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John Forrest 'Fuzzy' Knight ACTOR

John Forrest 'Fuzzy' Knight was born on May 9th, 1901 in Fairmont, West Virginia with the birth name John Forrest Night, born to James A. and Olive Knight.  After high school, he enrolled at West Virginia University and studied law as well as being part of the cheerleading team.  During college he also had an interest in music and song writing.  He formed his own band and decided to forgo earning a college degree and pursue a career in entertainment.
Knight chose to perform vaudeville and also performed with bands such as, Irving Aaronson and George Olsen.  He eventually, relocated to New York City and began pursuing a career as a stage performer on Broadway in such productions as, "Here's How" and "Gambols".
Fuzzy Knight then began to break into the film industry working on a number of short films early on in his career such as, "Night Parade" (1929) starring Hugh Trevor, Lloyd Ingraham, Dorothy Gulliver and Aileen Pringle, "Hell's Highway" (1932) starring Richard Dix, Tom Brown and Rochelle Hudson, "Speed Demon" (1932) starring William Collier Jr., Joan Marsh and Wheeler Oakman, "She Done Him Wrong" (1933) starring Mae West, Cary Grant and Owen Moore and "Under the Tonto Rim" (1933) starring Stu Erwin, Verna Hillie, Raymond Hatton and Fred Kohler.  

Over he course of his career in entertainment he would add over two hundred film credits to his resume and became most well known as a cowboy hero's sidekick.  Other more memorable films were, "The Trail of the Lonesome Pine" (1936) starring Fred MacMurray, Sylvia Sidney, Beulah Bondi, Henry Fonda, Nigel Bruce, Fred Stone and George 'Spanky' McFarland, "The Shepherd of the Hills" (1941) starring John Wayne, Harry Carey, Beulah Bondi, Betty Field, Ward Bond, Marjorie Main and John Qualen, "Trail to Gunsight" (1944) starring Eddie Dew, Lyle Talbot and Glenn Strange, "Frisco Sal" (1945) also starring Susanna Foster, Turhan Bey, Alan Curtis, Andy Devine and Thomas Gomez, "Frontier Girl" (1945) co-starring Yvonne De Carlo, Rod Cameron and Andy Devine, "Rustler's Round-up" (1946) starring Kirby Grant, Jane Adams and Edmund Cobb, "Apache Chief" (1949) starring Alan Curtis, Tom Neal, Russell Hayden and Carol Thurston, "Crooked River" (1950) also starring James Ellison, Russell Hayden and Raymond Hatton, "Fast on the Draw" (1950) starring with James Ellison, Russell Hayden, Julie Adams and Raymond Hatton, "Wanted Dead or Alive" (1951) starring Steve McQueen and "Canyon Raiders" (1951) starring Whip Wilson, Jim Bannon, Phyllis Coates and I. Stanford Jolley
Along with his film roles he gained a huge amount of popularity when he was cast on the television series, "Captain Gallant of the Foreign Legion" (1955) starring along with Larry 'Buster' Crabbe.  Other television appearances included, "The Gene Autry Show", "Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok", "Life with Buster Keaton", "The Tall Man" and "The Joey Bishop Show".
In 1962 he chose for the most part to retire from acting and only made occasional appearances such as on the films, "The Bounty Killer" (1965) starring Dan Duryea, Rod Cameron and Audrey Dalton, "Waco" (1966) starring Howard Keel, Jane Russell, Brian Donlevy, Wendell Corey, John Agar, Terry Moore, Richard Arlen, DeForest Kelley and Robert Lowery, and "Hostile Guns" (1967) co-starring George Montgomery, Yvonne De Carlo and Tab Hunter
John Forrest 'Fuzzy' Knight married only once throughout his lifetime to Thelma de Long and they remained together until he passed away on February 23rd, 1976 in Hollywood, California after suffering from a heart attack while living at the Motion Picture Country Home and Hospital.  His remains are buried at Valhalla Memorial Park in Burbank, California.     


1967   Hostile Guns 

1966   Waco 

1965   The Bounty Killer

1962   The Joey Bishop Show

1962   Lassie

1962   The Tall Man 

1961   Lawman 

1961   Lock Up 

1960   Outlaws 

1959   The Man and the Challenge

1959   These Thousand Hills 

1958   The Notorious Mr. Monks 

1955-1957  Captain Gallant of the Foreign Legion 

1956   The Naked Hills 

1955   Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok

1953   Geraldine 

1953   Vigilante Terror

1953   Topeka

1952   Feudin' Fools 

1952   Fargo 

1952   Kansas Territory

1952   The Gunman 

1952   Oklahoma Annie

1952   Rodeo

1952   Rancho Notorious 

1952   Night Raiders 

1952   Adventures of Gallant Bess 

1951   Stage to Blue River

1951   Lawless Cowboys

1951   Honeychile

1951   Gold Raiders 

1951   Show Boat 

1951   Stagecoach Driver 

1951   Nevada Badmen 

1951   Skipalong Rosenbloom 

1950-1951  The Gene Autry Show

1951   Canyon Raiders

1951   Wanted: Dead or Alive

1951   Life with Buster Keaton

1950   Fast on the Draw

1950   West of the Brazos 

1950   Hills of Oklahoma 

1950   Colorado Ranger

1950   Crooked River

1950   Marshal of Heldorado

1950   Hostile Country

1949   Apache Chief

1949   Feudin' Rhythm 

1949   Rimfire

1949   Down to the Sea in Ships 

1947   The Egg and I 

1946   Rustler's Round-up

1946   Gunman's Code

1946   Lawless Breed 

1946   Her Adventurous Night

1946   Gun Town

1946   Girl on the Spot

1945   Frontier Gal 

1945   Senorita from the West 

1945   Code of the Lawless

1945   Bad Men of the Border

1945   Trail to Vengeance

1945   Renegades of the Rio Grande

1945   Swing Out, Sister

1945   Song of the Sarong 

1945   Frisco Sal

1945   Beyond the Pecos

1944   The Old Texas Trail

1944   Riders of the Santa Fe

1944   The Singing Sheriff 

1944   Trail to Gunsight

1944   Allergic to Love

1944   Trigger Trail

1944   Take It Big

1944   Boss of Boomtown

1944   Cowboy and the Senorita

1944   The Great Alaskan Mystery 

1944   Hi, Good Lookin'! 

1944   Oklahoma Raiders

1944   Marshal of Gunsmoke 

1943   Corvette K-225 

1943   Arizona Trail

1943   The Lone Star Trail

1943   Frontier Law

1943   Raiders of San Joaquin

1943   Cheyenne Roundup

1943   He's My Guy

1943   Tenting Tonight on the Old Camp Ground 

1942   The Old Chisholm Trail

1942   Little Joe, the Wrangler

1942   Apache Trail

1942   Deep in the Heart of Texas 

1942   Boss of Hangtown Mesa

1942   The Silver Bullet

1942   Lady in a Jam

1942   Juke Girl

1942   Butch Minds the Baby

1942   Stagecoach Buckaroo

1941   Fighting Bill Fargo

1941   Arizona Cyclone

1941   New York Town

1941   The Masked Rider 

1941   Badlands of Dakota 

1941   Man from Montana 

1941   Rawhide Rangers

1941   The Shepherd of the Hills

1941   Law of the Range

1941   The Cowboy and the Blonde

1941   Horror Island 

1941   Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie

1941   Bagdad Daddy

1940   Pony Post

1940   Law and Order 

1940   Ragtime Cowboy Joe

1940   Brigham Young

1940   Son of Roaring Dan

1940   Bad Man from Red Butte

1940   The Singing Dude 

1940   Riders of Pasco Basin 

1940   Johnny Apollo

1940   Boss of Bullion City

1940   My Little Chickadee

1940   Remember the Night

1940   West of Carson City 

1939   Chip of the Flying U 

1939   Oklahoma Frontier 

1939   Desperate Trails

1939   The Oregon Trail 

1939   Union Pacific

1938   The Cowboy and the Lady 

1938   Spawn of the North 

1938   Joy of Living 

1938   The Last Stand

1938   Border Wolves

1938   Where the West Begins

1938   Everybody's Doing It 

1937   The Singing Outlaw

1937   Amateur Crook

1937   Quick Money 

1937   Courage of the West

1937   County Fair 

1937   Flying Fists

1937   Mountain Music

1937   Mountain Justice

1937   The Gold Racket

1937   Her Husband Lies

1936   Silks and Saddles

1936   With Love and Kisses 

1936   Song of the Gringo 

1936   The Plainsman

1936   Sea Spoilers

1936   Put on the Spot

1936   Kelly of the Secret Service 

1936   Wildcat Trooper

1936   And Sudden Death 

1936   Palm Springs 

1936   Rio Grande Romance 

1936   Song of the Trail

1936   The Trail of the Lonesome Pine

1935   Top Flat 

1935   Mary Burns, Fugitive 

1935   Bars of Hate 

1935   Hot Off the Press 

1935   The Old Homestead 

1935   Wanderer of the Wasteland 

1935   Trails of the Wild 

1935   Danger Ahead

1935   The Murder Man

1935   Dizzy Dames

1935   Vagabond Lady 

1935   George White's 1935 Scandals 

1935   Home on the Range 

1934   Music in the Air 

1934   Night Alarm 

1934   Behold My Wife 

1934   She Had to Choose

1934   Belle of the Nineties

1934   The Girl from Missouri

1934   The Cat's-Paw 

1934   Operator 13 

1934   I Hate Women

1934   The Last Round-Up 

1934   Come On, Marines! 

1934   Moulin Rouge 

1934   Morocco Nights

1933   Sitting Pretty 

1933   To the Last Man 

1933   This Day and Age 

1933   Her Bodyguard 

1933   Sunset Pass 

1933   Under the Tonto Rim 

1933   She Done Him Wrong 

1933   Billion Dollar Scandal

1932   Speed Demon

1932   Hell's Highway 

1932   Fighting for Justice 

1929   Night Parade 

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