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Joseph Campanella ACTOR


Joseph Campanella was born on November 21st, 1924 in New York City, New York with the birth name Joseph Anthony Campanella.  Over the course of his career he has added over two hundred film and television roles to his resume. 

After high school he went on to earn his college degree from Manhattan College in the Bronx, New York and then also studied at Columbia University.  He then began pursuing a career as an actor, beginning with stage work in New York.

In the mid 1950's he began appearing on television on such shows as, "Robert Montgomery Presents", "The United States Steel Hour" and "Armstrong Circle Theatre".

Joseph appeared in several classic movies such as "The St. Valentine's Day Massacre" (1967) starring Jason Robards as Al Capone, George Segal as Peter Gusenberg, David Canary as Frank Gusenberg, John Agar as Dion O'Bannion, Bruce Dern as Johnny May, Harold J. Stone as Frank Nitti, Jan Merlin as Willie Marks, Reed Hadley as Hymie Weiss, Buck Taylor as Poolside Interviewer, Leo Gordon as Heitler, Richard Bakalyan as John Scalise and Ralph Meeker as Bugs Moran, "Murder Once Removed" (1971) and "Assignment Vienna" (1973) among others.  

Some of his more well known television series appearances included, "Gunsmoke", "The Untouchables", "Police Story", "Suspense", "Decoy", "The Golden Girls", "Mama's Family", "The Fugitive", "Mission: Impossible", "The Eleventh Hour", "Dynasty", "The Virginian", "Mannix", "The F.B.I.", "Days of Our Lives", "The Bold and the Beautiful" and "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation".

In addition to film and television he has done voice over work for such products as, BMW, Discover magazine and Napa Auto Parts.  He also did voiceover work for the video movie, "Spider Man: Sins of the Father".   

Joseph Campanella is married to Kathryn Jill Bartholomew since 1964 and they have a total of seven children together and reside in Toluca Lake, California.  Most recently he appeared in the films, "For Heaven's Sake" (2008) and "Lost Dream" (2009).


2009         Lost Dream
2008         For Heaven's Sake
2008         CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
2007         Christmas at Cadillac Jack's
2007         The Legend of God's Gun
2007         The Dukes
2006         The Showdown 
1996-2005     The Bold and the Beautiful
2004         Cold Case
2003         The Guardian 
2002         The Glow
2002         The Division
1998-2001     The Practice
2000-2001     That's Life 
2001         Star Trek: Voyager 
2001         The Apostle Paul: The Man Who Turned the World Upside Down
2001         Biography 
2000         Who Is This Jesus? 
1999         Good vs Evil 
1999         Melrose Place t
1999         The Great Builders of Egypt
1999         Early Edition 
1999         Grizzly Adams and the Legend of Dark Mountain
1998         The Right Way
1997         L.A. Heat
1994-1997     Spider-Man: The Animated Series
1997         Dust
1997         Touched by an Angel
1997         James Dean: Race with Destiny
1996-1997     Pacific Blue
1996         Road Rovers 
1996         The Glass Cage
1996         Charlie Grace
1996         Walker, Texas Ranger 
1996         Spider-Man: Sins of the Fathers 
1995         Hologram Man 
1994         The Rockford Files: I Still Love L.A.
1994         Renegade
1994         Save Me
1994         Too Bad About Jack
1993         Magic Kid
1993         Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman
1993         Batman
1993         Baywatch 
1993         The Force Within
1992         Dark Justice 
1992         Terror on Track 9 
1992         Cafe Romeo
1992         Original Intent 
1992         Space Case
1992         Dead Girls Don't Tango
1992         Pauper's Dream
1991         Memories of Midnight
1991         The Everlasting Adventure Series
1989-1991     Knots Landing
1991         Last Call
1990         Over My Dead Body
1990         Club Fed
1990         A Show of Force
1990         Down the Drain
1990         Body Chemistry
1990         No Retreat, No Surrender 3: Blood Brothers
1990         Guns of Paradise
1988-1989     Beauty and the Beast
1989         The Adventures of Superboy
1989         21 Jump Street
1988-1989     Dallas
1987-1988     Mama's Family
1988         The Game
1965         Days of Our Lives
1987         Steele Justice
1987         The Golden Girls
1985-1987     Murder, She Wrote 
1987         Tales from the Hollywood Hills: Pat Hobby Teamed with Genius 
1985-1986     The Colbys
1986         The Love Boat 
1986         Crazy Like a Fox
1985         Hotel
1984         Airwolf 
1983         This Is Your Life
1983         Veliki transport
1983         Matt Houston 
1977-1982     Quincy M.E. 
1976-1982     One Day at a Time 
1982         My Body, My Child
1982         The Comic Book Kids
1981         Trapper John, M.D.
1981         Jessica Novak 
1981         The Brady Brides
1981         Earthbound
1980         Hangar 18
1978-1980     Vega$ 
1980         Defiance
1980         The Plutonium Incident 
1979         Meteor
1978         Greatest Heroes of the Bible
1978         Pearl
1978         What Really Happened to the Class of '65? 
1978         Ring of Passion
1978         Fantasy Island
1977         Mission to Glory: A True Story
1976         Child Abuse 
1976         The Rockford Files 
1976         Police Woman 
1976         Friday Night Burn 
1975         Matt Helm 
1975         Barbary Coast 
1975         Sky Heist
1975         Journey from Darkness
1975         Khan!
1973-1975     Medical Center
1969-1975     Ironside 
1975         The People's Lawyer 
1974         McCloud 
1974         Child Under a Leaf
1974         Hit Lady
1974         Terror on the 40th Floor 
1974         Petrocelli
1974         Police Story 
1974         Unwed Father 
1974         Skyway to Death
1974         The Magician
1974         Tenafly
1973         The ABC Afternoon Playbreak 
1973         The President's Plane Is Missing 
1973         The Rookies 
1973         Drive Hard, Drive Fast
1973         Assignment Vienna
1973         Honor Thy Father
1973         You'll Never See Me Again
1973         Mary Tyler Moore
1968-1972     Gunsmoke
1967-1972     Mannix
1966-1972     The F.B.I. 
1972         Ben
1972         Silent Running
1971-1972     Owen Marshall: Counselor at Law
1969-1972     The Bold Ones: The Lawyers 
1972         The Sixth Sense
1970-1971     Marcus Welby, M.D.
1971         Murder Once Removed
1970-1971     Rod Serling's Night Gallery
1971         Alias Smith and Jones 
1971         And Then They Forgot God
1968-1970     The Name of the Game 
1970         The Bold Ones: The Senator
1970         Bracken's World
1970         Paris 7000 
1969         Lancer 
1967-1969     Insight
1969         The Doris Day Show
1969         Any Second Now
1963-1968     The Virginian
1967-1968     Mission: Impossible
1964-1967     The Fugitive 
1967         The St. Valentine's Day Massacre
1967         Captain Nice 
1967         The Invaders 
1967         The Wild Wild West 
1966-1967     The Big Valley
1967         Run for Your Life
1966         The Road West 
1966         12 O'Clock High 
1966         Shane 
1962-1965     The Doctors and the Nurses 
1965         For the People
1964         The Young Lovers
1964         Death at the Stock Car Races 
1963-1964     Combat
1964         The Lieutenant
1964         The Eleventh Hour
1964         Espionage 
1963         Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre
1963         East Side/West Side 
1962-1963     Route 66 
1962         The Untouchables 
1962         Alcoa Premiere
1961-1962     Naked City 
1960         Murder, Inc.
1960         Startime 
1959-1960     Guiding Light 
1959         Armstrong Circle Theatre 
1959         New York Confidential 
1958         Decoy 
1957         The United States Steel Hour 
1955-1957     Robert Montgomery Presents 
1956-1957     Kraft Theatre
1952         Suspense

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