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Judy Canova ACTOR

Judy Canova was born on November 20th, 1913 in Starke, Florida with the birth name Juliette Canova, born to Joseph Francis and Henrietta Perry Canova.  Her mother was a professional singer and she instilled singing in all of the children encouraging them to pursue their talents. 
Canova first began her singing career in yodeling, where she also played the guitar.  She joined her two older siblings, Anne and Zeke in a singing vaudeville and radio act and became known as, The Georgia Crackers.  Soon they become a foursome including their younger brother, Pete and the group traveled to New York to perform.
They first found radio work and then were given the chance to perform on Broadway in a production of, "Calling All Stars" (1934).  Soon, Canova was given the opportunity to work as a solo artist performing on "Rudy Vallee's Radio Show".  By 1936 she was also showcased in, "The Ziefeld Follies" and next was starring in her very own Broadway show, "Yokel Boy" (1939).
Still performing with her siblings on stage, the group was offered from Warner Brothers the chance to make their first short film debut in, "The Song of Fame" (1934) followed by their first feature film, "In Caliente" (1935).
Soon, Judy began to turn her focus on a solo career.  She signed a contract with Republic Studios and was appearing in such films as, "Scatterbrain" (1940), "Sis Hopkins" (1941), "Puddin' Head" (1941), "True to the Army" (1942), "Sleepytime Gal" (1942), "Joan of Ozark" (1942) and "Chatterbox" (1943). 
In addition to her film acting she also recorded for the RCA Victor label with such songs as, "Sleepy Lagoon", "Love in Bloom", "Rainbow Road" and "You Gotta Go Where the Train Goes" among many others.  
Judy also started her own radio show in 1943 called, "The Judy Canova Show" which aired for twelve years.  In addition she also guest appeared on other radio shows such as, "Bud Abbott", "Lou Costello" and "Fred Allen's" shows.
As her career progressed she did two more films, "Carolina Cannonball" (1955) and "Lay That Rifle Down" (1955).  Judy then turned her focus to raising her family, focusing on her radio show and appeared mostly in television guest spots for the remainder of her career adding such credits as, "The Colgate Comedy Hour", "Alfred Hitchcock Presents", "The Red Skelton Hour", "Love, American Style" and her final appearance was on, "The Love Boat" in 1977.
Judy did start her own television production company called, Caravan Inc and also never neglected her love of live performing, making occasional appearances in Las Vegas nightclubs.  Judy was honored with two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for her contribution to the Film and Radio Industry.            
She married a total of four times, first to Bob Burns, a radio and film personality in 1936, however the marriage came to an end just three years later.  She was then married for just a couple months to James Ripley, but this marriage was annulled in 1941.  Her third husband was Chester B. England in 1943 and they had one child together before this marriage ended in 1950.  Her fourth and final husband was Filiberto Rivero in 1950 and they also had one child together.  This marriage was also unsuccessful, ending in divorce in 1964. 
Judy did not re-marry and on August 5th, 1983 she passed away at the age of sixty nine from cancer in Los Angeles, California.  Her remains are interred at Forest Lawn Memorial Cemetery in Glendale, California.   


1977   The Love Boat

1976   Cannonball

1974   Police Woman

1973   Love, American Style

1970   The Murdocks and the McClays 

1967   Li'l Abner

1967   Pistols 'n' Petticoats 

1965   Vacation Playhouse 

1960   The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn 

1960   Alfred Hitchcock Presents

1958   The Danny Thomas Show

1957   The Steve Allen Plymouth Show

1956   The Red Skelton Hour

1955   Matinee Theatre

1955   Lay That Rifle Down

1955   Carolina Cannonball 

1954   Untamed Heiress 

1952   The WAC from Walla Walla 

1952   Oklahoma Annie 

1951   Honeychile 

1946   Singin' in the Corn 

1945   Hit the Hay 

1944   Louisiana Hayride

1943   Sleepy Lagoon 

1943   Chatterbox 

1942   Joan of Ozark 

1942   True to the Army

1942   Sleepytime Gal 

1941   Puddin' Head 

1941   Sis Hopkins

1940   Scatterbrain 

1937   Thrill of a Lifetime 

1937   Artists & Models 

1935   Broadway Gondolier 

1935   Husband's Holiday

1935   Going Highbrow 

1935   In Caliente

1934   The Song of Fame

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