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Karl Swenson ACTOR


Karl Swenson was born on July 23rd, 1908 in Brooklyn, New York.  His career in entertainment began as an old time radio actor.  He made quite a name for himself being heard on such programs as, "Lorenzo Jones", "Inner Sanctum Mysteries", "Cavalcade of America", "The Chase", "Columbia Present Corwin", "The March of Time", "The Mercury Theatre on the Air", "Portia Faces Life" and "This Is Your FBI".
Swenson also appeared on a number of Broadway productions during the 30's and 40's in such productions as, "The Man Who Had All the Luck" and "A Glass of Water".  With all his experience as a radio and stage actor, he had gained quite a bit of popularity that by the mid 40's he decided to give film work a try.
Some of his early film roles were in the documentaries, "December 7" and "The Sikorsky Helicopter" (1943).  Other film roles over the course of his career included the teen rebels film, "Four Boys and a Gun" (1957) starring Frank Sutton, "The Hanging Tree" (1959) starring Gary Cooper, Maria Schell, Karl Malden and George C. Scott, "Ice Palace" (1960) starring Richard Burton, Martha Hyer, Robert Ryan and Carolyn Jones, "Flaming Star" (1960) starring Elvis Presley and Barbara Eden, "The Sons of Katie Elder" (1965) starring John Wayne, Dean Martin, Earl Holliman, Michael Anderson Jr., Martha Hyer, James Gregory, George Kennedy and Dennis Hopper, "Major Dundee" (1965) starring Charlton Heston and Richard Harris and "The Cincinatti Kid" (1965) starring Steve McQueen and Edward G. Robinson.
Along with film work, he appeared on over fifty television series some of which were, "Maverick", "Laramie", "The Andy Griffith Show", "Lassie", "Death Valley Days", "The Eleventh Hour", "The Adventures of Jim Bowie", "Bat Masterson", The Rifleman", "Sugarfoot", "Mission: Impossible", "Bonanza", "Zane Grey Theatre", "Dr. Kildare", "Hawaii Five-O" and he is most well known for his role on, "Little House on the Prairie".
Swenson married twice throughout his lifetime, first to Virginia Hanscom in 1930 and they had four children together before the marriage ended in divorce.  He then married Joan Tompkins and they stayed together until he passed away.
On October 8th, 1978 Karl Swenson suffered a heart attack in Torrington, Connecticut and his remains are interred at Center Cemetery in New Milford, Connecticut.


1974-1978  Little House on the Prairie

1978   The Amazing Spider-Man
1958-1975  Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color

1975   Cannon 

1974   Happy Days 
1974   Apple's Way 

1974   The Gun and the Pulpit 

1974   Doc Elliot
1974   The Streets of San Francisco

1974   Emergency! 

1973   Barnaby Jones
1973   The Odd Couple 

1962-1972  Lassie

1972   Ulzana's Raid 
1972   Circle of Fear 

1972   The New Healers

1970-1972  The Mod Squad 
1972   O'Hara, U.S. Treasury 

1972   Longstreet

1971   A Howling in the Woods
1971   The Birdmen

1971   This Is the Life

1971   Dan August
1957-1971  Gunsmoke

1971   Ironside

1971   Medical Center
1971   Vanishing Point

1970   The Wild Country 

1970   The Immortal 
1969-1970  Insight

1970   Hawaii Five-O 

1970   ...tick... tick... tick...
1962-1969  The Virginian

1968-1969  Mission: Impossible 

1969   Tiger, Tiger
1969   The Outcasts

1968   Premiere

1968   The Guns of Will Sonnett 
1967-1968  Cimarron Strip

1968   Judd for the Defense

1968   Tarzan
1959-1967  Bonanza

1967   Hour of the Gun

1967   Hogan's Heroes
1967   CBS Playhouse

1967   Brighty of the Grand Canyon

1967   The Rat Patrol
1965-1967  The Big Valley 

1966   12 O'Clock High

1966   Seconds
1966   A Man Called Shenandoah

1965   Convoy

1965   Dr. Kildare
1962-1965  Perry Mason 

1965   The Cincinnati Kid

1965   The Sons of Katie Elder 
1965   Major Dundee 

1959-1965  Rawhide 

1964-1965  The Fugitive
1965   Diamond Jim: Skulduggery in Samantha 

1964   Death Valley Days

1964   Mr. Novak
1964   Profiles in Courage

1964   Gomer Pyle: USMC 

1964   The Bill Dana Show 
1963-1964  The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters 

1961-1964  Wagon Train 

1963   The Sword in the Stone 
1963   The Prize 

1963   The Man from Galveston 

1963   Temple Houston 
1963   The Greatest Show on Earth 

1963   The Lieutenant 

1958-1963  77 Sunset Strip 
1959-1963  Laramie

1963   The Birds 

1963   G.E. True Theater
1963   The Eleventh Hour

1962-1963  Sam Benedict 

1963   The Dakotas
1962   The Alfred Hitchcock Hour

1962   How the West Was Won

1962   The Andy Griffith Show
1962   The Comedy Spot 

1962   Kraft Mystery Theater

1962   The Spiral Road 
1961-1962  The Untouchables

1962   Lonely Are the Brave

1962   The Dick Powell Theatre
1962   Walk on the Wild Side

1962   Surfside 6

1962   Ripcord
1962   Ben Casey 

1961   Judgment at Nuremberg

1961   Window on Main Street
1961   Outlaws

1958-1961  Have Gun - Will Travel

1961   The Case of the Dangerous Robin
1960-1961  The Best of the Post

1960-1961  Klondike

1957-1961  Maverick
1961   The Aquanauts

1960   Flaming Star

1960   Hong Kong
1960   North to Alaska 

1960   Hawaiian Eye

1958-1960  Alfred Hitchcock Presents 
1960   One Foot in Hell

1960   Johnny Ringo 

1960   The Gallant Hours
1960   The Man and the Challenge

1960   Mr. Lucky

1960   The Rifleman
1960   Hotel de Paree

1958-1960  Bachelor Father 

1960   Ice Palace 
1959-1960  Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse

1958-1959  The Texan

1959   Black Saddle
1958-1959   Zane Grey Theatre

1959   The Rebel

1959   The Man from Blackhawk 
1959   Riverboat

1959   Lock Up

1959   Men Into Space 
1959   Tightrope 

1959   Bronco 

1959   The Jack Benny Program
1959   Steve Canyon 

1959   No Name on the Bullet 

1958-1959  Sugarfoot 
1959   The Hanging Tree

1959   Trackdown 

1959   The Grand Jury 
1958   Bat Masterson 

1958   The Badlanders 

1958   Jefferson Drum 
1958   Kings Go Forth 

1958   Cheyenne 

1958   Colt .45
1958   Leave It to Beaver

1958   Jane Wyman Presents The Fireside Theatre

1958   The Adventures of Jim Bowie

1957   Tales of Wells Fargo

1957   The Court of Last Resort
1957   Schlitz Playhouse

1957   Circus Boy

1957   The Walter Winchell File 
1957   The Big Story

1956-1957  Robert Montgomery Presents 

1957   The United States Steel Hour 
1957   Four Boys and a Gun

1956   Playwrights '56 

1955   Alice in Wonderland 
1955   Mr. Citizen

1954   Ponds Theater

1954   The Inner Flame
1943   December 7th

1935   Strangers All 

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