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Kane Richmond ACTOR


Kane Richmond was born on December 23rd 1906 in Minneapolis, Minnesota with the birth name Fred Bowditch.  During the era of the 30’s and 40’s, Richmond was a supporting player in Hollywood and a star on numerous 'B' rated adventure two-reelers and feature films.
His career in entertainment began working as a film booker when he himself was invited to work as an actor on a number of films.  His film debut was in “The Leathur Pushers” with Universal Pictures.  He went on to film in a number of studio films such as, “The Lost Jungle” (1935) and some other films with Ambassador and Monogram.  Soon into the 1940’s Republic Pictures cast him in a variety of films as the leading man.  Many consider his best role to be from the film "Spy Smasher" (1942).
Some of his other film roles were on such features as “All American” (1940), “Black Gold” (1947), “Behind the Mask” (1946) and “A Gentleman at Heart” (1942). 
Kane Richmond retired from the film industry in the late 1940’s and then chose to pursue a career in the fashion industry where he did very well financially.  Kane Richmond passed away on March 22nd, 1973 in Corona Del Mar, California. 


 1948   Stage Struck
 1947   Brick Bradford
 1947   Black Gold  
 1946   The Missing Lady
 1946   Traffic in Crime
 1946   Don't Gamble with Strangers
 1946   Behind the Mask
 1946   Passkey to Danger
 1946   The Shadow Returns
 1945   Black Market Babies
 1945   The Tiger Woman
 1945   Jungle Raiders
 1945   Brenda Starr, Reporter
 1944   Haunted Harbor
 1944   Roger Touhy, Gangster
 1944   Bermuda Mystery
 1944   Ladies Courageous
 1943   Three Russian Girls
 1943   There's Something About a Soldier
 1943   Action in the North Atlantic
 1943   For God and Country
 1942   Spy Smasher
 1942   A Gentleman at Heart
 1942   The Bugle Sounds
 1941   Hard Guy
 1941   Great Guns
 1941   Riders of the Purple Sage
 1941   Mountain Moonlight
 1941   Double Cross
 1941   Play Girl
 1940   Murder Over New York
 1940   Knute Rockne All American
 1940   Sailor's Lady
 1940   Charlie Chan in Panama
 1939   20,000 Men a Year
 1939   The Escape
 1939   Chicken Wagon Family
 1939   Charlie Chan in Reno
 1939   Return of the Cisco Kid
 1939   Winner Take All
 1939   Tail Spin
 1938   The Little Adventuress
 1938   Juvenile Court
 1938   The Affairs of Annabel
 1938   Boys Town
 1938   Three Loves Has Nancy
 1938   I Am the Law
 1938   Letter of Introduction
 1938   Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars
 1937   Young Dynamite
 1937   Anything for a Thrill
 1937   Tough to Handle
 1937   Headline Crasher
 1937   Nancy Steele Is Missing!
 1937   The Devil Diamond
 1936   With Love and Kisses
 1936   Racing Blood
 1936   Born to Fight
 1936   Private Number
 1936   The Country Doctor
 1936   The Reckless Way
 1935   Thunderbolt
 1935   Forced Landing
 1935   The Silent Code
 1935   Confidential
 1935   The Adventures of Rex and Rinty
 1935   Circus Shadows
 1935   The Lost City
 1934   Forsaking All Others
 1934   Caravan
 1934   Death on the Diamond
 1934   The Age of Innocence
 1934   I Can't Escape (short)
 1934   Private Scandal
 1934   The Crime of Helen Stanley 
 1934   Voice in the Night
 1934   Coming-Out Party
 1934   The Devil Tiger
 1933   Let's Fall in Love
 1932   Huddle
 1931   Torchy Passes the Buck 
 1931   West of Broadway
 1931   Cavalier of the West
 1931   Politics
 1931   Stepping Out
 1931   Strangers May Kiss
 1931   Open House 
 1931   The Champion
 1931   Kane Meets Abel 
 1931   The Lady Killer 
 1931   Framed!
 1930   All for a Lady
 1930   The Mardi Gras
 1930   The Comeback 
 1930   The Knockout
 1930   Hammer and Tongs 
 1930   Kid Roberts
 1930   The Leather Pushers
 1930   Good News
 1930   For the Defense
 1929   Their Own Desire
 1929   Song of Love
 1929   Trial Marriage 

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