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John McIntire ACTOR


John McIntire was born on June 27th, 1907 in Spokane, Washington with the birth name John Herrick McIntire.  His father was a lawyer and he grew up in Montana whee his family taught him how to raise and ride broncos.  After high school he went on to study at USC and then turned his attention towards working in the entertainment industry and on stage.
He began with working as a radio announcer on, "March of Time" and then moved out west to pursue a career in film at the age of 47.  Some of the more well known films he appeared on were, "Call Northside 777" (1947) starring James Stewart, Richard Conte, Helen Walker and Lee J. Cobb, "Down to the Sea in Ships" (1949) starring Richard Widmark, Lionel Barrymore, Dean Stockwell, Cecil Kellaway, Jay C. Flippen, Gene Lockhart and Harry Morgan, director John Huston's Academy Award winner for "The Asphalt Jungle" (1950) starring Sterling Hayden, Louis Calhern, Jean Hagen, Sam Jaffe, Brad Dexter, James Whitmore and a key role by newcomer Marilyn Monroe, "Saddle Tramp" (1950) starring Joel McCrea, Wanda Hendrix, John Russell and Jeanette Nolan, and "The World in His Arms" (1952) starring Gregory Peck, Ann Blyth, Anthony Quinn, Andrea King, Hans Conried and Rhys Williams.  He also worked on five top notch western films, "Winchester '73" (1950) starring James Stewart, Stephen McNally, Dan Duryea, Shelley Winters and Will Geer, "The Far Country" (1954) starring James Stewart, Ruth Roman, Corinne Calvet, Walter Brennan and Jay C. Flippen, "The Tin Star" (1957) starring Henry Fonda, Anthony Perkins and Neville Brand, "Flaming Star" (1960) starring alongside Elvis Presley and Barbara Eden and "Rooster Cogburn" (1975), the sequel to "True Grit", starring John Wayne and Katharine Hepburn
In the late 1950's, McIntire moved into television work on such shows as, "Naked City" (1958) and three other western series, "Wagon Train" (1957), "Zane Grey Theatre" (1959), "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" (1958-1960), "Overland Trail" (1960) and "The Virginian" (1962).  Along with film and television, he had a very deep husky voice and the industry used him for narration and documentaries.  He hand his wife also did the voices for a Walt Disney Film called, "The Fox and The Hound" (1981) and his last film role was in "Turner and Hooch" (1989) where he portrayed a crazy dog owner.
He was married to an actress Jeanette Nolan in 1935 and together they appeared on screen as the frontier couple for decades.  The couple remained married for fifty six years until on January 30th, 1991, McIntire passed away from emphysema and lung cancer in Pasadena, California.  They had a daughter, Holly and one son together, Tim McIntire who also passed away from heart problems in 1986.  


1989   Turner & Hooch  
1989   Dream Breakers  
1988   Aaron's Way 
1988   The Slap Maxwell Story 
1986   As Summers Die
1986   St. Elsewhere 
1978-1985  The Love Boat
1985   Different Strokes 
1985   Night Court
1984   The Cowboy and the Ballerina
1984   Trapper John, M.D. 
1984   Cloak & Dagger 
1984   The Yellow Rose
1983   Hotel  
1983   Quincy, M.E. 
1983   Lone Star
1982   Honkytonk Man
1981   All the Way Home
1981   Goliath Awaits 
1981   The Fox and the Hound  
1981   American Dream 
1980   The Incredible Hulk 
1979-1980  Shirley 
1979-1980  Young Maverick
1979   Mrs. R's Daughter
1979   Dallas 
1979   Fantasy Island
1979   Charlie's Angels
1978   The Jordan Chance
1978   Lassie: A New Beginning
1978   Crisis in Sun Valley
1977   Aspen
1977   The Rescuers
1976   The New Daughters of Joshua Cabe
1975   Challenge to Be Free  
1975   Rooster Cogburn  
1974   The Healers
1974   Herbie Rides Again 
1974   Dirty Sally 
1973   Linda 
1971-1972  Longstreet
1971   Love, American Style
1965-1971  The F.B.I.
1971   Bearcats!
1966-1971  Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color  
1971   The Boy from Dead Man's Bayou
1971   Powderkeg  
1967-1970  The Virginian 
1967   Dundee and the Culhane
1967   Rough Night in Jericho  
1961-1966  Bonanza 
1966   A Man Called Shenandoah 
1966   The Fugitive 
1965   Slattery's People 
1965   Daniel Boone 
1965   The Smothers Brothers Show 
1965   Cat Ballou  
1959-1965  Wagon Train  
1963   Arrest and Trial  
1961   Summer and Smoke  
1961   Two Rode Together  
1961   The Americans 
1959-1961  Laramie 
1960   Flaming Star  
1960   The Untouchables 
1960   Seven Ways from Sundown  
1960   Elmer Gantry  
1960   Psycho 
1960   Overland Trail
1960   Twilight Zone 
1960   Who Was That Lady? 
1959-1960  Wichita Town
1958-1960  Alfred Hitchcock Presents 
1960   Peter Gunn
1959   The Joseph Cotten Show: On Trial 
1959   The Gunfight at Dodge City  
1959   Zane Grey Theatre 
1959   Wanted: Dead or Alive
1958-1959  Naked City 
1959   Cimarron City 
1958   Father Knows Best
1958   The Light in the Forest
1958   Goodyear Theatre
1958   Studio 57 
1955-1958  G.E. True Theater
1958   Sing Boy Sing
1957   The Mark of the Hawk  
1957   The Tin Star  
1957   Lux Video Theatre
1955-1956  Cavalcade of America 
1956   Away All Boats 
1956   I've Lived Before 
1956   Star Stage
1956   Backlash  
1956   Front Row Center 
1956   World in My Corner  
1955   The Spoilers  
1955   To Hell and Back  
1955   The Scarlet Coat  
1955   The Kentuckian 
1955   The Phenix City Story  
1955   Stranger on Horseback
1954   The Yellow Mountain  
1954   Four Guns to the Border  
1954   The Far Country 
1954   Apache  
1953   War Arrow 
1953   A Lion Is in the Streets  
1953   The President's Lady
1953   The Mississippi Gambler 
1953   The Lawless Breed
1952   Horizons West  
1952   Sally and Saint Anne 
1952   The World in His Arms  
1952   Glory Alley
1951   Westward the Women  
1951   The Raging Tide  
1951   The Tanks Are Coming  
1951   That's My Boy  
1951   You're in the Navy Now  
1951   Under the Gun  
1950   Walk Softly, Stranger  
1950   Saddle Tramp
1950   Winchester '73  
1950   The Asphalt Jungle  
1950   Shadow on the Wall  
1950   No Sad Songs for Me 
1950   Francis  
1950   Ambush  
1949   Johnny Stool Pigeon  
1949   Top o' the Morning  
1949   Scene of the Crime 
1949   Red Canyon
1949   Down to the Sea in Ships  
1948   Command Decision  
1948   An Act of Murder  
1948   The Street with No Name  
1948   River Lady  
1948   Black Bart  
1948   Call Northside 777  
1947   The Hucksters  

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