara Hutton Story 

1987   Hostage

1987   Innerspace

1986-1987  The Colbys 

1987   Square One TV

1987   Mathnet

1987   LBJ: The Early Years

1987   Home

1986   Fame

1986   The Golden Girls 

1986   The A-Team

1986   A Masterpiece of Murder

1985   The Midnight Hour

1985   Hotel

1985   Scarecrow and Mrs. King

1985   Deadly Intentions 

1985   Finder of Lost Loves

1984   The Ratings Game

1984   Dynasty

1984   Invitation to Hell 

1984   Fantasy Island 

1983   Bay City Blues 

1983   The Love Boat

1983   Making of a Male Model

1983   Twilight Zone: The Movie 

1983   Amanda's 

1983   My Tutor

1982   Rosie: The Rosemary Clooney Story 

1980-1982  Flamingo Road

1981   The Howling

1980   Portrait of an Escort 

1980   Those Lips, Those Eyes 

1980   Hero at Large 

1978   Invasion of the Body Snatchers 

1978   Piranha 

1977   The Oregon Trail 

1977   Mary Jane Harper Cried Last Night 

1977   Exo-Man 

1968-1976  Hawaii Five-O 

1976   Buffalo Bill and the Indians, or Sitting Bull's History Lesson 

1975   Order to Assassinate 

1975   The Manhunter

1974-1975  Great Performances

1974   Cannon 

1974   Alien Thunder 

1973   Columbo

1972   Banacek

1972   A Great American Tragedy

1972   Kansas City Bomber 

1972   Richard

1972   Between Time and Timbuktu 

1971   Mission: Impossible

1971   Bearcats!

1971   The Last of the Powerseekers

1969   The Survivors 

1969   Medical Center

1966-1969  The F.B.I.

1968   The High Chaparral

1968   Ace High

1968   The Name of the Game

1968   If He Hollers, Let Him Go!

1968   The Wild Wild West

1968   The Hell with Heroes

1967-1968  Judd for the Defense 

1966-1968  Felony Squad

1967   Garrison's Gorillas 

1967   The Guns of Will Sonnett 

1967   The Invaders 

1967   Ghostbreakers 

1967   The Road West

1967   Hotel 

1966   Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre

1966   12 O'Clock High 

1966   A Big Hand for the Little Lady 

1966   The Legend of Jesse James 

1966   The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

1964-1966  Burke's Law

1966   The Fugitive

1966   The Three Sisters

1965   Honey West

1965   Mirage

1963-1965  Dr. Kildare 

1964   The Doctors and the Nurses 

1964   Mr. Novak

1964   The Best Man 

1964   The Alfred Hitchcock Hour 

1963   The Prize

1963   An Affair of the Skin 

1963   The Eleventh Hour

1963   Breaking Point 

1963   A Gathering of Eagles 

1963   Look Up and Live

1963   The Defenders

1961-1963  The Rifleman

1962   40 Pounds of Trouble 

1962   Going My Way

1961-1962  Armstrong Circle Theatre 

1962   Target: The Corruptors 

1954-1962  The United States Steel Hour 

1961   Ben Casey ylor

1961   Great Ghost Tales

1961   'Way Out 

1961   The Misfits 

1960   Twilight Zone

1959   The DuPont Show with June Allyson

1959   Summer of Decision

1959   Sunday Showcase

1954-1958  Schlitz Playhouse

1958   Diamond Safari

1956-1957  Climax!

1952-1957  The Ford Television Theatre 

1957   G.E. True Theater

1957   Kraft Theatre 

1957   Cavalcade of America

1957   Crossroads 

1957   The 20th Century-Fox Hour 

1956   The Joseph Cotten Show: On Trial

1956   Telephone Time 

1956   Nightmare

1956   Front Row Center 

1956   Star Stage 

1956   Invasion of the Body Snatchers

1955   Matinee Theatre 

1955   The Buick-Berle Show

1955   An Annapolis Story 

1955   Stranger on Horseback 

1955   Star Tonight

1954   Omnibus

1954   Goodyear Playhouse

1954   Satins and Spurs 

1954   The Gambler from Natchez 

1954   Campbell Summer Soundstage 

1954   Drive a Crooked Road

1954   Inner Sanctum

1954   Ponds Theater

1953   Danger 

1950-1953  Studio One in Hollywood

1949-1953  The Philco-Goodyear Television Playhouse

1952   The Gulf Playhouse

1952   Lights Out

1951   Death of a Salesman

1950-1951  The Prudential Family Playhouse

1950   Pulitzer Prize Playhouse

1949   Actor's Studio 

1949   The Ford Theatre Hour

1944   Winged Victory 

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