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Jack Elam ACTOR


Jack Elam was born November 13th, 1918 in Miami, Arizona with the birth name William Scott 'Jack' Elam to parents Millard Elam and Alice Amelia Kirby.  Jack lost his mother when he was only five years old and grew up in Cotton.  As a twelve year old boy he got into a fight with another student at school who shoved a pencil in his eye causing him to lose complete vision in his eye and making his eye immobile.  He attended High School at Miami High and also Phoenix High School where he graduated from.
After completing High School he moved to Santa Monica, California where he attended college at Santa Monica Junior College and graduated with an accounting degree.  He worked as a book keeper for Samuel Goldwyn Studios after World War II.  He got involved in the acting industry when he offered to exchange an accounting favor for helping a movie friend finance three films in exchange for a chance to appear in all three films.  
His film debut soon followed in, "She Shoulda Said No!" (1949).  The majority of his films to follow were mostly westerns.  He was one of the meanest-looking and most reliable 'heavies' in the industry.  However, it was not often he got the opportunity to play any type of comedic character.

Along with film roles, he was also involved in television throughout his acting career.  He worked on an episode of, "The Twilight Zone" (1961) followed by, "The Dakotas" (1963) in which he was able to portray a different type of character from the normal.  Instead of a villain type character, he was a 'good guy' Deputy Marshall.  Same went for his role on the television series, "Temple Houston" (1963) where he got to show a little of his comedic talent to viewers.    
When he got a role on, "Support Your Local Sheriff" (1969) more comedic roles were being offered to him and less villain type roles.  Elam's most memorable experience that he has reflected in numerous interviews is when he met an eleven year old boy, Mickey Hays while filming, "The Aurora Encounter" (1985).  This young boy suffered from a disease called progeria and a documentary titled, "I Am Not A Freak" shows viewers how this young boy meant to Elam.  
Later TV series in the Elam manifest included "Detective in the House" (1985) and "Easy Street" (1987). Elam continued to make audiences laugh with his roles in, "Cannonball Run" (1981) and "Cannonball Run II" (1984). Though well established as a comic actor, Elam would never completely abandon the western genre that had sustained him in the 1950's and 1960's.
Jack Elam passed away in Ashland, Oregon, of congestive heart failure on October 20th, 2003. He was married twice throughout his lifetime.  First to Jean Elam in 1937 and the couple had two children together before she passed away on Janaury 24th, 1961.  His second marriage was to Margaret Jennison on August 23rd, 1961 and they remanied together until his passing.

Jack Elam was inducted into the Hall of Great Western Performers of the national Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in 1994.    


1995   Bonanza: Under Attack
1994-1995  Lonesome Dove: The Series
1993   Bonanza: The Return
1993   Lucky Luke
1993   Uninvited
1992   Shadow Force
1992   Home Improvement
1991   Lucky Luke 
1991   Suburban Commando 
1991   The Giant of Thunder Mountain 
1990   Big Bad John
1989   Guns of Paradise
1988   Where the Hell's That Gold?!!?
1988   J.J. Starbuck
1988   Once Upon a Texas Train
1986-1987  Easy Street  
1987   Hawken's Breed 
1986   The Aurora Encounter  
1986   Louis L'Amour's Down the Long Hills
1986   Simon & Simon 
1985   Webster
1985   Detective in the House
1984   Scrooge's Rock 'N' Roll Christmas
1984   Cannonball Run II 
1983   Sacred Ground
1983   Lost
1983   Sawyer and Finn
1982   Jinxed!
1981   Father Murphy
1981   Skyward Christmas
1978-1981  Fantasy Island
1981   Soggy Bottom, U.S.A.  
1981   Here's Boomer
1981   The Cannonball Run  
1981   The Girl, the Gold Watch & Dynamite
1978-1980  Eight Is Enough
1977-1979  ABC Weekend Specials  
1979   Struck by Lightning 
1979   The Villain
1979   The Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again  
1979   The Sacketts
1978   The Norseman 
1978   Hot Lead and Cold Feet  
1978   Lacy and the Mississippi Queen
1978   The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams 
1978   Black Beauty
1978   Will Rogers: Champion of the People 
1977   Grayeagle 
1977   How the West Was Won
1976   Pony Express Rider
1975-1976  Phyllis
1976   The Winds of Autumn 
1976   The New Daughters of Joshua Cabe
1976   Hawmps!
1976   Creature from Black Lake 
1974-1975  The Texas Wheelers
1975   Huckleberry Finn
1969-1975  Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color 
1974   A Knife for the Ladies
1974   Sidekicks
1974   The Brian Keith Show
1974   Shootout in a One-Dog Town
1973   Kung Fu
1973   Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid 
1973   The Red Pony 
1959-1972  Gunsmoke
1972   The Daughters of Joshua Cabe
1972   Alias Smith and Jones  
1972   Nichols 
1971   Hannie Caulder
1971   The Last Rebel 
1971   I Cat Ballou
1971   Support Your Local Gunfighter  
1961-1970  Bonanza
1970   Rio Lobo 
1970   The Wild Country  
1970   Dirty Dingus Magee 
1970   Cockeyed Cowboys of Calico County  
1970   The Virginian
1969   The Over-the-Hill Gang
1969   Lancer
1969   Support Your Local Sheriff!  
1969   The Outcasts
1968   Once Upon a Time in the West  
1968   The High Chaparral
1968   Sartana Does Not Forgive  
1968   Never a Dull Moment 
1968   Cimarron Strip 
1968   Firecreek  
1967   Hondo
1967   The Wild Wild West
1967   The Guns of Will Sonnett
1967   The Last Challenge 
1967   The Way West 
1967   Tarzan 
1966   The Night of the Grizzly
1966   The Rare Breed
1965   F Troop 
1965   The Legend of Jesse James  
1965   Daniel Boone  
1963-1964  Temple Houston
1963   4 for Texas  
1963   The Dakotas
1961-1962  Laramie 
1962   Ben Casey
1961-1962  Cheyenne
1960-1962  The Untouchables
1962   Target: The Corruptors 
1958-1962  Lawman
1962   Rawhide 
1959-1962  Have Gun - Will Travel 
1958-1961  Bronco
1961   Pocketful of Miracles  
1961   Outlaws 
1958-1961  The Rifleman
1961   National Velvet
1961   The Comancheros 
1961   The Last Sunset 
1961   Twilight Zone 
1960-1961  The Rebel
1961   Death Valley Days
1961   The Americans
1961   Gunslinger 
1961   Klondike 
1957-1961  Zane Grey Theater
1960   Stagecoach West
1960   The Girl in Lovers Lane  
1958-1960  The Texan
1960   The Slowest Gun in the West
1960   Mr. Lucky 
1960   Tightrope
1958-1959  Richard Diamond, Private Detective
1957-1959  Sugarfoot
1959   Edge of Eternity  
1959   Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse
1959   Hotel de Paree
1959   Tombstone Territory
1959   Mackenzie's Raiders
1958   The Gun Runners  
1958   M Squad 
1958   Jane Wyman Presents The Fireside Theatre 
1957-1958  The Restless Gun
1958   Zorro
1957   Baby Face Nelson
1957   Wagon Train
1957   Night Passage 
1957   Tales of Wells Fargo 
1957   Lure of the Swamp  
1957   Gunfight at the O.K. Corral  
1957   Dragoon Wells Massacre  
1956   Thunder Over Arizona  
1956   Pardners 
1956   Jubal 
1955   Screen Directors Playhouse
1955   Frontier
1955   Artists and Models 
1955   Kismet 
1955   The Man from Laramie 
1954-1955  The Lone Ranger
1955   Wichita 
1955   Moonfleet  
1955   Kiss Me Deadly 
1955   Man Without a Star
1953-1955  Schlitz Playhouse 
1955   Tarzan's Hidden Jungle  
1954   Vera Cruz  
1954   Cattle Queen of Montana  
1954   Waterfront
1954   The Far Country  
1954   Stories of the Century
1954   Princess of the Nile 
1954   Mr. & Mrs. North
1954   Ride Clear of Diablo 
1954   Jubilee Trail 
1953   Four Star Playhouse
1953   Appointment in Honduras  
1953   The Moonlighter 
1953   Gun Belt 
1953   Ride, Vaquero! 
1953   Count the Hours  
1952   Kansas City Confidential 
1952   The Ring 
1952   My Man and I 
1952   Lure of the Wilderness
1952   High Noon 
1952   Montana Territory  
1952   The Battle at Apache Pass
1952   Rancho Notorious  
1952   Finders Keepers  
1951   The Bushwhackers 
1951   Rawhide 
1951   Bird of Paradise  
1950   The Texan Meets Calamity Jane 
1950   American Guerrilla in the Philippines 
1950   High Lonesome  
1950   Love That Brute
1950   A Ticket to Tomahawk 
1950   One Way Street
1950   Quicksand 
1950   The Sundowners 
1950   Key to the City 
1949   Wild Weed 
1947   Mystery Range 
1944   Trailin' West

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