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Jack Pickford ACTOR


Jack Pickford was born on August 18th, 1895 in Toronto, Canada with the birth name John Carl Smith born to John Charles and Charlotte Hennessy Smith.  His older sister, Mary Pickford developed an interest in acting and his mother was actress, Charlotte Smith.   

When his father abandoned the family, all three children found work as actors to assist in financial support, with Pickford first gaining experience as a stage actor.
In 1909, his sister helped get him associated with Biograph Pictures at the young age of thirteen and he began appearing in such shorts as, "The Broken Doll" (1910), "A Plain Song" (1910), "The Lesson" (1910), "The Poor Sick Men" (1911) and "Thou Shalt Not Lie" (1911).

Soon, Pickford signed a contract with First National, however by this time he had already added small roles in over ninety five shorts and was beginning to make a name for himself in the industry.
Some major memorable roles soon followed such as, "Great Expectations", "The Dummy", "Jack & Jill" and "Tom Sawyer" (all 1917).  He then took a brief break from acting to join the United States Navy, and upon completing his service, Pickford returned back to acting.  

Sadly, by this time, Hollywood had put him on the back burner and roles were becoming less available to him.  What was once 5 to 6 film roles a year, turned into just a handful each year.  Some of which were, "The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come" (1920), "The Man Who Had Everything" (1920), "The End of the World" (1922), "Garrison's Finish" (1923), "The Hill Billy" (1924) and "Waking Up the Town" (1925).

Although, he was in the public eye through most of his life making a living as an actor, he also caught a lot of media attention for his personal lifestyle.  He abused the use of alcohol and drugs and was a well known womanizer.

He was however, recognized for his talent as an actor and was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his contribution to the Motion Picture Industry. 

Jack Pickford also married three times, all to former Ziegfeld girls.  His first marriage made the tabloids when he married, Olive Thomas in 1916 and in 1920 the couple were in Paris out partying on the town, returned back to their hotel and it is believed, Olive accidentally overdosed on mercury bichloride, un-knowingly aware of what she was drinking.  She passed away on September 10th, 1920.  His second wife was Marilyn Miller whom he wed in 1922 however by 1927, this marriage came to an end.  He then wed his third wife, Mary Mulhern in 1930 and they were together until he passed away at the age of thirty six, on January 3rd, 1933 from progressive multiple neuritis.  His remains are interred at Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery in Glendale, California.       


1928   Gang War

1926   Exit Smiling 
1926   Brown of Harvard 

1926   The Bat 

1925   The Goose Woman 
1925   My Son 

1925   Waking Up the Town

1924   The Hill Billy 
1923   Garrison's Finish 

1922   The End of the World

1920   Just Out of College 
1920   The Man Who Had Everything

1920   A Double-Dyed Deceiver

1920   The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come 
1919   In Wrong 

1919   Burglar by Proxy 

1919   Bill Apperson's Boy 
1918   Sandy

1918   Mile-a-Minute Kendall

1918   Mr. Fix-It
1918   His Majesty, Bunker Bean

1918   Huck and Tom 

1918   The Spirit of '17
1917   Tom Sawyer

1917   Jack and Jill 

1917   Ghost House 
1917   The Varmint

1917   What Money Can't Buy

1917   Freckles
1917   The Girl at Home 

1917   The Dummy

1917   A Strange Adventure
1917   Cupid's Touchdown

1917   Great Expectations

1916   Seventeen 
1916   The Conflict

1916   The Reprisal

1916   The Hard Way
1916   Poor Little Peppina

1916   Virtue Triumphant

1916   Why Love Is Blind
1915   The Making of Crooks

1915   A Girl of Yesterday 

1915   The Pretty Sister of Jose
1915   Fanchon, the Cricket

1915   The Commanding Officer

1915   The Love Route
1914   His Last Dollar

1914   Wildflower 

1914   The Eagle's Mate 
1914   Seven Days

1914   Home, Sweet Home 

1914   Liberty Belles
1914   The Mysterious Shot

1914   The Warning Cry 

1914   The Gangsters of New York 
1914   The Massacre 

1913   Giovanni's Gratitude

1913   Binks' Vacation 1913 For the Son of the House
1913   The Work Habit

1913   The Sneak

1913   Fate 
1913   The Unwelcome Guest

1913   Love in an Apartment Hotel 

1913   A Misappropriated Turkey 
1912   My Hero 

1912   The New York Hat 

1912   Brutality 
1912   The Informer 

1912   My Baby 

1912   Heredity
1912   The Musketeers of Pig Alley 

1912   The Painted Lady

1912   The Chief's Blanket
1912   A Ten-Karat Hero 

1912   A Feud in the Kentucky Hills 

1912   A Pueblo Legend
1912   Mr. Grouch at the Seashore 

1912   The Inner Circle

1912   A Child's Remorse 
1912   What the Doctor Ordered 

1912   The Narrow Road

1912   Black Sheep 
1912   The Would-Be Shriner 

1912   The Speed Demon 

1912   An Indian Summer 
1912   Man's Lust for Gold

1912   The School Teacher and the Waif

1912   A Dash Through the Clouds 
1912   Katchem Kate

1912   A Temporary Truce 

1911   The Lost Necklace
1911   A Convict's Heart

1911   The Stuff Heroes Are Made Of

1911   A Boy of the Revolution
1911   Thou Shalt Not Lie 

1911   For Her Brother's Sake

1911   Sweet Memories 
1911   A Decree of Destiny

1911   The Poor Sick Men 

1911   Fate's Turning 
1911   His Trust Fulfilled 

1910   White Roses 

1910   The Lesson
1910   Happy Jack, a Hero

1910   A Child's Stratagem

1910   A Plain Song
1910   Waiter No. 5

1910   Two Little Waifs

1910   The Broken Doll
1910   The Iconoclast 

1910   Examination Day at School 

1910   Rose O'Salem Town 
1910   The Oath and the Man 

1910   In Life's Cycle

1910   Muggsy Becomes a Hero 
1910   The Modern Prodigal 

1910   Ramona

1910   An Affair of Hearts 
1910   The Tenderfoot's Triumph

1910   The Kid 

1910   The Smoker
1910   The Newlyweds 

1910   The Call 

1910   All on Account of the Milk
1909   To Save Her Soul

1909   In a Hempen Bag 

1909   Wanted, a Child
1909   Pranks 

1909   The Message

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