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James Dunn ACTOR


James Dunn was born on November 2nd, 1901 in New York City, New York with the birth name James Howard Dunn. His father worked as a stock broker and the family was quite financially stable. Throughout his life, everyone called him by his nickname, Jimmy.
When he first got involved in the entertainment industry he worked on vaudeville and also an extra in various silent films at Paramount's Astoria.  In 1931, Fox Studios signed him to a contract and he got his role in his first real film, "Sob Sister" (1931). He was being cast in a number of films starting his career in the right direction.
He also worked with Shirley Temple on the first three films she ever did, "Baby Take A Bow" (1934), "Stand Up and Cheer" (1934) and "Bright Eyes" (1934). Majority of characters Dunn normally portrayed was the boy next door or nice guy type of role. His career was heading in the right direction with some additional roles in films such as, "Bad Girl" and "Society Girl" (both 1932)
As the mid 30's progressed, Dunn was becoming heavily involved with drinking, and roles were becoming less available to him. He would get small bit parts here and there, but did not really make a comeback until 1945 with his role in the film, "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" (1945) in which he won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.
Even though his career finally had the boost it needed, Dunn did not take advantage of it and after 1950, only worked on three more films. By 1951 he found himself again, unemployed and without any financial stability. He did get occasional appearance roles on television and was lucky enough to work as a regular on the NBC series, "It's a Great Life" (1954).  

James Dunn married three times throughout his life, first to Edna O'Lier, his second marriage was to Frances Gifford from 1938 through 1942. His third and final marriage was to Edna Rush from 1945 and they did not have any biological children together, but he did gain a step son, William Tick. The couple remained married through his passing. Dunn passed away on September 3rd, 1967 in Santa Monica, California after complications following abdominal surgery.
James Dunn was honored with two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his contribution to the Motion Picture Industry and to television.


1968 Shadow Over Elveron
1967 Dundee and the Culhane
1966 T.H.E. Cat
1966 The Oscar
1965 Branded
1965 Slattery's People
1964 The Virginian
1964 The Movie Maker
1964 Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre
1962-1963 Ben Casey
1963 The Fugitive
1963 The Great Adventure
1963 Swingin' Together
1962 Going My Way
1961-1962 Route 66
1962 Hemingway's Adventures of a Young Man
1962 Follow the Sun
1962 Bonanza
1961 The Investigators
1961 Naked City
1961 Stagecoach West
1957-1960 Playhouse 90
1960 The Bramble Bush
1960 Rawhide
1958-1959 Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color
1959 Wanted: Dead or Alive
1958 Wagon Train
1958 Now Is Tomorrow
1957 The Red Skelton Hour
1956-1957 Climax!
1957 Mr. Broadway
1955-1957 Matinee Theatre
1954-1956 It's a Great Life
1956 Screen Directors Playhouse
1952-1955 Schlitz Playhouse
1955 Damon Runyon Theater
1953-1955 Studio One in Hollywood
1954-1955 Robert Montgomery Presents
1954 Shower of Stars
1954 Armstrong Circle Theatre
1954 G.E. True Theater
1954 The Web
1953 The Gulf Playhouse
1953 Lux Video Theatre
1953 Goodyear Playhouse
1952 Hollywood Opening Night
1952 Curtain Call
1951 Pulitzer Prize Playhouse
1950 A Wonderful Life
1950 The Golden Gloves Story
1948-1949 The Chevrolet Tele-Theatre
1948 Texas, Brooklyn & Heaven
1947 Killer McCoy
1946 That Brennan Girl
1945 The Caribbean Mystery
1945 A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
1944 Leave It to the Irish
1943 Government Girl
1943 The Ghost and the Guest
1942 The Living Ghost
1940 Hold That Woman!
1940 Son of the Navy
1939 Mercy Plane
1939 Pride of the Navy
1938 Shadows Over Shanghai
1937 Living on Love
1937 Venus Makes Trouble
1937 We Have Our Moments
1936 Mysterious Crossing
1936 Come Closer, Folks
1936 Two-Fisted Gentleman
1936 Hearts in Bondage
1936 Don't Get Personal
1935 The Payoff
1935 Bad Boy
1935 Welcome Home
1935 The Daring Young Man
1935 George White's 1935 Scandals
1934 Bright Eyes
1934 365 Nights in Hollywood
1934 Have a Heart
1934 Baby Take a Bow
1934 Change of Heart
1934 Stand Up and Cheer!
1934 Hold That Girl
1933 Take a Chance
1933 Jimmy and Sally
1933 Arizona to Broadway
1933 Hold Me Tight
1933 The Girl in 41
1933 Hello, Sister!
1933 Sailor's Luck
1932 Handle with Care
1932 Society Girl
1932 Dance Team
1931 Over the Hill
1931 Sob Sister
1931 Bad Girl
1930 Believe It or Not #3
1930 The Song Plugger
1930 Barefoot Days
1930 The Varsity Show
1930 Tom Thumbs Down
1929 In the Nick Of Time

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