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Kate Jackson ACTOR


Kate Jackson was born on October 29th, 1948 in Birmingham, Alabama with the birth name Lucy Kate Jackson to parents Ruth and Hogan Jackson.  When she was sixteen years old she began working as a professional model.  After completing her early education at The Brooke Hill School for Girls, she attended college at the University of Mississippi, however she left before completing her degree.  She moved to New York city and began studying acting at the American academy of Dramatic Arts. 
Jackson's career in entertainment began when she was working as a NBC page and also doing summer stock.  Along with becoming a very successful model for Max Factor and Revlon, she was also a highly talented actress and later even worked as a producer and director.  In 1972 she was listed as one of twelve "Promising New Actors" in John Willis's Screen World.
Her acting career began when she was discovered by Paramount Studio's head, Robert Evans who was taken back by her beauty.  Her role that first brought her to the attention of critics and the public was in the franchise, "Dark Shadows" (1970-1971).  She also worked on a number of other television shows such as "Satan's School for Girls" (1973), "Bonanza" (1972), "The Rookies" (1972-1976), "Baby Boom" (1988-1989) and the remake of "Satan's School For Girls" (2000).
Kate's most well known role came in 1976 when she was the first Angel to be cast in "Charlie's Angels".  Her career continued with a number of film roles such as "Making Love" (1982) and the television drama series "Scarecrow and Mrs. King" (1987) which she also co-produced with Warner Brothers through her production company, Shoot the Moon Enterprises.
Her career was highly successful however she has had some disappointments in her personal life such as two bouts with breast cancer as well as finding out that she was actually born with an atrial septal defect (ASD) that she had to undergo open heart surgery to correct.
Jackson has not had great success with men.  She has been married three times throughout her lifetime, first to Andrew Stevens whom she wed in 1978 and divorced two years later.  She then married David Greenwald in 1982 and again this marriage only lasted two years.  Her third marriage was to Tom Hart in 1991 and once again, by 1993 she was divorced.  She has currently not remarried but did adopt a son, Charles Taylor in the year 2000. 
Throughout her career she has earned three Emmy's and four Golden Globe nominations as well as two humanitarian awards for her work with children and animals.  Kate has also had two bouts of breast cancer and is a survivor, therefore she speaks on the importance of mammogram screenings.   

In 2010 it was made public that Jackson would be writing a memoir titled "The Smart One" which will release in 2011. 


2007 Criminal Minds 
2006 A Daughter's Conviction
2006 Family Guy 
2004 No Regrets 
2004 Third Watch
2004 Larceny
2003 Miracle Dogs
2002 Sabrina, the Teenage Witch 
2002 The Zeta Project
2001 A Mother's Testimony
2000 Satan's School for Girls 
2000 Chicken Soup for the Soul
1999 Batman Beyond
1999 Twice in a Lifetime 
1999 Error in Judgment
1998 Sweet Deception 
1997 Dead Man's Gun 
1997 Ally McBeal 
1997 What Happened to Bobby Earl?
1996 Panic in the Skies! 
1996 A Kidnapping in the Family
1996 Murder on the Iditarod Trail 
1995 The Silence of Adultery
1994 Justice in a Small Town 
1994 Armed and Innocent 
1993 Empty Cradle 
1993 Adrift
1993 Arly Hanks 
1992 Homewrecker 
1992 Quiet Killer 
1992 The Boys of Twilight 
1990 The Stranger Within
1988-1989 Baby Boom 
1989 Loverboy
1983-1987 Scarecrow and Mrs. King
1983 Listen to Your Heart
1982 Making Love 
1981 Dirty Tricks 
1981 Thin Ice 
1981 Inmates: A Love Story 
1979 Topper 
1976-1979 Charlie's Angels
1977 The San Pedro Beach Bums 
1977 James at 16 
1977 Thunder and Lightning 
1977 The 34th Annual Golden Globe Awards
1976 Death at Love House
1972-1976 The Rookies
1975 Death Scream
1974 Death Cruise
1974 Killer Bees 
1973 Satan's School for Girls
1972 Limbo
1972 Movin' On 
1972 Bonanza 
1972 The New Healers
1971 The Jimmy Stewart Show 
1971 Night of Dark Shadows 
1970-1971 Dark Shadows 

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