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James Gammon ACTOR


James Gammon was born on April 20th, 1940 in Newman, Illinois with the birth name James Richard Gammon, born to Doris Latimer and Donald Gammon.  His parents divorced at an early age and he lived in Orlando, Florida for a while working at a local television station. 

He then relocated to Los Angeles, California searching for better work.  His career in the entertainment industry first began working on the other side as a cameraman and it was his appearance that attracted directors to convince him he belonged in front of the camera.
He soon began appearing in the mid 1960's on a number of western television shows such as, "The Wild Wild west", "The Monroes", "Captain Nice" and Bonanza".  Soon more television series credits followed such as, "The Road West", "The Invaders", "Batman" and "The Virginian".
In 1967 he broke into the film industry making his debut on, "Cool Hand Luke" starring Paul Newman, George Kennedy, Strother Martin, Jo Van Fleet, Dennis Hopper, J.D. Cannon, Ralph Waite, Wayne Rogers, Morgan Woodward, Luke Askew, Joe Don Baker, Anthony Zerbe and Harry Dean Stanton, although it was an un-credited role.  Over the course of his career he began to make more of a name for himself and soon was adding a number of successful film roles such as, "The Thousand Plane Raid" (1969), "A Man Called Horse" (1970) starring Richard Harris, Judith Anderson, Dub Taylor, Eddie Little Sky, Iron Eyes Cody, Lina Martin and William Jordan, "Macon County Line" (1974), "The Pom Pom Girls" (1976), "Vision Quest" (1985), "Major League" (1989), "I Love You to Death" (1990), "CrissCross" (1992), "Cabin Boy" (1994), "Wild Bill" (1995), "The Apostle" (1997), "One Man's Hero" (1999), "Don't Come Knocking" (2005),  and "The Final Season" (2007).
In addition to his many film roles he also remained working as a television actor the whole duration of his career appearing on a variety of series such as, "Felony Squad", "Death Valley Days", "The Intruders", "Kung Fu", "Lou Grant", "Murder, She Wrote", "Crime Story", "American Playhouse", "Midnight Caller", "Bagdad Café", "The Young Riders", "Homefront", "L.A. Law" and "Nash Bridges".
James Gammon married twice throughout his lifetime, first to Barbara Giacchero in 1967 however, by 1970 this marriage came to an end.  He then wed Nancy Jane Kapusta in 1972 and they had two children and remained married until he passed away on July 16th, 2910 in Costa Mesa, California at the age of seventy after suffering from adrenal gland and liver cancer.     


2009         The New Daughter
2009         Otis E.
2009         In the Electric Mist
2008         Appaloosa
2007         The Final Season
2007         Jesse Stone: Sea Change 
2007         Grey's Anatomy 
2007         Monk 
2006         Altered
2006         The Far Side of Jericho
2006         Outlaw Trail: The Treasure of Butch Cassidy
2006         What I Did for Love 
2005         Don't Come Knocking
2004         Crossing Jordan 
2004         LAX
2004         Silver City
2004         Paradise
2003         Cold Mountain
2003         Fillmore!
2003         Monte Walsh 
2002         The Country Bears
2002         Life or Something Like It
1996-2001     Nash Bridges 
2000         The Cell
1999         One Man's Hero
1999         The Iron Giant
1999         Tracey Takes On... 
1999         You Know My Name 
1998         The Hi-Lo Country
1998         Logan's War: Bound by Honor 
1998         Love from Ground Zero
1998         Point Blank
1998         The Man in the Iron Mask
1997         The Apostle
1997         Traveller
1996         Two Mothers for Zachary 
1995         Wild Bill
1995         Streets of Laredo
1995         Truman
1994         Natural Born Killers
1994         Wyatt Earp
1994         Hard Vice
1994         Major League II
1993-1994     L.A. Law 
1994         Cabin Boy
1993         Running Cool
1992-1993     Homefront 
1993         The Adventures of Huck Finn
1993         Men Don't Tell
1993         Painted Desert
1992         Middle Ages
1992         Criminal Behavior
1992         CrissCross
1992         Leaving Normal
1992         The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles 
1991         The Young Riders 
1991         Stranger at My Door
1990-1991     Bagdad Cafe
1991         Conagher
1990         I Love You to Death
1990         Coupe de Ville
1990         Revenge
1989         Midnight Caller
1989         Roe vs. Wade
1989         Major League
1989         In the Heat of the Night
1988         Lincoln
1988         The Milagro Beanfield War
1987         Ironweed
1987         Laguna Heat 
1987         Made in Heaven
1987         Crime Story 
1982-1987     American Playhouse 
1986         Hard Traveling
1986         The Equalizer 
1985         Silver Bullet
1985         The Long Hot Summer 
1985         Silverado
1985         Murder, She Wrote 
1985         Sylvester
1985         Hell Town 
1985         Vision Quest
1984         Cagney & Lacey 
1984         The Master 
1983         Women of San Quentin
1983         M.A.D.D.: Mothers Against Drunk Drivers 
1982         Deadly Encounter 
1981         The Big Black Pill 
1980         Below the Belt
1980         Any Which Way You Can
1980         It's My Turn
1980         Rage! 
1980         Urban Cowboy
1980         On the Nickel
1979         The Sacketts 
1979         Lou Grant
1977-1978     Charlie's Angels 
1977         The Greatest
1977         Black Oak Conspiracy
1977         Code R
1976         Most Wanted
1976         Monster Squad
1976         The Pom Pom Girls
1976         Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw
1976         Petrocelli 
1971-1976     Cannon 
1975         Barnaby Jones 
1973-1975     The Waltons 
1975         The Kansas City Massacre 
1975         The Wild McCullochs
1975         The Streets of San Francisco 
1974         The F.B.I. Story: The FBI Versus Alvin Karpis, Public Enemy Number One
1974         Macon County Line
1974         Zandy's Bride
1974         Kung Fu 
1971-1974     The F.B.I. 
1966-1973     Gunsmoke 
1973         Dusty's Trail
1972         Cry for Me, Billy
1970         The Intruders 
1970         The High Chaparral
1970         Macho Callahan
1970         A Man Called Horse
1968-1969     Lancer
1969         The Thousand Plane Raid
1968         Death Valley Days
1968         Journey to Shiloh
1967         The Virginian
1967         Felony Squad 
1967         Cool Hand Luke
1967         Batman 
1967         The Invaders 
1966-1967     The Road West 
1967         Bonanza 
1967         Captain Nice 
1966         The Monroes 
1966         The Wild Wild West 

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