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Jessica Walter ACTOR


Actress Jessica Walter was born January 31, 1940 in Brooklyn, New York City, New York. She was raised in Queens by her Jewish family, and graduated from Manhattan’s High School of Performing Arts. Walter trained at New York City’s Neighborhood Playhouse, and made her stage debut at the Bucks County Playhouse.  In 1962 she got her big break with a recurring role on the soap opera “Love of Life” (1962-65). The actress thereafter became a prominent feature on television.
Her first film was “Lilith” (1964), which was followed by titles like “The Group” (1965) and “Grand Prix” (1966). However, it was not until 1971’s “Play Misty for Me” that she gained prominence as a film actress as well. Despite her excellent performance as Clint Eastwood’s stalker, she only appeared in television shows for the next eight years, such as “The F.B.I.” (1966-73), “Love, American Style” (1969-73), and “The New Adventures of Wonder Woman” (1977). In 1978 she returned to the big screen with the drama “Golden Girl”. Two years later, she acted in the comedy “Going Ape!” (1981).

Walter appeared in a number more television series, including “The Love Boat” (1978-85), “Three’s a Crowd” (1984-85), “Murder, She Wrote” (1985-94), “Dinosaurs” (1991-95), “One Life to Live” (1996-97), and “Oh Baby” (1998-2000), in addition to a handful of movies like “Tapeheads” (1988) and “Slums of Beverly Hills” (1998), before gaining late career fame for her part in the critically acclaimed, award winning Fox series “Arrested Development” (2003-2006).
Since then, the actress has appeared in two more pictures: the comedy “Unaccompanied Minors” (2006) and action flick “Bending the Rules” (2012). It was just announced that she will be appearing in a movie based on her noteworthy sitcom, called “Arrested Development”. Walter has additionally stayed strong in television. On top of guest appearances in a number of series, she claimed recurring roles on the shows “90210” (2008-09), “Archer” (2009-12), and “Retired at 35” (2011-12). Her most recent project, the short “The Strangely Normal” (2012), features only her throaty voice.

2012 The Strangely Normal 
2012 Bending the Rules 
2011 The Big Bang Theory 
2011 Retired at 35
2010 Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated 
2010 Make It or Break It 
2010 Gravity 
2009 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit 
2009 Archer
2008 90210 
2008 Happy Hour 
2008 Law & Order: Criminal Intent 
2007 The Wedding Bells 
2007 Saving Grace 
2007 Rules of Engagement 
2007 The Land Before Time
2006 The Life and Times of Juniper Lee 
2006 Unaccompanied Minors 
2004 I Do (But I Don't) 
2003 Touched by an Angel

2003 Arrested Development

2002 Dummy 
2001 My Best Friend's Wife 
2000 Jack & Jill 
1998 Oh Baby 
1998 Slums of Beverly Hills 
1998 Just Shoot Me! 
1998 Poltergeist: The Legacy 
1997 You Wish 
1997 Doomsday Rock 
1997 Mother Knows Best 
1997 The Player

1996 The Magic School Bus

1996 One Life to Live

1995 Temptress 
1995 Law & Order 
1994 Coach 
1994 Babylon 5 
1994 Leave of Absence 
1994 PCU 
1993 Ghost in the Machine 
1992 The Round Table

1992 Jack's Place 
1991 The Pirates of Dark Water 
1991 Dinosaurs

1989 Dad's a Dog 
1988 Aaron's Way 
1988 J.J. Starbuck

1988 Tapeheads 
1988 Jenny's Song 
1988 Circle of Love 
1987 ABC Afterschool Specials

1986 Wildfire 
1986 Magnum, P.I. 
1986 Killer in the Mirror 
1986 Hotel 
1985 Murder, She Wrote
1985 The Execution 
1984 The Flamingo Kid

1984 Three's a Crowd  
1984 The Return of Marcus Welby, M.D. 
1983 Bare Essence

1983 Thursday's Child 
1982 Spring Fever 
1982 Matt Houston 
1982 Joanie Loves Chachi 
1982 Knots Landing

1981 Scruples 
1981 Going Ape! 
1981 Aloha Paradise 
1981 Miracle on Ice

1979 Trapper John, M.D.  
1979 She's Dressed to Kill 
1979 Vampire 
1979 Goldengirl 
1978 Quincy M.E. 
1978 Secrets of Three Hungry Wives 
1978 Dr. Strange 
1978 Wheels 
1978 Wild and Wooly 
1978 The Love Boat 
1977 What Really Happened to the Class of '65? 
1977 Black Market Baby 
1977 The New Adventures of Wonder Woman 
1977 All That Glitters 
1977 Visions 
1977 Gibbsville 
1976 Victory at Entebbe

1976 McMillan & Wife 
1976 Having Babies 
1975 McCloud 
1974 Amy Prentiss 
1974 Hawaii Five-O 
1974 Barnaby Jones 
1974 Hurricane 
1974 Ironside 
1974 The Magician 
1974 Columbo 
1973 The Streets of San Francisco
1973 Tenafly 
1973 Jigsaw 
1973 Banacek 
1972 Home for the Holidays 
1972 Cannon 
1972 Banyon 
1972 Women in Chains 
1972 The Sixth Sense

1971 Marcus Welby, M.D.
1971 They Call It Murder 
1971 Alias Smith and Jones 
1971 Play Misty for Me 
1971 Men at Law 
1971 Medical Center 
1970 The Most Deadly Game 
1970 Mission: Impossible

1970 Mannix  
1969 Love, American Style
1969 Three's a Crowd 
1969 Then Came Bronson 
1969 The Immortal 
1969 Number One 
1969 It Takes a Thief 
1968 The Name of the Game
1968 Kiss Me Kate 
1968 Bye Bye Braverman 
1966 Grand Prix 
1966 Preview Tonight 
1966 The Fugitive 
1966 The Group 
1966 The F.B.I. 
1965 The Trials of O'Brien 
1965 For the People 
1964 The Defenders 
1964 The Rogues

1964 The Reporter 
1964 The Doctors and the Nurses

1964 Lilith 
1964 Flipper 
1964 Ben Casey 
1964 The Alfred Hitchcock Hour 
1964 East Side/West Side 
1963 Route 66 
1962 Naked City 
1962 Love of Life 

Matinee Classics - Three's A Crowd starring John Ritter, Mary Cadorette, Alan Campbell, Robert Mandan and Jessica Walter
Matinee Classics - Three's A Crowd starring John Ritter, Mary Cadorette, Alan Campbell, Robert Mandan and Jessica Walter
Matinee Classics - Play Misty for Me starring Clint Eastwood, Jessica Walter, Donna Mills, John Larch, Jack Ging, Irene Hervey, James McEachin, Clarice Taylor, Don Siegel, Duke Everts, George Fargo, Mervin W. Frates, Tim Frawley, Otis Kadani and Brit Lind
Matinee Classics - They Call it Murder starring Jim Hutton, Lloyd Bochner, Jo Ann Pflug, Robert J. Wilke, Edward Asner, Bill Elliott, Miriam Colon, Jessica Walter, Carmen Mathews, Leslie Nielsen, Nita Talbot, Vaughn Taylor and Vic Tayback

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