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June Havoc ACTOR


June Havoc was born on November 8th, 1912 in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada with the birth name Ellen Evangeline Hovick, born to Rose Thompson Hovick and John Olaf Hovick.  Her mother was very determined to have her pursue a career in entertainment and by the age of two she was already performing ballet on stage with the famous ballerina, Anna Pavlova and was also appearing in a number of Hal Roach shorts.

At the young age of five she was performing as a vaudeville performer with an entire act based around her presence.  She was successful as a child performer, however, her mother's intensity of pushing her to the next level caused the young Havoc to elope at the age of thirteen.
When the marriage fell apart, so did the desire for vaudeville and Havoc had to start all over in the industry.  She found work as a model and also worked in a number of stock musicals

She performed on Broadway in, "Forbidden Melody in 1936" and also on the Borscht circuit.  It took her quite a while to regain the recognition as a performer, however in after appearing in a production of, "Pal Joey" in 1940, she was offered a contract with RKO Pictures.
Havoc began adding such film credits to her resume as, "Four Jacks and a Jill" (1942), "Powder Town" (1942), "Sing Your Worries Away" (1942), "My Sister Eileen" (1942), "Intrigue" (1947), "Gentleman's Agreement" (1947) starring alongside Gregory Peck, Dorothy McGuire, John Garfield, Celeste Holm, Jane Wyatt, Albert Dekker, Dean Stockwell, Sam Jaffe and Anne Revere, "The Story of Molly X" (1949) and "The Iron Curtain" (1948) starring Dana Andrews and Gene Tierney.
She did not neglect her first love of live performing and continued to add such stage credits to her resume with appearances in such productions as, "Mexican Hayride", "The Ryan Girl", "Dinner at Eight", "The Skin of Our Teeth" and "Sweeney Todd".

June appeared on the big screen in a couple more film roles, "Once a Thief" (1950), "Follow the Sun" (1951) and "Three for Jamie Dawn" (1956).  Then for the most part her focused turned towards stage and television roles.

She had her own show in 1964, "The June Havoc Show" and  other television credits included, "The Red Skelton Hour", "Willy", "Burke's Law", "Te Errol Flynn Teatre", "The Outer Limits" and "McMillan & Wife".

Alongside her career as an actress she also worked as a playwright and director and in 1970 was hired as the artistic director of the New Orleans Repertory Theatre.  

June Havoc married three times throughout her lifetime.  Her first husband was Bobby Reed whom she wed in 1929 and they had one child together before the marriage came to an end.  She then married Donald Staley Gibbs in 1935 however by 1942, another marriage ended in divorce.  Her third husband was William Spier from 1948 through his death in 1973.  She then passed away at the age of ninety seven on March 28th, 2010 from natural causes in Stamford, Connecticut.  Her remains were cremated and her ashes scattered in the garden at her home in Connecticut.


1990         General Hospital 
1987-1989     Murder, She Wrote 
1987         A Return to Salem's Lot
1986         Search for Tomorrow 
1980         Can't Stop the Music
1979         The Paper Chase 
1977         The Private Files of J. Edgar Hoover
1973         Nightside 
1971         McMillan & Wife 
1970         Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color
1970         The Boy Who Stole the Elephant
1964         The Outer Limits
1964         Burke's Law
1960         The Untouchables 
1959         The United States Steel Hour 
1957         Kraft Theatre
1957         Panic!
1957         Studio One in Hollywood
1957         Mr. Broadway
1957         Producers' Showcase 
1957         The Errol Flynn Theatre
1956         Three for Jamie Dawn
1956         Lux Video Theatre
1950-1956     Robert Montgomery Presents
1954-1955     Willy 
1954         Fireside Theatre 
1954         G.E. True Theater 
1953         Medallion Theatre
1953         The Red Skelton Hour
1953         Hollywood Opening Night 
1953         Omnibus 
1952         Pulitzer Prize Playhouse
1952         Lady Possessed
1952         Celanese Theatre 
1951         Cameo Theatre 
1951         Somerset Maugham TV Theatre 
1951         Follow the Sun
1950         Once a Thief
1950         Mother Didn't Tell Me
1950         This Is Show Business 
1949         The Story of Molly X
1949         Chicago Deadline
1949         Red, Hot and Blue
1948         When My Baby Smiles at Me
1948         The Iron Curtain
1947         Intrigue
1947         Gentleman's Agreement
1945         Brewster's Millions
1944         Casanova in Burlesque
1944         Timber Queen
1943         Hi Diddle Diddle
1943         Hello Frisco, Hello
1943         No Time for Love
1942         My Sister Eileen
1942         Powder Town
1942         Sing Your Worries Away
1942         Four Jacks and a Jill
1918         Hey There 
1918         On the Jump 

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