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Jayne Meadows ACTOR

Jayne Meadows was born on September 27th, 1920 in Wu-ch'ang, China with the birth name Jane Meadows Cotter.  Her parents, Francis Meadows Cotter and Ida Miller Taylor, were both American missionaries and she was one of four children born into her family.
As a young girl her family relocated back to the united States and she had to learn how to speak English.  She soon developed an interest in acting and by the age of twenty she was working as a stage actress on Broadway .
After gaining some stage experience she was offered a contract with MGM and began appearing on the big screen in such films as, "Enchantment" (1948) and "The Fat Man" (1951).
Film roles were not coming as easily as she had hoped, therefore she turned to television and appeared on such shows as, "Robert Montgomery Presents" (1952), "Pulitzer Prize Playhouse" (1952), "Kraft Theatre" (1952), "The Web" (1953), "Ponds Theater" (1954), "Studio One in Hollywood" (1956) and "The New Steve Allen Show" (1961). 
She became one of America's fastest growing game show panelists appearing regularly on, "I've Got a Secret" and "What's My Line?". 

By the mid 50's she also returned back to stage acting appearing with her husband, Steve Allen in a production of, "Love Letters" which they co-starred in together on and off for eleven years.
As her career progressed she did add such film roles as, "Norman, Is That You?" (1976), "Da Capo" (1985), "Murder By Numbers" (1990) and "City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly's Gold" (1994) starring with Billy Crystal and Jack Palance.
Along with her film appearances she added a number of other television appearances to her resume such as, "Diagnosis Murder", "Mathnet", "St. Elsewhere", "The Love Boat", "Murder, She Wrote", "Hotel", "Switch", "Meeting of Minds", "Suspense", "Hawaii Five-O", "Medical Center", "Here's Lucy", "The Ann Sothern Show", "The Lucy Show" and "Love, American Style".
Meadows also had a talent for writing and she would write stage plays, teleplays, books and columns.  She was mostly though put in the limelight of her 2nd husband, Steve Allen whom she wed in 1954 and remained with until he passed away in 2000.  They had one child together and she was the step mother to his three children from a previous marriage.  She was married once before to Milton Krims from 1949 through 1952.
She has not remarried and as of 1999 her last role was in the film, "The Story of Us".  She now resides in Encino, California. 

1999   The Story of Us
1999   Diagnosis Murder
1998   Homicide: Life on the Street
1995-1996  High Society
1994   City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly's Gold
1994   Tom
1993   Sisters
1993   For Goodness Sake
1992   Civil Wars
1991   Square One TV 
1991   City Slickers
1991   Mathnet
1990   The Jackie Bison Show
1990   Murder by Numbers
1989   Parent Trap: Hawaiian Honeymoon
1987-1988  St. Elsewhere
1978-1987  The Love Boat
1986   Crazy Like a Fox
1986   A Masterpiece of Murder
1986   Murder, She Wrote
1985   Alice in Wonderland
1985   Da Capo
1985   Hotel
1983   It's Not Easy
1979-1983  Fantasy Island
1983   Matt Houston
1982   Miss All-American Beauty
1980-1982  Trapper John, M.D.
1977-1981  Meeting of Minds
1981   Aloha Paradise
1980   The Gossip Columnist 
1980   Tenspeed and Brown Shoe
1979   Hawaii Five-O
1979   Project U.F.O.
1979   The Paper Chase
1977   Have I Got a Christmas for You
1977   Sex and the Married Woman
1977   Switch
1976   The Nancy Walker Show
1976   The Practice
1976   Norman... Is That You?
1976   James Dean
1973   Adam-12
1972   The New Temperatures Rising Show
1969-1972  Medical Center
1970   Here's Lucy
1970   Love, American Style
1969   Here Come the Brides s
1968   Now You See It, Now You Don't
1968   Good Morning, World 
1964   The Eleventh Hour
1962   The DuPont Show of the Week
1961   The New Steve Allen Show
1960   G.E. True Theater
1960   College Confidential
1958-1960  The Steve Allen Plymouth Show
1959   The Ann Sothern Show
1956   Studio One in Hollywood
1955   Jane Wyman Presents The Fireside Theatre
1955   The United States Steel Hour
1954   Ponds Theater
1954   Your Show of Shows
1952-1953  Danger 
1953 The Web
1953   Suspense
1952   Kraft Theatre
1952   Pulitzer Prize Playhouse
1952   Woman with a Sword
1952   Robert Montgomery Presents
1951   David and Bathsheba
1951   The Fat Man
1948   Enchantment
1948   The Luck of the Irish
1947   Song of the Thin Man
1947   Dark Delusion
1947   Lady in the Lake
1946   Undercurrent

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