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James Franciscus ACTOR

James Franciscus was born on January 31st, 1934 in Clayton, Missouri with the middle name Grover, born to John Allen Franciscus and Loraine nee Grover.  He had only one sibling, John Franciscus.  After graduating magna cum laudde from Yale University with a bachelor of arts in English and drama in 1957, he went on to pursue a career as an actor.
His early roles in the industry were on, "Four Boys and a Gun" (1957) and "Have Gun - Will Travel" (1958), before he was cast in one of his most well known roles on the television series, "The Naked City" (1958-1959).  Soon more prominent roles followed on such television series as, "Twilight Zone" (1959), "Father Knows Best" (1959), "The Rifleman" (1959), "Death Valley Days" (1959), "Wagon Train" (1960), "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" (1960-1961) and two roles he is also well known by on the series, "Longstreet" (1971-1972) and "Mr. Novak" (1963-1965). 
Along with making a name for himself as a television actor he also worked in a number of feature films such as, "Youngblood Hawke" (1964), "Snow Treasure" (1968), "Marooned" (1969), "The Valley of Gwangi" (1969), "Beneath the Planet of the Apes" (1970), "The Amazing Dobermans" (1976), "City on Fire" (1979) and "When Time Ran Out" (1980).
As his career in the industry progressed he focused less on acting and more on screenwriting and producing.  He also co-founded Omnibus Productions which was responsible for producing such television films as, "Heidi" (1968), "Jane Eyre" (1970), "The Red Pony" (1973) and the feature films, "David Copperfield" (1986) and "Kidnapped" (1987).
In addition to his career as an actor, writer and producer, he was also a very good tennis player and started the James Franciscus Celebrity Tennis Tournament which helps raise funds for multiple sclerosis research. 
James Franciscus married twice throughout his lifetime, first to Kathleen 'Kitty' Wellman in 1960 and they had four children together before they divorced in 1979.  He then married Carla Ankney Franciscus in 1980 and they remained married until he passed away at the age of fifty seven on July 8th, 1991 in North Hollywood, California after suffering from emphysema.  During the year of his death he was working as an associate producer for the film, "29th Street".


1985   Secret Weapons

1983   Veliki transport 

1982   Butterfly 

1981   Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy 

1981   The Last Shark 

1980   Nightkill 

1980   When Time Ran Out...

1979   Killer Fish 

1979   City on Fire 

1979   Concorde Affaire '79 

1978   The Pirate

1978   Secrets of Three Hungry Wives

1978   Good Guys Wear Black

1978   The Greek Tycoon 

1978   Puzzle

1976-1977  Hunter

1976   The Amazing Dobermans

1976   One of My Wives Is Missing

1976   The Man Inside

1975   Insight 

1975   The Trial of Chaplain Jensen 

1975   The Dream Makers 

1974   Aloha Means Goodbye 

1973-1974  Doc Elliot 

1973   Jonathan Livingston Seagull 

1973   The 500 Pound Jerk

1973   Under the Law: The Hitchhike

1972   Circle of Fear

1971-1972  Longstree

1971   The Cat o' Nine Tails 

1970   Night Slaves 

1970   Beneath the Planet of the Apes

1970   Hell Boats

1969   Marooned 

1969   The Valley of Gwangi

1969   Trial Run 

1969   The Great Sex War 

1968   Snow Treasure 

1967-1968  The F.B.I. 

1968   Shadow Over Elveron 

1968   Judd for the Defense 

1966   Combat!

1966   12 O'Clock High

1965   Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre

1963-1965  Mr. Novak 

1964   Youngblood Hawke

1963   Miracle of the White Stallions

1963   The Eleventh Hour 

1963   Dr. Kildare

1962   Ben Casey

1961   The Outsider 

1961   The Investigators 

1961   The Americans

1961   G.E. True Theater

1961   The DuPont Show with June Allyson 

1960-1961  Alfred Hitchcock Presents 

1960   The Deputy 

1960   Rawhide 

1960   Black Saddle 

1960   I Passed for White 

1960   Hennesey 

1960   Wagon Train 

1960   The Millionaire

1959   Death Valley Days

1959   The Rifleman

1959   Father Knows Best 

1959   Twilight Zone 

1959   Whirlybirds 

1959   Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse 

1959   Tales of Wells Fargo 

1958-1959  Naked City 

1958   The Mugger 

1957-1958  Studio One in Hollywood

1958   Have Gun - Will Travel

1957   Four Boys and a Gun 

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