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John Wayne ACTOR


John Wayne is an American and worldwide film icon, famous for his distinctive voice, stature (6’ 4”), and his walk.  He has been named by the American Film Institute (AFI) as 13th among the Greatest Male Stars of All Time.

John Wayne, named Marion Mitchell Morrison at birth, was born on May 26, 1907 in Winterset, Iowa.  Of Scots-Irish descent, Wayne moved with his family to Palmdale, California and then later, in 1911, to Glendale, California.

He was given his nickname of “Duke” by a fireman at the local fire station.  Accompanied on his way to school by his dog, an Airedale-Terrier mix named Duke, the fireman began calling the dog ‘Big Duke’ and John Wayne ‘Little Duke’.  Since he preferred the nickname to his formal name of Marion, he kept the nickname throughout his lifetime.

He played football for his high school’s 1924 champion team, and continued to play football at the University of Southern California (USC) where he was majoring in pre-law.  However, when he was injured while bodysurfing in Newport Beach, his football career ended, and he had to drop out of school when he lost his athletic scholarship.

He soon found work at the local film studios, working in the prop department, and not long after began getting bit parts in movies.  It was during that time that he became lifelong friends with director John Ford, a friendship that would serve them both well during their careers.

Some of his earliest roles were playing as a football player with teammates from USC in movies like “Brown of Harvard” in 1926 and “The Drop Kick” in 1927.  In another early film, “Words and Music” (1929), he was listed in the credits as ‘Duke Morrison’.

John Wayne had his first starring role in “The Big Trail” in 1930, and it was then that he was given the screen name that he would keep throughout his career.  He was not consulted about the name—it was agreed upon by the movie’s director, Raoul Walsh, and the head of Fox Studios at the time, Winfield Sheehan.

The Big Trail” was not a box office success, due to the fact that it was filmed using a new process that the majority of theaters were not capable of screening, and John Wayne was once again only given small roles in pictures like “The Deceiver” in 1931.  He also appeared in an updated version of “The Three Musketeers” in 1933 (a serial film) and in many low budget films.  John Wayne estimated that he had roles in around eighty of these films from 1930-1939.

From 1933 to 1936 he performed in numerous Western movies, the majority of them with Yakima Canutt and George 'Gabby' Hayes for Lone Star Productions.  In some of these movies he was portrayed as “Singing Sandy” (with his voice dubbed over for the singing).  Many of these movies were filmed on location in Lone Pine, California.  These were very high quality 'B' Westerns, several of them utilizing the same basic cast.  These highly sought after movies are extremely popular to this day.  They include: “Riders of Destiny” and “Sagebrush Trail” from 1933; “Blue Steel”, “Neath Arizona Skies”, “Randy Rides Alone”, “The Lawless Frontier”, “The Lucky Texan”, “The Man from Utah”, “The Star Packer” and “West of the Divide” from 1934; “Lawless Range”, Paradise Canyon”, “Rainbow Valley”, “Texas Terror”, “The Dawn Rider”, “The Desert Trail”, “The New Frontier” and “Westward Ho!” from 1935; and “King of the Pecos” and “The Lonely Trail” from 1936.

Then, in 1939, he was cast by John Ford for the role of The Ringo Kid in “Stagecoach”.  With the film’s success John Wayne became a box office star.  John Wayne and John Ford worked well together, and Wayne appeared in more than twenty of Ford’s films, such as “She Wore a Yellow Ribbon” in 1949, “The Quiet Man” in 1952, and “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance” in 1962.

Although generally thought of as a Western star, John Wayne also played other roles exceedingly well.  One of his best was as First Officer Dan Roman in “The High and the Mighty” in 1954, directed by William Wellman.  He also played the role of an aviator in other movies, like “Flying Tigers” in 1942, “Flying Leathernecks” in 1951, and “The Wings of Eagles” in 1957.

Considered by many to be his best performance, his portrayal of Ethan Edwards in 1956’s “The Searchers” was rated by Premiere Magazine in 2006 to be the 87th greatest performance in film history.  However, John Wayne won his only Academy Award for Best Actor for his role of Rooster Cogburn in the 1969 film “True Grit”.  Upon receiving his award he quipped, “If I had known this, I would've put that patch on thirty-five years ago”, referring to the eye patch he wore for the role.

During his career, John Wayne purportedly played the lead role in 142 of his film appearances.  He was recognized in the Motion Picture Herald Top Ten Money-making Western stars twenty-five times between 1936 and 1974.  He was first place in the poll four times, in 1950, 1951, 1954, and 1971, and has appeared on the poll more than any other star.

During his career, John Wayne also portrayed a member of the United States Armed Forces several times, and is one of the most popular war movie heroes of all time.  Some of these roles were as a Marine in “Sands of Iwo Jima” in 1949 (his footprints at Graumam’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood are reportedly laid in cement that contains sand from Iwo Jima), a PT boat Lieutenant in “They Were Expendable” in 1945, and as Special Forces Colonel Mike Kirby in “The Green Berets” in 1968.

Blending his roles as war hero and Western hero, John Wayne appeared in John Ford’s ‘Calvary Trilogy’, in “Fort Apache” in 1948, in “She Wore a Yellow Ribbon” in 1949, and in “Rio Grande” in 1950.

John Wayne’s last film was “The Shootist” in 1976, where he portrayed the character of an aging gunfighter dying of cancer.  Sadly, he would die of cancer three years later on June 11, 1979.  When reviewing the script for the role, he noted that his character, J. B. Books, was supposed to shoot someone in the back.  His response to that was, "I've made over 250 pictures and have never shot a guy in the back.  Change it."

John Wayne played the role of a big, tough, but honest and fair, man throughout his career who symbolized American values and ideals, and throughout his life (whether you agreed with his politics or not) he remained steadfastly an American patriot.

He was awarded the Congressional Gold Medal on May 26, 1979 in recognition of his iconic status.  Among the many stars and other notables testifying on his behalf, Robert Aldrich, president of the Directors Guild of America, said, in part, “… Because of his courage, his dignity, his integrity, and because of his talents as an actor, his strength as a leader, his warmth as a human being throughout his illustrious career, he is entitled to a unique spot in our hearts and minds. …”  At the suggestion and request of his co-star in many films, and his friend, Maureen O'Hara, the medal is inscribed “John Wayne, American”.  In June of 1980 John Wayne was also awarded (posthumously) the Presidential Medal of Freedom.


1926               Bardelys the Magnificent

1926               Brown of Harvard

1926               The Great K & A Train Robbery

1927               Annie Laurie

1927               The Drop Kick

1928               Four Sons

1928               Hangman's House

1928               Mother Machree

1928               Noah's Ark

1929               Salute

1929               Speakeasy

1929               The Black Watch

1929               The Forward Pass

1929               Words and Music

1930               Born Reckless

1930               Cheer Up and Smile

1930               Men Without Women

1930               Rough Romance

1930               The Big Trail

1931               Arizona

1931               Girls Demand Excitement

1931               Maker of Men

1931               The Range Feud

1931               The Deceiver

1931               Three Girls Lost

1932               Haunted Gold

1932               Lady and Gent

1932               Ride Him, Cowboy

1932               Texas Cyclone

1932               That's My Boy

1932               The Big Stampede

1932               The Hurricane Express

1932               The Shadow of the Eagle

1932               Two Fisted Law

1933               Baby Face

1933               Central Airport

1933               College Coach

1933               His Private Secretary

1933               Riders of Destiny

1933               Sagebrush Trail

1933               Somewhere in Sonora

1933               The Life of Jimmy Dolan

1933               The Man from Monterey

1933               The Telegraph Trail

1933               The Three Musketeers

1934               Blue Steel

1934               Neath Arizona Skies

1934               Randy Rides Alone

1934               The Lawless Frontier

1934               The Lucky Texan

1934               The Man from Utah

1934               The Star Packer

1934               The Trail Beyond

1934               West of the Divide

1935               Lawless Range

1935               Paradise Canyon

1935               Rainbow Valley

1935               Texas Terror

1935               The Dawn Rider

1935               The Desert Trail

1935               The New Frontier

1935               Westward Ho!

1936               Conflict

1936               King of the Pecos

1936               The Sea Spoilers

1936               The Lawless Nineties

1936               The Lonely Trail

1936               The Oregon Trail

1936               Winds of the Wasteland

1937               Adventure's End

1937               Born to the West

1937               California Straight Ahead!

1937               I Cover the War

1937               Idol of the Crowds

1938               Overland Stage Raiders

1938               Pals of the Saddle

1938               Red River Range

1938               Santa Fe Stampede

1939               Allegheny Uprising

1939               New Frontier

1939               Stagecoach

1939               The Night Riders

1939               Three Texas Steers

1939               Wyoming Outlaw

1940               The Dark Command

1940               Seven Sinners

1940               The Long Voyage Home

1940               Three Faces West

1941               A Man Betrayed

1941               Lady from Louisiana

1941               Shepherd of the Hills

1942               Flying Tigers

1942               In Old California

1942               Lady for a Night

1942               Pittsburgh

1942               Reap the Wild Wind

1942               Reunion in France

1942               The Spoilers

1943               In Old Oklahoma

1943               A Lady Takes a Chance

1944               The Fighting Seabees

1944               Tall in the Saddle

1945               Back to Bataan

1945               Dakota

1945               Flame of Barbary Coast

1945               They Were Expendable

1946               Without Reservations

1947               Angel and the Badman

1947               Tycoon

1948               3 Godfathers

1948               Fort Apache

1948               Red River

1948               Wake of the Red Witch

1949               Sands of Iwo Jima

1949               She Wore a Yellow Ribbon

1949               The Fighting Kentuckian

1950               Rio Grande

1951               Flying Leathernecks

1951               Operation Pacific

1952               Big Jim McLain

1952               The Quiet Man

1953               Hondo

1953               Island in the Sky

1953               Trouble Along the Way

1954               The High and the Mighty

1955               Blood Alley

1955               The Sea Chase

1956               The Conqueror

1956               I Married a Woman

1956               The Searchers

1957               Jet Pilot

1957               Legend of the Lost

1957               The Wings of Eagles

1958               The Barbarian and the Geisha

1959               The Horse Soldiers

1959               Rio Bravo

1960               Wagon Train

1960               The Alamo

1960               North to Alaska

1961               The Comancheros

1962               Flashing Spikes

1962               Hatari!

1962               How the West Was Won

1962               The Longest Day

1962               The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

1963               Donovan's Reef

1963               McLintock!

1964               Circus World

1965               The Greatest Story Ever Told

1965               In Harm's Way

1965               The Sons of Katie Elder

1966               Cast a Giant Shadow

1967               El Dorado

1967               The War Wagon

1968               The Green Berets

1968               Hellfighters

1969               True Grit

1969               The Undefeated

1970               Chisum

1970               Rio Lobo

1971               The Bob Hope Show

1971               The American West of John Ford

1971               Big Jake

1972               The Cowboys

1973               Cahill, U.S. Marshal

1973               The Train Robbers

1974               McQ

1975               Brannigan

1975               Rooster Cogburn

1976               The Shootist

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