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Jock Mahoney ACTOR


Jock Mahoney was born on February 7th, 1919 in Chicago, Illinois with the birth name, Jacques O'Mahoney  and his family raised him in Davenport, Iowa.  After his schooling, he chose to attended college at the University of Iowa, but soon dropped out to join the United States Marine Corps at the onset of World War II.  His job was that of a pilot and flight instructor.
When Mahoney was discharged from the military, he relocated to Los Angeles, California and worked as a horse breeder part time.  He was also able to find employment within the entertainment industry working as a stunt man.  One stunt in particular was jumping from a significantly high staircase in a fight scene and the pay for the stunt was $1000, Mahoney was one of the only stuntmen willing to take this risk.
In 1946 Mahoney was able to move up in films to speaking roles.  He worked with Columbia Pictures and Republic and mostly worked on Westerns portraying villains.  In 1947, Mahoney was cast in the comedies, "The Three Stooges" and this lead to his contract with Columbia Management.  In 1951, he received a role on the television series, "The Range Rider" and this role lead to even larger roles in films such as "Overland Pacific" (1954), "Showdown at Abeline" (1956) and "I've Lived Before" (1956). 
Mahoney's career was booming with another television series role that followed in 1958 on, "Yancy Derringer" with a total of thirty four episodes.  He was then cast as the villain in, "Tarzan the Magnificent" (1960) since he had such a lean physical frame, 6'4" and 220 lbs, he fit the new look the producer was looking for to fill the part.  Jock then worked on the film, "Tarzan Goes to India" (1962).  Sadly he became very ill while filming this feature and his weight dropped to 175 lbs, however, the film was still completed.

Throughout the late 60's and early 70's he continued to work as an actor and had numerous guest star roles on various television series such as, "Batman", "Hawaii Five-O" and "The Streets of San Francisco".  In 1973, Mahoney suffered from a stroke but was able to recover and still perform in films as an actor and stunt man.  His final picture "The End" (1978) was with his stepdaughter, Sally Field.  His last film work was actually as a stunt coordinator for the remake of, "Tarzan of the Apes" (1981).
Jock Mahoney passed away on December 14th, 1989 in Bremerton, Washington from a stroke after suffering a car accident two days prior to his death.  He married three times throughout his lifetime.  First to, Lorraine O'Donnell and with her they had two children.  When he divorced he then married an actress, Margaret Field and his third and final marriage was to Autumn Russell in 1967 and they remained together until he passed away.  With Autumn, he had another child. 


1985  All American Cowboy
1984   The Master
1982-1984  The Fall Guy
1982   Simon & Simon 
1979-1981  B.J. and the Bear
1980   A.W.O.L.
1978  I The End
1975   Their Only Chance
1974   The Streets of San Francisco
1973   Kung Fu 
1972-1973  Emergency!
1973   Tom
1972   Banacek
1971   Hawaii Five-O
1968   The Love Bug
1968   Bandolero!
1966-1968  Batman
1968   The Glory Stompers
1968   Portrait of Violence
1967   Daniel Boone
1966-1967  Tarzan
1966   Once Before I Die
1965   Runaway Girl
1964   Moro Witch Doctor
1964   Intramuros
1963   Tarzan's Three Challenges
1963   Marine Battleground
1963   California
1962   Tarzan Goes to India
1961   Laramie 
1960-1961  Rawhide
1961   Gunslinger 
1961  Three Blondes in His Life
1960   77 Sunset Strip
1960   Tarzan the Magnificent
1960   The Millionaire 
1958-1959  Yancy Derringer 
1958   Money, Women and Guns
1958   A Time to Love and a Time to Die
1958   Wagon Train
1958   The Last of the Fast Guns
1957   Slim Carter
1957   Joe Dakota
1957   The Land Unknown
1957   Battle Hymn
1956   Showdown at Abilene
1956   Away All Boats 
1956   I've Lived Before
1956   A Day of Fury
1955   Private Secretary
1954-1955  The Loretta Young Show
1954   Knutzy Knights
1954   Gunfighters of the Northwest
1953-1954  Death Valley Days
1954   Overland Pacific
1951-1953  The Range Rider
1952   The Kid from Broken Gun
1952   Junction City
1952   The Rough, Tough West
1952   Laramie Mountains
1952   The Hawk of Wild River 
1952   Smoky Canyon
1951   Pecos River 
1951   The Lady and the Bandit 
1951   The Texas Rangers
1951   Roar of the Iron Horse, Rail-Blazer of the Apache Trail
1951   Santa Fe
1950   Lightning Guns
1950   Frontier Outpost 
1950   The Kangaroo Kid
1950   David Harding, Counterspy
1950   Texas Dynamo
1950   Hoedown
1950   Cow Town
1950   Cody of the Pony Express 
1950   The Nevadan 
1950   Punchy Cowpunchers
1949   Renegades of the Sage
1949   Horsemen of the Sierras
1949   Bandits of El Dorado
1949   Jolson Sings Again 
1949   Fuelin' Around
1949   Rim of the Canyon 
1949   The Blazing Trail 
1949   The Doolins of Oklahoma
1948   Smoky Mountain Melody
1948   Blazing Across the Pecos 
1948   Squareheads of the Round Table 
1947   The Stranger from Ponca City 
1947   Swing the Western Way
1947   Out West 
1947   Over the Santa Fe Trail
1947   South of the Chisholm Trail 
1946   The Fighting Frontiersman 
1946   Son of the Guardsman  

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