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Jane Withers ACTOR


Jane Withers was born on April 12th, 1926 in Atlanta, Georgia, born to Walter and Lavinia Ruth Withers.  From a very young age her parents encouraged her involvement in the entertainment industry. 
From the age of three she was already taking dancing and singing lessons and by the time she was four, Withers had her own radio program.  Her father soon received a job transfer from Atlanta to Los Angeles which was a great move for her to get her career heading in the right direction.
Withers studied at Lawlor's Professional School and began appearing in modeling shows and working as an extra in a number of films.  At the age of eight, she was given her chance at a breakthrough role for her career in the Twentieth Century Fox film, "Bright Eyes" (1934).
Soon she was gaining quite a name for herself as a child actress in Hollywood and was appearing on the big screen in such features as, "Ginger" (1935), "The is the Life" (1935), "Paddy O-Day" (1935), "Pepper" (1936), "Angel's Holiday" (1937), "Boy Friend" (1939) and "Pack Up Your Troubles" (1939).
As she became a teenager, she was having a hard time making the transition in the industry from child actress to teenage actress and she was signed to a three year contract with Republic Pictures with not much success. 
The mid 40's were a slow time in her career appearing in, "The North Star" (1943) starring Anne Baxter, Dana Andrews, Walter Huston, Walter Brennan, Farley Granger, Ann Harding, Dean Jagger and Erich von Stroheim, "Faces in the Fog" (1944) and "Danger Street" (1947).  None of these films were so successful, she then focused on her personal life for a while and tried to make a comeback to Hollywood in the mid 50's.
While trying to earn a college degree in directing from USC film school, Withers appeared in the films, "Giant" (1956) starring Rock Hudson, Elizabeth Taylor, James Dean, Dennis Hopper, Chill Wills, Sal Mineo, Mercedes McCambridge, Rod Taylor, Carroll Baker and Earl Holliman, "The Right Approach" (1961), "Pete and Gladys" (1962) and  "Captain Newman, M.D" (1963) starring alongside Gregory Peck, Tony Curtis, Angie Dickinson, Bobby Darin, Robert Duvall, Eddie Albert and James Gregory

Along with film she later began to turn her focus towards television appearances adding such series as, "The Love Boat", "Murder, She Wrote", "Hart to Hart", "Munsters", "Amazing Grace" and voice over work on, "Mickey Mouse Works", "House of Mouse" and the video games, "The Hunchback of Notre Dame II" and "Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance". 

She also gained a huge amount of popularity portraying, Josephine the Plumber character for the television commercials for the product, Comet. 
Jane Withers has married twice throughout her lifetime, first  in 1947 to William Moss and together they had three children, however this marriage only lasted six years.  She then married Kenneth Errair in 1955 and they had two children together and remained married until he passed away in a plane crash in California in 1968.  She sadly also lost one of her sons, Randy when he was only thirty three years old to cancer.  She resides in Los Angeles, California and occasionally still takes on projects in the entertainment industry.


2012   Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

2002   The Hunchback of Notre Dame II 
2001   House of Mouse

1999   Mickey Mouse Works

1996   The Hunchback of Notre Dame 
1995   Amazing Grace

1991-1993  Murder, She Wrote 

1981   Hart to Hart 
1977-1981  ABC Weekend Specials 

1980   The Love Boat 

1975   All Together Now 
1964-1966  The Munsters 

1964   Summer Playhouse

1963   Captain Newman, M.D. 
1963   The Alfred Hitchcock Hour

1958-1962  Bachelor Father 

1962   Pete and Gladys
1961-1962  G.E. True Theater 

1961   The Right Approach 

1961   The Aquanauts 
1959   Peck's Bad Girl

1959   The United States Steel Hour

1958   The Heart Is a Rebel
1956   Giant

1949   The Chevrolet Tele-Theatre

1947   Danger Street
1946   Affairs of Geraldine

1944   Faces in the Fog 

1944   My Best Gal
1943   The North Star 

1942   Johnny Doughboy

1942   The Mad Martindales
1942   Young America

1941   A Very Young Lady

1941   Her First Beau
1941   Golden Hoofs

1941   Small Town Deb 

1940   Youth Will Be Served
1940   Girl from Avenue A

1940   Shooting High

1940   High School
1939   Pack Up Your Troubles

1939   Chicken Wagon Family

1939   Boy Friend
1939   The Arizona Wildcat

1938   Always in Trouble

1938   Keep Smiling
1938   Rascals

1937   Checkers 

1937   45 Fathers
1937   Wild and Woolly

1937   Angel's Holiday

1937   The Holy Terror
1936   Can This Be Dixie? 

1936   Pepper

1936   Little Miss Nobody
1936   Gentle Julia

1935   Paddy O'Day 

1935   This Is the Life
1935   Redheads on Parade 

1935   The Farmer Takes a Wife

1935   Ginger
1935   The Good Fairy 

1934   Bright Eyes    
1934   It's a Gift

1934   Imitation of Life 

1934   Tailspin Tommy 
1933   Zoo in Budapest

1932   Handle with Care

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