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Jim Davis ACTOR

Jim Davis was born on August 26th, 1909 in Edgerton, Missouri with the birth name Marlin Davis.  He had a normal childhood upbringing and became involved in acting after his schooling.
He began with small bit parts in a variety of films before getting his first major screen role was in 1948 in, "Winter Meeting".  The majority of films to follow were mostly 'B' rated films and most were westerns.  He was known for having a very relaxed and easy going attitude and would portray both the good guy and bad guy role in various westerns.  One of his better known films was in, "The Big Sky" (1952).  
Davis is best known more for his television career such as his role on the western television series, "Stories of the Century" (1954-1955).  This was the first western to win an Emmy Award.  Then from 1958-1960 Davis was a regular star on the TV series, "Rescue 8".  His big role was not until 1978 working on the television show, "Dallas" portraying character, Jock Ewing.
During the filming of, "Dallas", Davis was diagnosed with multiple myeloma but continued to work on the series.  Even after he passed in real life, his character was kept alive on the show for thirteen episodes, by pretending he was away in South America.      

Alongside a film career and quite a successful television career, Davis also did commercial voice over work

Davis was married only once to Blanche Hammerer from 1945 having one child together, a daughter Tara Diane Davis who unfortunately was killed in a car accident on 1970.  Davis and Blanche remained together until his death.

Jim Davis passed away on April 26th, 1981 in Northridge, California from multiple myeloma.  He is interred in Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery in Ls Angeles, California.  For his contribution to the Television industry, Davis was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame


1981   Don't Look Back: The Story of Leroy 'Satchel' Paige
1978-1981  Dallas
1980   The Day Time Ended 
1978   Comes a Horseman 
1978   Killing Stone
1978   Trail of Danger
1978   Project U.F.O. 
1977   The Choirboys 
1977   Just a Little Inconvenience
1977   The Legend of Frank Woods 
1977   Hunter 
1977   Enigma 
1976   The Quest  
1976   Law of the Land 
1974-1976  Police Story 
1975   The Runaway Barge
1975   Caribe 
1975   Satan's Triangle
1974   The Parallax View 
1973-1974  The Streets of San Francisco  
1974   The Cowboys 
1966-1974  Gunsmoke 
1974   Inferno in Paradise 
1973   Banacek
1973   Kung Fu
1973   Deliver Us from Evil
1973   One Little Indian 
1973   Cannon 
1972   Jigsaw
1972   Bad Company 
1972   The F.B.I. 
1972   The Honkers 
1972   The Sixth Sense
1972   The Bold Ones: The New Doctors 
1972   Rod Serling's Night Gallery
1971   Dracula vs. Frankenstein 
1971   The Trackers
1971   Big Jake 
1971   Vanished 
1968-1971  The Virginian
1970   Rio Lobo  
1970   Monte Walsh 
1970   The High Chaparral
1970   Five Bloody Graves 
1966-1969  Daniel Boone
1969   The Ice House 
1953-1969  Death Valley Days 
1961-1968  Bonanza 
1968   They Ran for Their Lives 
1968   The Guns of Will Sonnett 
1968   The Road Hustlers 
1967   Cimarron Strip
1967   Hondo
1967   Fort Utah
1967   Border Lust 
1966   El Dorado
1966   The Time Tunnel 
1966 Jesse  James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter  
1965-1966  Branded
1962-1965  Rawhide
1965   Laredo
1965   Zebra in the Kitchen
1962-1964  Perry Mason
1960-1964  Wagon Train 
1964 Iron  Angel 
1960-1963  Laramie 
1963   Alcoa Premiere 
1963   The Donna Reed Show 
1962   Have Gun - Will Travel
1962   Stoney Burke
1962   Lassie
1957-1962  Tales of Wells Fargo 
1962   Thriller
1961   Whispering Smith
1961   The Aquanauts
1961   Gunslinger 
1961   Outlaws 
1961   The Gambler Wore a Gun 
1961   Coronado 9 
1961   Frontier Uprising 
1961   The Deputy 
1961   Manhunt
1954-1960  G.E. True Theater
1960   The Magnificent Seven 
1960   The Tall Man 
1960   Markham 
1958-1960  Rescue 8 
1960   Noose for a Gunman 
1959   Yancy Derringer 
1959   Alias Jesse James
1959   U.S. Marshal 
1958   Monster from Green Hell 
1958   A Lust to Kill 
1958   Flaming Frontier 
1958   Wolf Dog 
1958   M Squad 
1958   The Toughest Gun in Tombstone 
1958   26 Men 
1957   Raiders of Old California 
1957   Apache Warrior 
1957   The Last Stagecoach West 
1957   The Restless Breed 
1957   Playhouse 90
1957   The Badge of Marshal Brennan
1957   The O. Henry Playhouse
1957   The Millionaire 
1957   Duel at Apache Wells 
1957   The Quiet Gun 
1956   Frontier Gambler 
1956   The Maverick Queen 
1956   Blonde Bait 
1956   Women Without Men
1956   The Wild Dakotas 
1956   The Bottom of the Bottle 
1955   Last of the Desperados 
1955   The Vanishing American 
1955   Cavalier Theatre
1955   Cavalcade of America 
1955   The Last Command 
1954-1955  Stories of the Century 
1955   Timberjack 
1954   Hell's Outpost 
1951-1954  Fireside Theatre 
1954   Outlaw's Daughter 
1954   Schlitz Playhouse
1954   The Outcast
1954   The Big Chase 
1954   Jubilee Trail 
1952-1953  Cowboy G-Men
1953   The President's Lady 
1953   Woman They Almost Lynched 
1953   Bandit Island
1952   Ride the Man Down  
1952   Woman of the North Country 
1952   The Big Sky 
1952   The Unexpected 
1952   Dangerous Assignment 
1952   Gang Busters 
1952   Rose of Cimarron 
1951   The Sea Hornet 
1951   Silver Canyon 
1951   Little Big Horn 
1951   Cavalry Scout 
1951   Oh! Susanna 
1951   Three Desperate Men 
1950   California Passage 
1950   The Showdown 
1950   The Cariboo Trail 
1950   Hi-Jacked 
1950   The Savage Horde 
1949   Brimstone 
1949   Yes Sir That's My Baby 
1949   Hellfire 
1949   Red Stallion in the Rockies  
1948   Winter Meeting 
1947   The Fabulous Texan 
1947   Merton of the Movies 
1947   The Romance of Rosy Ridge 
1947   The Beginning or the End 
1946   Gallant Bess 
1946   Up Goes Maisie 
1945   What Next, Corporal Hargrove? 
1943   Swing Shift Maisie 
1943   Salute to the Marines 
1943   Pilot #5 
1943   Three Hearts for Julia 
1942   Stand by for Action 
1942   Tennessee Johnson 
1942   White Cargo 
1942   Keep 'Em Sailing
1942   Northwest Rangers 
1942   Cairo 

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