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John Ireland ACTOR


John Ireland was born on January 30th, 1914 in Vancouver, British Columbia with the middle name Benjamin.  His family immigrated to the United States and he was raised in New York where he developed an interest in swimming.  Soon he was appearing in a swimming carnival and realized his love for performing, therefore breaking into the theater industry.
He began adding a number of small Broadway roles to his resume and by 1945 he was given his first screen role appearing in the film, "A Walk in the Sun" starring Dana Andrews and features Richard Conte, George Tyne, Lloyd Bridges, Sterling Holloway, Norman Lloyd, Herbert Rudley and Richard Benedict, with narration by Burgess Meredith. Soon more substantial film roles began to come his direction such as, "Wake up and Dream" (1946) co-starring John Payne, June Haver, Charlotte Greenwood and Irving Bacon, "Red River" (1948) starring alongside John Wayne, Montgomery Clift, Joanne Dru, Walter Brennan, Colleen Gray, Harry Carey, Hank Worden, Noah Beery Jr., Harry Carey Jr. and Paul Fix, Academy Award winner as Best Picture "All the King's Men" (1949) starring Broderick Crawford as the Academy Award winner as Best Actor along with Joanne Dru, John Derek, Mercedes McCambridge as the winner for Best Supporting Actress Oscar and Will Wright, "Anna Lucusta" (1949) starring Paulette Goddard, Will Geer and Dennie Moore, "The Return of Jesse James" (1950) also starring Preston Foster, Barbara Britton, Byron Foulger, Reed Hadley and Tom Tyler, "The Scarf" (1951), "Vengeance Valley" (1951) starring with Burt Lancaster, Joanne Dru, Robert Walker, Hugh O'Brian, Will Wright, Stanley Andrews, Ray Collins and Ted de Corsia, "Red Mountain" (1951) starring Alan Ladd, Lizabeth Scott and Arthur Kennedy, "Little Big Horn" (1951) also starring Lloyd Bridges, Marie Windsor, Reed Hadley and Jim Davis and "The 49th Man" (1953) co-starring Suzanne Dalbert and Richard Denning.  He became the first Vancouver-born actor to be nominated for a Best Supporting Actor for his role in, "All the King's Men" (1949). 

Along with his work in film he would occasionally add television credits to his resume such as, "Starlight Theatre", "All Star Revue", "The Revlon Mirror Theater" and "The Whistler".  He had a great reputation in Hollywood and was adored by his fans and colleagues.  

Throughout his career as an actor he would alternate between film and television work with some of his more prominent roles being on the film, "Spartacus" (1960) starring alongside Kirk Douglas, Tony Curtis, Jean Simmons, Woody Strode, Charles McGraw, Laurence Olivier, Peter Ustinov, Nina Foch, John Gavin and Charles Laughton, "Wild in the Country" (1961) starring Elvis Presley, Hope Lange, Tuesday Weld, Gary Lockwood and Millie Perkins, "55 Days at Peking" (1962) starring Charlton Heston, Ava Gardner, David Niven, Paul Lukas and Flora Robson and "I Saw What You Did" (1965) starring Joan Crawford and Leif Erickson.
He was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his contribution to the Television industry with appearances on such series as, "Climax!", "Burke's Law", "Rawhide", "Studio 57", "Branded", "Gunsmoke", "Zane Grey Theatre", "Bonanza" and "Little House on the Prairie".

John Ireland also added a number of Italian film production roles to his resume such as, "The House of the Seven Corpses" (1974), "Salon Kitty" (1976) and "Satan's Cheerleaders" (1977).
Along with his career as an actor, he was also the owner of a restaurant called Ireland's in Santa Barbara, California.  He married three times throughout his lifetime, first to Elaine Ruth Gudmand in 1940 and they had two children before the marriage came to an end in 1948.  He then wed actress Joanne Dru in 1949 however by 1957 this marriage also ended in divorce.  His third and final wife was Daphne Myrick Cameron whom he married in 1962 and they had one child together and remained married until Ireland, passed away at the age of seventy eight on March 21st, 1992 in Santa Barbara, California after suffering from leukemia. 


1992         Waxwork II: Lost in Time
1992         Hammer Down
1991         The Graveyard Story
1991         Murder, She Wrote 
1990         Christine Cromwell 
1989         Sundown: The Vampire in Retreat
1988         War of the Worlds 
1988         Messenger of Death
1988         Perry Mason: The Case of the Lady in the Lake 
1988         Buck James
1988         Bonanza: The Next Generation 
1988         J.J. Starbuck 
1987         Airwolf 
1987         Terror Night
1986         Thunder Run
1986         Philip Marlowe, Private Eye 
1986         Seasons in the Sun 
1985         The Treasure of the Amazon
1985         Seeing Things 
1985         The Fall Guy 
1985         The Hitchhiker 
1985         Martin's Day
1985         Airwolf
1985         Miami Golem
1984         Santa Barbara
1984         The New Mike Hammer 
1984         Hardcastle and McCormick
1983         Trauma Center
1983         A Matter of Cunning
1982         Cassie & Co.
1982         The Incubus
1981         The Littlest Hobo
1981         Magnum, P.I.
1977-1981     Quincy, M.E. 
1981         Hart to Hart 
1981         Bordello
1980         Marilyn: The Untold Story
1980         Tourist 
1980         Hagen 
1980         The Courage of Kavik, the Wolf Dog 
1979         Hawaii Five-O 
1979         On the Air Live with Captain Midnight
1979         Delta Fox
1979         Guyana: Cult of the Damned
1979         Crossbar
1979         The Shape of Things to Come
1979         Salvage 1
1979         Matt and Jenny
1978         The Millionaire
1978         Il letto in piazza
1976-1978     Little House on the Prairie
1978         Tomorrow Never Comes
1977         The Perfect Killer
1977         The Ransom
1977         Love and the Midnight Auto Supply
1977         Satan's Cheerleaders
1977         Mission to Glory: A True Story
1977         Switch 
1977         The moon and a murmur
1976         The Quest
1976         The Swiss Conspiracy
1976         Salon Kitty
1975         Noi non siamo angeli
1975         Farewell, My Lovely
1975         Police Story
1975         Khan!
1974         Sierra 
1974         Blood River
1974         Welcome to Arrow Beach
1974         The Girl on the Late, Late Show
1974         The House of Seven Corpses
1974         The Phantom of Hollywood 
1974         Planet of the Apes 
1972         Circle of Fear
1972         Mission: Impossible
1972         Escape to the Sun
1972         Assignment Vienna
1972         Northeast of Seoul
1970         The Virginian 
1970         La sfida dei MacKenna
1969         I diavoli della guerra
1969         Zenabel
1969         The Name of the Game
1969         The Adventurers
1969         One on Top of the Other
1969         Femmine insaziabili
1968         Damned Hot Day of Fire
1968         Revenge for Revenge
1968         Cost of Dying
1968         Run, Man, Run
1968         Pistol for a Hundred Coffins
1968         Trusting Is Good... Shooting Is Better
1968         Villa Rides
1968         Arizona Bushwhackers
1968         All Out
1968         Bloody Che Contra
1966-1967     Gunsmoke
1967         Fort Utah
1967         Hate for Hate
1967         Daniel Boone
1967         Bonanza
1967         Iron Horse
1967         Caxambu!
1967         Dirty Heroes
1966         The Man Who Never Was
1966         Run for Your Life
1965-1966     Branded
1966         A Man Called Shenandoah
1966         Huyendo del halc√≥n
1960-1965     Rawhide
1965         I Saw What You Did
1963-1965     Burke's Law 
1965         Day of the Nightmare
1964         Mr. Broadway
1964         The Fall of the Roman Empire
1963         The Ceremony
1963         Kraft Suspense Theatre 
1963         55 Days at Peking
1960-1962     The Cheaters
1962         Alfred Hitchcock Presents 
1962         Brushfire
1962         The Dick Powell Theatre
1961         The Foxes
1961         Wild in the Country
1961         The Asphalt Jungle
1961         Thriller 
1961         Return of a Stranger
1960         Faces in the Dark
1960         Spartacus
1960         Startime 
1959         Armchair Theatre
1959         ITV Play of the Week
1959         Riverboat
1959         No Time to Kill
1958         Party Girl
1958         No Place to Land
1958         Black Tide
1958         Target
1958         Suspicion
1957         Playhouse 90
1957         Gunfight at the O.K. Corral
1957         Climax!
1955-1957     Lux Video Theatre
1956         Zane Grey Theatre
1955-1956     Studio 57 
1956         Gunslinger
1956         Jane Wyman Presents The Fireside Theatre 
1952-1956     Schlitz Playhouse 
1956         G.E. True Theater
1955         Hell's Horizon
1955         Queen Bee
1955         Damon Runyon Theater
1955         The Glass Tomb
1955         The Fast and the Furious
1955         The Elgin Hour
1954         The Steel Cage
1954         The Whistler
1951-1954     The Philco-Goodyear Television Playhouse
1954         Security Risk
1954         Southwest Passage
1954         The Good Die Young
1953         Combat Squad
1953         The Revlon Mirror Theater 
1953         Hannah Lee: An American Primitive
1953         The 49th Man
1952         All Star Revue 
1952         Hurricane Smith
1951         Red Mountain
1951         The Bushwhackers
1951         The Basketball Fix
1951         Little Big Horn
1951         The Scarf
1951         Vengeance Valley
1950         The Return of Jesse James
1950         Starlight Theatre
1950         Cargo to Capetown
1949         All the King's Men
1949         Mr. Soft Touch
1949         Anna Lucasta
1949         The Doolins of Oklahoma
1949         Roughshod
1949         The Undercover Man
1949         The Walking Hills
1949         I Shot Jesse James
1948         Joan of Arc
1948         Red River
1948         A Southern Yankee
1948         Raw Deal
1948         Open Secret
1948         I Love Trouble
1947         The Gangster
1947         Railroaded!
1947         Repeat Performance
1946         Wake Up and Dream
1946         My Darling Clementine
1946         It Shouldn't Happen to a Dog
1946         Somewhere in the Night
1946         Behind Green Lights
1946         Backfire
1945         A Walk in the Sun

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