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Jeff Chandler ACTOR


Jeff Chandler was born on December 15th, 1918 in Brooklyn, New York with the birth name Ira Grossel.  He went to Erasmus High School and became interested in drama.  After High School, Chandler went on to study drama at the Feagin School of Dramatic Arts in New York and then found work in a stock company for two years. 
When World War II came about, he briefly took a break from pursuing a career as an actor to serve as an officer.  Upon being discharged, Chandler returned back to pursuing an acting career and worked in radio dramas and comedies. 
Soon Universal Pictures signed him to a contract and his first film appearance as in, "Johnny O'clock" (1947).  Two more roles followed bringing him to the attention of Hollywood, "Sword in the Desert" (1948) and "Broken Arrow" (1950) for which he was nominated for an Academy Award.  As the 50's progressed he was mainly working as the star of westerns and action movies.       
He worked on three films total portraying the native American character, "The Apache Chief", "Broken Arrow" and the other two films were, "The Battle at Apache Pass" (1952) and "Taza, Son of Cochise" (1954).
As his career progressed into the 1960's, Chandler was one of the top leading male actors.  He had such a handsome and sex appealing look to him that he was often cast in dramas and costume films.  He worked with such leading female actresses as, Joan Crawford, Kim Novak and Susan Hayward amongst others.  Some of his better known films were, "Away All Boats" (1956), "Man in the Shadow" (1957) and "Thunder in the Sun" (1959).
Alongside a successful film career, Chandler was also involved in the industry as a singing and recording artist.  He even worked in Las Vegas at the Riviera Hotel as a featured headliner. 
In 1961, Chandler returned back to film making his final appearance on, "Merrill's Marauders" (1961).  Shortly after completing this film, he was injured playing baseball with the U.S Army Special Forces and he had to undergo surgery.
Jeff Chandler married only one time to Marjorie Hoshelle on October 13th, 1946 and they remained together until July 29th, 1959.  The couple had two children together, Jamie and Dana.  Only two years after divorcing his wife, Chandler passed away on June 17th, 1961 in Culver City, Los Angeles, California from a vascular injury that was caused after an operation for the slipped disc he got during his baseball injury.   He was interred in the Hillside Memorial Park Cemetery in Culver City, California. 
Chandler was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his contribution to the Motion Picture Industry.   
1962   Merrill's Marauders
1961   Return to Peyton Place 
1961   A Story of David: The Hunted 
1960   The Plunderers 
1959   The Jayhawkers! 
1959   Ten Seconds to Hell  
1959   Thunder in the Sun 
1959   A Stranger in My Arms 
1958   Raw Wind in Eden 
1958   The Lady Takes a Flyer 
1957   I Man in the Shadow
1957   Jeanne Eagels 
1957   The Tattered Dress 
1957   Drango 
1956   Pillars of the Sky 
1956   Away All Boats 
1956   The Toy Tiger 
1955   The Spoilers 
1955   The Nat 'King' Cole Musical Story
1955   Female on the Beach 
1955   Foxfire 
1954   Sign of the Pagan 
1954   Yankee Pasha  
1954   Taza, Son of Cochise
1953   War Arrow 
1953   East of Sumatra 
1953   The Great Sioux Uprising 
1953   Girls in the Night 
1952   Because of You 
1952   Yankee Buccaneer 
1952   Son of Ali Baba 
1952   Red Ball Express 
1952   The Battle at Apache Pass 
1951   Flame of Araby 
1951   Iron Man 
1951   Smuggler's Island 
1951   Bird of Paradise
1951   Double Crossbones 
1950   Two Flags West 
1950   Abbott and Costello in the Foreign Legion 
1950   The Desert Hawk
1950   Deported
1950   Broken Arrow 
1949   Abandoned 
1949   Sword in the Desert 
1949   Mr. Belvedere Goes to College 
1947   Roses Are Red 
1947   The Invisible Wall 
1947   Johnny O'Clock 
1945   Thrill of a Romance 

Matinee Classics - Man in the Shadow starring Jeff Chandler, Orson Welles, Colleen Miller, Ben Alexander, James Gleason, Royal Dano, Paul Fix and Leo Gordon
Matinee Classics - Man in the Shadow starring Jeff Chandler, Orson Welles, Colleen Miller, Ben Alexander, James Gleason, Royal Dano, Paul Fix and Leo Gordon
Matinee Classics - Frontier Town Radio Show starring Jeff Chandler, Reed Hadley and Wade Crosby
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