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John 'Dusty' King ACTOR


John King was born on July 11th, 1909 in Cincinnati, Ohio with the birth name Miller McLeod Everson to parents, Ernest and Ruth Brumfield Everson.  After completing High School, he attended college at the University of Cincinnati.  Upon completing college, he worked a number of odd jobs such as selling furniture, lumberjacking, inspecting meet and even worked as a book keeper.
When he turned twenty three, King got a job as an announcer for WCKY radio in Kentucky.  Soon after, he was given the opportunity to host a musical variety show and sing for WKRD in Cincinnati. 
In 1935, he was hired as a vocalist by a band leader, Ben Bernie and they went to Los Angeles, making an appearance on the film, "Stolen Harmony".  It was this move that opened the door for his acting career.  He began by getting cast in small parts on a number of films such as, "Three Smart Girls" (1937) and "The Hardy Ride High" (1939).  When Dusty made an appearance in one serial, Universal Pictures approached him and offered him a contract.  He was given the lead in, "Ace Drummond" (1936) followed by a number of other roles in films for Universal for the next four years of his career.  

In 1940, he finished his contract with Universal and Monogram Pictures signed him to work as one of the leads in the western, "The Range Busters" (1940) where he portrayed the character Dusty.  This was how he earned his nickname 'Dusty'.  In total, he portrayed this character for a total of eighteen films in the series.  He was not only an actor, but also got to show off his singing talent.  In 1943, the series ended and King worked for another three years in the industry before announcing his retirement. 
After he retired he first bought a radio station and later left the entertainment industry completely and he opened a restaurant in La Jolla, California specializing in waffles and on November 11th, 1987 he passed away in San Diego, California.  John had one daughter, Nancy Louise King.  Even though he never reached a high level of stardom he will always be remembered as one of the Ranger Busters and as Ace Drummond and most importantly as an all around good guy.   


1946 Renegade Girl
1943 Haunted Ranch 
1943 Two Fisted Justice 
1942 Trail Riders
1942 Texas to Bataan 
1942 Arizona Stage Coach 
1942 Texas Trouble Shooters 
1942 Boot Hill Bandits 
1942 Rock River Renegades 
1942 Law of the Jungle
1942 Thunder River Feud 
1941 Underground Rustlers
1941 Tonto Basin Outlaws 
1941 Saddle Mountain Roundup 
1941 Fugitive Valley 
1941 Wrangler's Roost 
1941 Tumbledown Ranch in Arizona
1941 The Kid's Last Ride 
1941 The Trail of the Silver Spurs 
1940 West of Pinto Basin 
1940 Trailing Double Trouble
1940 The Range Busters 
1940 Half a Sinner 
1940 Midnight Limited 
1939 The Gentleman from Arizona 
1939 Mr. Moto Takes a Vacation 
1939 The Hardys Ride High 
1939 Inside Story 
1939 The Three Musketeers 
1938 Charlie Chan in Honolulu
1938 Sharpshooters
1938 Breaking the Ice 
1938 State Police 
1938 The Crime of Doctor Hallet
1937 Merry Go Round of 1938
1937 The Road Back 
1937 Squadron of Doom 
1936 Three Smart Girls 
1936 Ace Drummond 
1936 Postal Inspector
1936 Crash Donovan
1936 Nobody's Fool
1936 Love Before Breakfast
1936 Sutter's Gold
1936 Dangerous Waters 
1936 Next Time We Love 
1936 The Adventures of Frank Merriwell 
1935 Fighting Youth 
1935 Three Kids and a Queen 
1935 His Night Out 
1935 The Affair of Susan 
1935 Stolen Harmony   

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