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Jeremy Slate ACTOR

Jeremy Slate was born February 17, 1926 in Atlantic City, New Jersey. At age sixteen he joined the navy. When he was eighteen, his destroyer assisted in the Normandy Attack on D-Day. After the war, Slate attended St. Lawrence University and graduated with honors. Upon graduation, he became a radio sportscaster and DJ for ABC and CBS affiliates. He later began working with a professional theater group. Not too long following, he made appearances as an extra in films and started acting in television shows.

The 1960's brought the actor much success in his career, as well as nationwide fame. Beginning with the Ivan Tor’s beach themed series “The Aquanuts” (1960-61), Slate was turned into a Hollywood heartthrob. For the rest of the decade, the actor appeared in numerous other TV shows that were popular at the time.

Slate also had roles in movies, ones which mirrored his hunky image. Many of these allowed him to act alongside some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. He acted with Elvis Presley in “G.I. Blues” (1960) and “Girls!Girls!Girls!” (1962). Bob Hope and Frankie Avalon starred with him in “I’ll Take Sweden” (1965). He shared the screen with John Wayne in “The Sons of Katie Elder” (1965) and “True Grit” (1969).
In the late sixties he played a part in a collection of biker films: “The Born Losers” (1967), “The Miniskirt Mob” (1968), “Hell’s Belles” (1969), and “Hell’s Angels ‘69” (1969). Slate wrote the screenplay for the latter. The new “tough guy” persona he developed from acting as a rough motorcyclist stuck with the actor – changing him from the Californian sex symbol to a man of more wisdom and strong street smarts.

Into the seventies and eighties he continued to act in television works and movies. These included series like the westernerGunsmoke” (1962-71) and soap opera “One Life to Live” (1979-87), television movies such as “Return of the Big Cat” (1974) and “A Whisper Kills” (1988), as well as movies, including “Curse of the Moon Child” (1972) and “Goodnight, Sweet Marilyn” (1989).

The nineties saw Slate’s workload slow way down – to the point that he only made three films and one made for TV movie. In 2006 he made a guest appearance on the last show – or project of any kind – he would ever act in, “My Name is Earl”.
On November 19, 2006, in Los Angeles, California, the actor died from complications after surgery for his esophageal cancer.

2006       My Name Is Earl 
1992       The Lawnmower Man 
1991       Dream Machine 
1991       Voyage of the Heart 
1990       Stolen: One Husband 
1989       Trenchcoat in Paradise 
1989       The Dead Pit 
1989       Goodnight, Sweet Marilyn 
1988       A Whisper Kills 
1988       Deadlock 
1987       Jack and Mike 
1986       Starman 
1985       Guiding Light 
1979       One Life to Live 
1979       The New Adventures of Wonder Woman

1979       Mr. Horn 
1978       Stranger in Our House 
1975       Stowaway to the Moon 
1974       Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color 
1974       Return of the Big Cat 
1974       The Rookies 
1974       Police Story 
1974       Petrocelli 
1974       The Centerfold Girls 
1974       The Magician 
1973       The Man Who Died Twice 
1972       Circle of Fear 
1972       Longstreet 
1972       Curse of the Moon Child 
1971       Bearcats! 
1971       Mannix 
1971       Crosscurrent 
1971       Mission: Impossible 
1971       Drag Racer 
1969       Hell's Angels '69 
1969       True Grit 
1969       Hell's Belles 
1968       The Hooked Generation 
1968       The Mini-Skirt Mob 
1968       The Devil's Brigade 
1967       Accidental Family 
1967       The Born Losers 
1967       Tarzan 
1967       Wings of Fire 
1965       Run for Your Life 
1965       Convoy 
1965       The Sons of Katie Elder 
1965       McGhee 
1965       I'll Take Sweden 
1965       Bewitched 
1965       Seaway

1964       The Virginian

1964       The Man from U.N.C.L.E. 
1964       The Greatest Show on Earth

1963       Combat!

1963       The Lieutenant 
1963       The Great Adventure 
1963       Wives and Lovers 
1963       Empire 
1963       The Farmer's Daughter
1962       Gunsmoke
1962       Bonanza
1962       The Alfred Hitchcock Hour
1962       The Defenders 
1962       Girls! Girls! Girls! 
1962       Route 66 
1962       Dr. Kildare 
1961       Naked City 
1961       Have Gun - Will Travel

1960       The Untouchables
1960       Alfred Hitchcock Presents
1960       The Aquanauts
1960       Perry Mason
1960       Alcoa Presents: One Step Beyond 
1960       The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet 
1960       G.I. Blues 
1960       M Squad 
1960       Mr. Lucky 
1960       The Deputy

1960       Lock Up 
1959       Men Into Space
1959       Bat Masterson 
1959       North by Northwest 
1959       That Kind of Woman  

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