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J. Pat O'Malley ACTOR

J. Pat O'Malley was born on March 15th, 1904 in Lancashire, England.  His career in entertainment began as an English singer and later a well known character actor as well.  Many times, J. Pat O'Malley and Patrick H. O'Malley Jr. (Pat O'Malley), both actors, people are confused to be the same man, when indeed, they were both successful in their own right, but are two completely different individuals.
J. Pat O'Malley began his music career in 1925 working as a recording artist and later as a singer for the Jack Hylton orchestra in the United Kingdom for three years.  During the early 1930's he recorded over 400 songs and his success lead to a move to the United States and a interest in pursuing films.
It did not take long for him to begin breaking into the acting industry appearing on a number of film and television roles in the early 1940's.  Some of his earlier work included his film debut, "Lassie Come Home" (1943) starring Roddy McDowall, Donald Crisp, Dame May Whitty, Nigel Bruce, Elsa Lanchester, Alan Napier, Edmund Gwenn and a young Elizabeth Taylor, followed by roles on such television series as, "Stage 13", 'Danger", "Crime Photographer" and "The Adventures of Kit Carson".
In addition to his music, television and film work, he also added a couple stage credits to his resume over the course of his acting career with appearances in such productions as, "Ten Little Indians" and "Dial M for Murder".

Although he appeared in over 200 acting roles, the majority of his work was as a television actor with just an occasional film role.  Some of his more well known television series credits included, "Bonanza", "Death Valley Days", "Make Room for Daddy", "The Beverly Hillbillies", Walt Disney's "The Adventures of Spin and Marty", "Lights Out", "Petticoat Junction", "The Lucy Show", "Rescue 8", "Burke's Law", "Wagon Train", "Hennesey", "The Jim Backus Show", "Zane Grey Theatre", "Perry Mason", "City Detective", "The Dick Van Dyke Show", "I Spy", "Playhouse 90", "Maverick", "Mr. Lucky", "The Islanders", "M Squad", "Lawman", "The Defenders", "Peter Gunn", "Bus Stop", "Suspense" and "Going My Way" among many others.
Some of his film credits include, "Four Boys and a Gun" (1957) with Frank Sutton, Larry Green, Karl Swenson and James Franciscus, "Blueprint for Robbery" (1961) co-starring Robert J. Wilke, Robert Gist and Marion Ross, "Shotgun Wedding" (1963) with Jenny Maxwell, Valerie Allen and Nan Peterson, "Gunn" (1967) starring Craig Stevens and Laura Devon, "Star!" (1968) starring alongside Julie Andrews, Richard Crenna, Anthony Eisley, Daniel Massey, Michael Craig and Robert Reed and his final film role in 1981 in, "Cheaper to Keep Her" also starring Mac Davis, Tovah Feldshuh, Jack Gilford, Rose Marie and Bruce Flanders.
O'Malley also worked on a number of voice over projects for film and television roles such as the voice of 'Buzzie' in, "The Jungle Book" (1967) and the voice of Topper on the 1967 television series, "Johnny Quest".  Other animated film he worked on included, "Mary Poppins" (1964) starring Julie Andrews, Dick Van Dyke, David Tomlinson, Glynis Johns, Karen Dotrice, Ed Wynn, Matthew Garber and Elsa Lanchester and "The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad".

J. Pat O'Malley married only once to Fay M. O'Malley in 1926 and they had two children together and remained married until he passed away on February 27th, 1985 in San Juan Capistrano, California from heart disease.


1982         Taxi
1981-1982     Fantasy Island 
1981         Freedom 
1975-1981     Barney Miller
1981         A Matter of Life and Death
1981         Cheaper to Keep Her
1980         The Dukes of Hazzard 
1979         Family 
1979         Young Maverick
1979         Three's Company
1979         Lou Grant 
1978         One Day at a Time 
1978         Soap 
1978         Quincy, M.E.
1977         The Rockford Files 
1977         Switch
1977         Baretta 
1977         Code R 
1975-1977     Maude 
1976         The Gumball Rally
1976         The Practice 
1976         Harry O
1975         The Fireman's Ball 
1972-1975     Emergency!
1974         Kolchak: The Night Stalker 
1974         Firehouse 
1974         Faraday and Company
1973         Here's Lucy 
1973         Robin Hood
1973         Love, American Style
1973         A Touch of Grace
1958-1973     Gunsmoke
1972         Ironside 
1972         The New Temperatures Rising Show 
1972         Banacek 
1971-1972     Mannix 
1972         Getting Away from It All 
1970-1971     Adam-12 
1971         Skin Game
1971         Willard
1961-1971     Bonanza
1971         Alias Smith and Jones
1970         Men at Law
1970         The Cheyenne Social Club
1970         Nanny and the Professor 
1969         Hello, Dolly!
1969         The Ghost & Mrs. Muir
1969         Mr. Deeds Goes to Town 
1966-1969     Petticoat Junction
1969         The Brady Bunch
1969         Doc
1969         Tiger, Tiger
1969         The Outcasts
1968-1969     I Dream of Jeannie 
1969         The Doris Day Show 
1969         Daniel Boone 
1969         The Beverly Hillbillies 
1966-1968     Death Valley Days 
1966-1968     Green Acres 
1968         The Mod Squad 
1968         Star!
1968         It Takes a Thief 
1968         The Wild Wild West 
1968         The Flying Nun 
1963-1968     The Virginian
1967         Hondo
1967         The Jungle Book
1966-1967     Hogan's Heroes 
1967         The Guns of Will Sonnett 
1967         Gunn
1963-1967     The Fugitive 
1967         That Girl 
1967         Batman 
1965-1967     The Big Valley 
1966         The Man from U.N.C.L.E. 
1966         Bewitched 
1966         Shane 
1966         Run Buddy Run 
1966         The Rounders 
1966         Please Don't Eat the Daisies
1966         The Farmer's Daughter 
1966         The Legend of Jesse James 
1966         Laredo
1965         F Troop 
1965         Honey West 
1965         Branded 
1965         Burke's Law
1964-1965     Wendy and Me 
1965         Jonny Quest
1964         The Tycoon
1964         Mary Poppins
1964         A House Is Not a Home
1963-1964     My Favorite Martian
1964         Hey There, It's Yogi Bear
1964         Suspense
1964         My Three Sons 
1960-1964     Twilight Zone 
1964         Wagon Train 
1964         The Greatest Show on Earth 
1964         Destry 
1962-1964     The Dick Van Dyke Show
1963-1964     Dr. Kildare 
1963         Temple Houston 
1963         The Andy Griffith Show 
1959-1963     Rawhide 
1963         Ben Casey
1963         Breaking Point 
1963         Stoney Burke
1963         McKeever & the Colonel 
1962-1963     Going My Way 
1963         Son of Flubber
1963         Sam Benedict 
1963         Shotgun Wedding
1962         The Lloyd Bridges Show 
1962         The Cabinet of Caligari
1962         Alcoa Premiere
1961-1962     Frontier Circus 
1961-1962     Adventures in Paradise
1962         Bus Stop 
1962         Margie 
1961-1962     Thriller 
1961         The Tall Man 
1960-1961     Perry Mason
1961         Cain's Hundred 
1961         87th Precinct 
1961         Tales of Wells Fargo 
1961         The Defenders
1958-1961     Peter Gunn 
1961         Hawaiian Eye 
1954-1961     Lassie 
1961         The Jim Backus Show 
1960-1961     G.E. True Theater 
1961         The Saga of Windwagon Smith 
1961         Peter Loves Mary 
1961         Hong Kong 
1960-1961     Shirley Temple Theatre
1961         Harrigan and Son 
1961         Blueprint for Robbery
1961         101 Dalmatians
1959-1961     Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color
1961         Tallahassee 7000
1961         Shotgun Slade
1960         Outlaws
1960         Coronado 9
1960         Stagecoach West
1960         Klondike
1960         Wanted: Dead or Alive 
1960         National Velvet
1960         The Law and Mr. Jones
1959-1960     Have Gun - Will Travel 
1959-1960     The Rebel 
1959-1960     Lawman 
1960         Bachelor Father 
1958-1960     Zane Grey Theatre 
1959-1960     Law of the Plainsman
1960         The Detectives 
1960         Hotel de Paree 
1959-1960     Black Saddle 
1960         The Untouchables 
1960         M Squad 
1960         Markham 
1960         Goliath II 
1957-1960     Captain David Grief
1960         The Islanders 
1960         The Tab Hunter Show
1960         Johnny Midnight 
1959         Johnny Staccato
1959         Hennesey 
1959         Mr. Lucky
1959         Mike Hammer 
1959         Alfred Hitchcock Presents
1959         Whirlybirds 
1959         Yancy Derringer 
1959         Make Room for Daddy
1958-1959     Maverick 
1959         The Real McCoys 
1959         Rescue 8
1959         The Californians
1958         Playhouse 90 
1958         The Long, Hot Summer
1951-1958     Kraft Theatre
1955-1957     The United States Steel Hour
1957         Witness for the Prosecution
1957         Courage of Black Beauty
1951-1957     Robert Montgomery Presents
1955-1957     Studio One in Hollywood
1957         Schlitz Playhouse
1957         Four Boys and a Gun
1957         The New Adventures of Spin and Marty
1956         The Adventures of Hiram Holliday 
1956         The Gale Storm Show: Oh, Susanna!
1956         The Fastest Gun Alive
1956         Playwrights '56 
1956         TV Reader's Digest 
1956         Justice
1956         The Further Adventures of Spin and Marty 
1955         Alice in Wonderland
1951-1955     Lux Video Theatre 
1955         Goodyear Playhouse 
1950-1955     The Philco-Goodyear Television Playhouse 
1955         City Detective
1955         I Spy 
1955         Spin and Marty: The Movie
1955         The Adventures of Spin and Marty
1954         Macbeth
1954         Suspense 
1954         Man Against Crime 
1953         The Web
1953         Martin Kane
1953         Armstrong Circle Theatre 
1953         Home Is the Sailor
1952         The Blue and White Lamp
1951-1952     Lights Out 
1952         The King's Author 
1951         The Adventures of Kit Carson 
1951         Alice in Wonderland
1951         Crime Photographer
1951         Nash Airflyte Theatre 
1951         Danger 
1950         Somerset Maugham TV Theatre
1950         The Passionate Pilgrim 
1950         Stage 13 
1949         The Wind in the Willows 
1949         The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad
1944         The White Cliffs of Dover
1943         Lassie Come Home
1943         Thumbs Up
1941         Paris Calling
1940         Captain Caution

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