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John Hart ACTOR


John Hart was born on December 13th, 1917 in Los Angeles, California.  He grew up in San Marino, California and after graduating from Pasadena High School he began to show an interest in pursuing a career as an actor.
His career in acting first began working at the Pasadena Playhouse as a stage performer, when a Paramount talent agent discovered him and signed him to a contract.  He then broke into the film industry first appearing in 1938 on, "The Buccaneer" starring Fredric March and Akim Tamiroff, followed by three more un-credited film roles that same year, "Dangerous to Know", "Tip-Off Girls" and "Hunted Men".
After appearing in 1940 in, "North West Mounted Police", Hart then took a break from acting to serve in the military during World War II.  Upon completing his service, Hart returned back to acting, however, it seemed as though Hollywood had forgotten him and he had to start over to prove he was a worthy actor.  It took quite a few years until he began to get his name known again.
In 1947, he was cast in four films alone, "Vacation Days", "Jack Armstrong", "Last of the Redmen" (1947) and "Brick Bradford".  In seamed as though, he was now back on track making himself known in the industry again.
For the next couple years of his career, he focused on film roles such as, "The Fighting Redhead" (1949) starring Jim Bannon and "Stagecoach Drive" (1951) among other roles that were mostly un-credited.
He then began to  focus on television for a while and made a name for himself in a 1947 western serial, "The Long Ranger" which he starred in fifty two episodes.  Also adding to his television credits were roles in, "Hawkeye and the Last of the Mohicans" (1957) starring with Lon Chaney Jr., "I Love Lucy" (1953-1955) and "Tales of the Texas Rangers" (1955).
More television appearances succeeded such as, "Leave it to Beaver", "Pete and Gladys", "Ben Casey", "Dr. Kildare", "Harris Against the World", "Rawhide", "Perry Mason" and "Hec Ramsey".
Towards the end of his career, he remained in the industry but did a lot of the behind the scenes work such as camera operator, productions supervisor etc.  His final two acting roles were on the television series, "Happy Days" (1982) and "Dallas" (1979-1981).  
John Hart married only onetime during his life to Beryl Braithwaite in 1957 and they had one child together and remained married until Hart passed away on September 20th, 2009 at the age of ninety one in Rosarito Beach, in Baja California Mexico while suffering from complications from dementia.  His remains were cremated and scattered in the Pacific Ocean. 


1982   Happy Days 

1981   The Legend of the Lone Ranger 

1979-1981  Dallas

1981   The Greatest American Hero 

1978   CHiPs

1978   The Gift of Love

1978   Cheerleaders Beach Party 

1978   Kate Bliss and the Ticker Tape Kid 

1978   Sam

1977   John Hus

1976   Blood Voyage 

1976   The Astral Factor

1975   Gemini Affair

1975   Barbary Coast 

1974   Only with Married Men

1974   The Great Ice Rip-Off 

1974   The Centerfold Girls 

1974   Welcome to Arrow Beach

1974   Hec Ramsey

1973   Santee 

1973   Bonnie's Kids 

1973   Blackenstein 

1971   Refinements in Love

1971   Simon, King of the Witches

1970   The Phynx

1968   Where Were You When the Lights Went Out?

1967   The Fastest Guitar Alive 

1967   Riot on Sunset Strip

1966   He Who Shoots First

1966   Hold On!

1966   Dawn of Victory

1965   Perry Mason

1965   The Cincinnati Kid

1965   Zebra in the Kitchen 

1965   The Sandpiper 

1965   The Addams Family 

1959-1965  Rawhide

1965   36 Hours

1965   Harris Against the World

1965   Day of the Nightmare

1964   Marnie

1964   Viva Las Vegas 

1963   The Lieutenant 

1963   Captain Newman, M.D. 

1963   The Man from the Diners' Club 

1963   It Happened at the World's Fair

1963   The Courtship of Eddie's Father 

1962   Mister Magoo's Christmas Carol 

1962   Billy Rose's Jumbo

1962   Frontier Circus

1958-1962  Leave It to Beaver

1962   The Horizontal Lieutenant

1962   Ben Casey

1961-1962  National Velvet 

1961   Dr. Kildare 

1961   Ada 

1961   Atlantis, the Lost Continent

1961   Pete and Gladys 

1961   Go Naked in the World

1961   Gunslinger

1961   The Brothers Brannagan

1960   Outlaws

1960   The Case of the Dangerous Robin 

1960   The Subterraneans

1960   Bells Are Ringing

1960   Noose for a Gunman

1960   The Jack Benny Program

1960   Vice Raid

1960   The Ann Sothern Show

1959-1960  Bat Masterson

1959   Shotgun Slade

1959   World of Giants

1959   Inside the Mafia

1959   The Diary of a High School Bride 

1959   Rescue 8 

1959   The Shaggy Dog 

1959   Cimarron City

1954-1958  The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin 

1958   Wolf Dog

1957   Hawkeye and the Last of the Mohicans 

1956   The Ten Commandments 

1956   The Ford Television Theatre

1956   Fury 

1956   Perils of the Wilderness 

1955-1956  Highway Patrol

1955   Sergeant Preston of the Yukon 

1955   The Crooked Web

1955   Tales of the Texas Rangers 

1955   Damon Runyon Theater 

1955   Adventures of Captain Africa, Mighty Jungle Avenger!

1953-1955  I Love Lucy

1955   Dial Red O 

1954   Gunfighters of the Northwest 

1953   The Great Adventures of Captain Kidd

1950-1953  The Lone Ranger 

1953   Prince of Pirates

1952   The Pathfinder 

1952   The Golden Hawk 

1952   Caribbean

1952   Sky King

1952   Dead Man's Trail

1952   Kansas Territory 

1952   Thief of Damascus 

1952   Wild Stallion 

1952   Jungle Jim in the Forbidden Land 

1952   Waco 

1952   Aladdin and His Lamp 

1952   Texas City 

1952   The Living Bible 

1952   Gang Busters

1951   Stage to Blue River

1951   The Wild Blue Yonder

1951   Texas Lawmen 

1951   The Longhorn 

1951   Warpath 

1951   Stagecoach Driver

1951   Fury of the Congo 

1951   Belle Le Grand

1951   Colorado Ambush

1950   Revenue Agent

1950   Pirates of the High Seas

1950   Hot Rod

1950   Hit Parade of 1951

1950   Chain Gang

1950   Atom Man vs. Superman 

1950   State Penitentiary

1950   Champagne for Caesar

1949   Cowboy and the Prizefighter

1949   The Fighting Redhead 

1949   Joe Palooka in the Counterpunch

1949   Batman and Robin 

1949   El Paso

1948   The Plunderers

1948   The Velvet Touch 

1948   Tex Granger: Midnight Rider of the Plains 

1948   I Love Trouble

1947   Brick Bradford 

1947   Last of the Redmen

1947   The Vigilantes Return

1947   Jack Armstrong 

1947   Vacation Days 

1940   North West Mounted Police 

1939   $1000 a Touchdown 

1939   Million Dollar Legs 

1939   Persons in Hiding 

1939   Disbarred 

1938   Illegal Traffic 

1938   Touchdown, Army 

1938   King of Alcatraz

1938   Prison Farm 

1938   Hunted Men 

1938   Tip-Off Girls 

1938   Dangerous to Know

1938   The Buccaneer 

1937   Daughter of Shanghai

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