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June Travis ACTOR

June Travis was born on August 7th, 1914 in Chicago, Illinois with the birth name Dorothea Grabiner.  She received her early years education from Parkside Grammar School as well as the Starrett School for Girls.

She was spotted by a talent agent and was told she should move to Los Angeles and pursue a career as an actress.  Travis studied Drama at the university of Southern California and again, her beauty began to gain her attention.
At the age of twenty, she was signed to a contract with Warner Brothers and began working in a number of films as un-credited roles, such as in, "Stranded" (1935).  She was given her first co-starring role in the film, "Jailbreak" (1936) with Barton MacLane.
Soon more roles followed such as in the films, "The Case of the Black Cat" (1936), "Ceiling Zero" (1936) starring James Cagney and Pat O'Brien, "Earthworm Tractors" (1936) starring Joe E. Brown, "The Gladiator" (1938) also starring Joe E. Brown and Dickie Moore, "Love Is on the Air" (1937) co-starring Ronald Reagan with Raymond Hatton and Eddie Acuff, "Go Chase Yourself" (1938) starring Joe Penner and Lucille Ball, "Mr. Doodle Kicks Off" (1938) and "Over the Goal" (1937). 
Her final film role was at the age of twenty four on the film, "Federal Man-Hunt".  She then decided to retire from the industry for good and focus on her personal life.  She married Fred Friedlob in 1940 and together they had two daughters and resided in Chicago.
June Travis did return to acting for two more appearances in the films, "The Star" (1952) and "Monster a-Go Go" (1965).  She did not neglect acting completely, as she still loved the art and participated in local theatrical productions such as, "Life With Father", "A View from the Bridge", "Never Too Late" and "The Pleasure of His Company".     

Her husband passed away in 1979 and she did not re-marry and remained living in Illinois until she passed away on April 14th, 2008 from a stroke at the age of ninety three. 


1965   Monster a-Go Go

1952   The Star

1938   Federal Man-Hunt

1938   Little Orphan Annie 

1938   The Night Hawk

1938   Mr. Doodle Kicks Off

1938   The Gladiator

1938   The Marines Are Here

1938   Go Chase Yourself 

1938   Over the Wall

1938   The Kid Comes Back

1937   Exiled to Shanghai 

1937   Over the Goal 

1937   Love Is on the Air 

1937   Men in Exile 

1937   Circus Girl 

1937   Join the Marines 

1936   The Case of the Black Cat 

1936   The Big Game

1936   Jailbreak

1936   Bengal Tiger

1936   Earthworm Tractors

1936   Times Square Playboy 

1936   Ceiling Zero 

1935   Broadway Hostess 

1935   Dr. Socrates 

1935   Shipmates Forever

1935   The Case of the Lucky Legs 

1935   Bright Lights

1935   Broadway Gondolier 

1935   Don't Bet on Blondes 

1935   Stranded 

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