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Joe Besser ACTOR

Joe Besser was born on August 12th, 1907 in St. Louis Missouri, born the youngest of nine children to Fanny and Morris Besser.  He first developed an interest in entertainment when he was hired as the assistant to famous magician, Howard Thurston.
He began his career in vaudeville at the age of twelve and soon radio and film roles followed.  He was hired by the comedy team, Olsen and Johnson to work with them and soon the Shubert brothers took notice Besser and offered Besser a contract. 
His first film role was in 1938 in, "Cuckoorancho".  It did not take long for Columbia Pictures to step in and steal Besser from his contract with the Shubert brothers.  In 1944, Joe Besser made the move out west to Hollywood.  He began appearing in such comedies as, "Hey Rookie" (1944), "Eadie Was a Lady" (1945), "Talk About a Lady" and "Hour Glass" (both 1946).
By the early 1950's he had now also added radio experience to his resume and appeared in the film, "The Desert Hawk" (1950) and on television he appeared in , "The Abbott and Costello Show" (1953) playing 'Stinky'.
His biggest role soon followed in 1956 when Shemp Howard passed away Besser was hired to join the cast of, "The Three Stooges", however he only remained with them for two years before he chose to leave and take care of his wife who was sick at the time.
Joe remained working in the industry appearing in a variety of film and television roles.  Some television credits he added to his resume over time were roles in, "The Joey Bishop Show" (1961) and "Club Oasis" (1957-1958).
He also did voice over work for, "Jeannie" (1973) as the voice of Babu and he voiced the character, Putty Puss for the animated cartoon, "The Houndcats" (1972).  He was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
Some of his latest roles were voice over projects for, "Fred Flinstone and Friends" (1977), "Galaxy Goof-Ups" (1978) and "My Smurfy Valentine" (1983).         
Besser married only once to Erna Kay in 1932 and they remained married until he passed away on March 1st, 1988 in North Hollywood, California after suffering from heart failure.  His remains are buried alongside his wife at Glendale's Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery.  


1983   My Smurfy Valentine

1978   Galaxy Goof-Ups

1978   Yogi's Space Race

1977   Fred Flintstone and Friends

1977   Scooby's Laff-A Lympics 

1975   The Oddball Couple

1973   Jeannie

1973   The New Scooby-Doo Movies

1970-1973  Love, American Style

1972   The Houndcats 

1972   Arnie 

1970   Which Way to the Front? 

1969-1970  My World and Welcome to It 

1970   Savage Intruder 

1969   The Good Guys

1969   The Monk 

1968-1969  The Mothers-In-Law 

1969   The Bold Ones: The Protectors

1968   That Girl 

1967   The Danny Thomas Hour 

1962-1965  The Joey Bishop Show 

1962   Hand of Death

1961   The Errand Boy

1954-1961  The Jack Benny Program

1961   Peter Gunn

1961   G.E. True Theater

1960   Shirley Temple Theatre

1960   Angel 

1960   Let's Make Love 

1959   The Rookie 

1959   The Story on Page One

1959   Say One for Me

1959   Sappy Bull Fighters

1959   Triple Crossed

1959   Plunderers of Painted Flats

1959   Three Stooges Fun-O-Rama

1958   Oil's Well That Ends Well 

1958   Flying Saucer Daffy 

1958   Sweet and Hot

1958   Pies and Guys

1958   Fifi Blows Her Top

1958   Club Oasis

1957   Outer Space Jitters

1957   Rusty Romeos

1957   The Helen Morgan Story 

1957   Horsing Around 

1957   Guns A-Poppin

1957   Space Ship Sappy 

1957   A Merry Mix-up

1957   Muscle Up a Little Closer

1957   Hoofs and Goofs

1956   Army Daze 

1955   It's a Dog's Life

1955   Hook a Crook

1955   December Bride

1955   Two-Gun Lady

1955   The Gene Autry Show 

1955   Headline Hunters

1955   Damon Runyon Theater 

1955   The Eddie Cantor Comedy Theater 

1955   My Little Margie 

1955   Mad at the World

1955   Willy

1955   The Millionaire

1955   G.I. Dood It

1955   Abbott and Costello Meet the Keystone Kops

1954   The Fire Chaser

1954   The Spike Jones Show

1954   Mr. District Attorney 

1954   The Lone Wolf

1953   I Married Joan

1953   Sins of Jezebel 

1953   I, the Jury 

1952-1953  The Abbott and Costello Show

1953   Spies and Guys

1953   A Day in the Country

1952   Caught on the Bounce 

1952   Aim, Fire, Scoot

1951   Fraidy Ca

1951   Front Page Detective 

1950-1951  The Ken Murray Show 

1950   The Desert Hawk 

1950   Dizzy Yardbird

1950   Woman in Hiding

1950   Outside the Wall 

1950   Joe Palooka Meets Humphrey 

1949   Waiting in the Lurch 

1949   Africa Screams

1948   Feudin', Fussin' and A-Fightin' 

1946   Hour Glass

1946   Talk About a Lady 

1945   Eadie Was a Lady

1944   Hey, Rookie 

1940   Hot Steel 

1938   Cuckoorancho

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