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Jack Kelly ACTOR


Jack Kelly was born on September 16th, 1927 in Astoria, New York with the birth name John A. Kelly Jr. He was the son of actress Nan Kelly. His sister, Nancy Kelly also grew up to be an actress.
His film debut was in 1939 in, "The Story of Alexander Graham Bell" which followed by a number of other film and television appearances. He got his first lead role on the television series called, "Kings Row" (1955) which followed by appearances on films such as "To Hell and Back" (1955) starring Audie Murphy, Marshall Thompson and Paul Picerni, "Forbidden Planet" (1956) co-starring Walter Pidgeon, Anne Francis and Leslie Nielsen and "She-Devil" (1957).
Kelly became mostly remembered for his role portraying, Bart Maverick in the television series, "Maverick" which aired on ABC between 1957 and 1962 with James Garner as Bart Maverick. His character was introduced the 8th episode of the series and in total he appeared in seventy five episodes.
When this series came to an end, Kelly continued to work in the industry on film as well as on television. Some of his later roles were on "Commandos" (1968), "The Commies Are Coming, the Commies Are Coming" (1985) and a regular for a short time on the television series, "Get Christie Love!" (1974) starring Teresa Graves. One of his last appearances was on "The Gambler Returns; The Luck of the Draw" (1991), but for the most part he stayed out of the spotlight.
As his career began to slow down, Kelly became involved in different interests such as real estate and also politics. In 1980 he ran for city council and won the first of two four-year terms serving as Mayor for Huntington Beach, California from 1983 through 1986.
Jack Kelly married twice throughout his lifetime. First to May Wynn from October 14th, 1956 through 1964. His second wife was Joann Smith from August 16th, 1969 and together they had one child. They remained married until he passed away on November 7th, 1992 in Huntington Beach, California after suffering from a stroke.


1991 The Gambler Returns: The Luck of the Draw
1984 The Master
1983 The Fall Guy
1982 Bret Maverick
1979-1981 B.J. and the Bear
1978-1979 The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries
1978 Flying High
1978 Sword of Justice
1978 The New Maverick
1978 Spawn of the Slithis
1978 The Incredible Hulk
1978 Vega$
1976-1978 The Bionic Woman
1978 A Double Life
1977 The Rockford Files
1977 Quincy, M.E.
1976 Hawaii Five-O
1976 The Human Tornado
1975 The Family Holvak
1975 Ellery Queen
1975 Get Christie Love!
1974 Lucas Tanner
1974 McCloud
1974 Toma
1974 Chase
1974 Banacek
1973 Faraday and Company
1967-1972 Ironside
1972 Circle of Fear
1972 Marcus Welby, M.D.
1971 Alias Smith and Jones
1969 The Name of the Game
1969 Young Billy Young
1968 Commandos
1967 The Iron Horse
1967 The High Chaparral
1964-1967 Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre
1967 Please Don't Eat the Daisies
1966-1967 Laredo
1967 Run for Your Life
1966 Batman
1966 Daniel Boone
1965 Love and Kisses
1963-1965 Kraft Suspense Theatre
1964 The Lucy Show
1963 Wagon Train
1963 Kraft Mystery Theater
1963 FBI Code 98
1957-1962 Maverick
1962 Red Nightmare
1961 A Fever in the Blood
1958 Hong Kong Affair
1958 Sugarfoot
1958 Studio 57
1957 Sally
1957 Taming Sutton's Gal
1957 Gunsmoke
1957 The Ford Television Theatre
1957 She Devil
1957 Lux Video Theatre
1956 State Trooper
1956 Canasta de cuentos mexicanos
1956 Schlitz Playhouse
1956 Julie
1956 The Millionaire
1956 Frontier
1956 Strange Stories
1956 Forbidden Planet
1956 Jane Wyman Presents The Fireside Theatre
1955-1956 Dr. Hudson's Secret Journal
1955-1956 Kings Row
1955 To Hell and Back
1955 The Night Holds Terror
1955 Double Jeopardy
1955 TV Reader's Digest
1955 Cult of the Cobra
1955 Cavalcade of America
1955 City Detective
1955 Hallmark Hall of Fame
1955 The Star and the Story
1955 The Violent Men
1954 Black Tuesday
1954 The Bamboo Prison
1954 The Pepsi-Cola Playhouse
1954 Magnificent Obsession
1954 Stories of the Century
1954 They Rode West
1954 The Ray Milland Show: Meet Mr. McNulty
1954 Drive a Crooked Road
1953 The Glass Web
1953 The Stand at Apache River
1953 Column South
1953 Law and Order
1953 Gunsmoke
1953 The Redhead from Wyoming
1952 Sally and Saint Anne
1952 No Room for the Groom
1952 Red Ball Express
1952 Bronco Buster
1951 The Wild Blue Yonder
1951 Submarine Command
1951 People Will Talk
1951 New Mexico
1950 The West Point Story
1950 Where Danger Lives
1950 Peggy
1949 Holiday Affair
1949 Fighting Man of the Plains
1939 Young Mr. Lincoln
1939 The Story of Alexander Graham Bell  

Matinee Classics - To Hell and Back starring Audie Murphy, Jack Kelly, Marshall Thompson
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Matinee Classics - Maverick starring James Garner, Jack Kelly, Roger Moore, Robert Colbert, Efrem Zimbalist Jr. and Diane Brewster
Matinee Classics - Maverick starring James Garner, Jack Kelly, Roger Moore, Robert Colbert, Efrem Zimbalist Jr. and Diane Brewster
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