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I. Stanford Jolley ACTOR

I. Stanford Jolley was born on October 24th, 1900 in Morristown, New Jersey with the first name Isaac. His career in the entertainment industry mainly consisted of working in Western films. Many of his early work he was not even credited for.
He began his career as a child entertainer touring with his father in the circus and later even becoming for a time a vaudeville performer. In 1924 he made his Broadway debut in, "Sweet Seventeen" and followed this role with a couple more stage productions before he then decided in 1935 to make the move west.
He first found Radio work in California and soon began to break into the film industry mostly working with Monogram and PRC Studios. Due to his appearance, he portrayed characters that were 'not honest' and normally on the slightly 'sly' and 'conivivng' side.
Over the course of his career he would work on over 500 films. Some of his credited film roles include, "Midnight Limited" (1940), "Emergency Landing" (1941), "House of Errors" (1942), "What's a Man!" (1944), "Six Gun Man" (1946), "Waco" (1952), "The Raiders" (1952) and "Wild Stallion" (1952).
Along with his many film roles he also during the mid 1950's began to appear on a number of television series as well such as, "Gang Busters", "The Range Rider", "The Lone Ranger", "Mr. District Attorney", "Hopalong Cassidy", "The Adventures of Kit Carson", "Space Patrol", "The Gene Autry Show" and "Captain Midnight".
As his career progressed film roles began to become less available to him and he focused mainly on television for the remainder of his career. Some of his later television series he made appearances on were, "Wagon Train", "Rawhide", "The Virginian", "Daniel Boone", "Cimarron Strip", "Bonanza", "Gunsmoke", "S.W.A.T." and his final television series role in 1976 in, "The Quest" starring a young Tim Matheson and Kurt Russell.
He married only once to Emily Mae Peggy and they had two children together, Stan and Sandra. They remained married until Jolley passed away on December 7th, 1978 in Woodland Hills, California after suffering from emphysema.


1976  The Quest

1976  S.W.A.T.

1976  The Macahans

1973  Circle of Fear

1972  Night of the Lepus

1963-1970  Gunsmoke

1970  The Phynx

1959-1969  Bonanza

1968  The Wild Wild West

1968  The Shakiest Gun in the West

1968  Cimarron Strip

1967  The Big Valley

1967  The High Chaparral

1966  F Troop

1965-1966  Laredo

1965  The Restless Ones

1965  Branded

1965  The Bounty Killer

1964-1965  Burke's Law

1965  Kraft Suspense Theatre

1965  Profiles in Courage

1964-1965  Daniel Boone

1963-1964  The Virginian

1962-1964  Rawhide

1958-1964  Wagon Train

1964  The Fugitive

1963  Arrest and Trial

1963  The Great Adventure

1963  The Haunted Palace

1963  The Untouchables

1963  The Dakotas

1963  The Rifleman

1957-1962  Cheyenne

1962  The Wide Country

1962  The Firebrand

1962  Terror at Black Falls

1958-1962  Lawman

1958-1962  Bronco

1962  The Tall Man

1958-1962  Maverick

1961  Valley of the Dragons

1961  The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come

1961  Stagecoach West

1955-1961  The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp

1961  Atlantis, the Lost Continent

1961  Posse from Hell

1957-1961  Tales of Wells Fargo

1960-1961  Perry Mason

1960  Assignment: Underwater

1960  One Foot in Hell

1960  The Story of Ruth

1957-1960  Sugarfoot

1960  Pony Express

1960  13 Fighting Men

1960  Wichita Town

1960  Colt .45

1960  Ice Palace

1958-1959  Wanted: Dead or Alive

1959  The Alaskans

1959  Man with a Camera

1959  The Miracle of the Hills

1959  Here Come the Jets

1959  The Rebel Set

1957-1959  26 Men

1959  Alias Jesse James

1959  Have Gun - Will Travel

1959  Lone Texan

1954-1959  Death Valley Days

1959  Northwest Passage

1959  Zorro

1956-1958  Sky King

1958  Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color

1958  Gunsmoke in Tucson

1958  The Saga of Hemp Brown

1958  Decision

1958  Crash Landing

1958  The Restless Gun

1958  Trackdown

1958  The Long, Hot Summer

1958  Fury

1958  Man from God's Country

1958  Day of the Bad Man

1956-1958  Sergeant Preston of the Yukon

1958  The Gray Ghost

1957  Lassie

1957  Gun Battle at Monterey

1957  The Adventures of McGraw

1957  Gunsight Ridge

1957  The Buckskin Lady

1957  The Oklahoman

1953-1957  Adventures of Superman

1957  The Iron Sheriff

1957  Outlaw Queen

1957  The Halliday Brand

1952-1956  The Roy Rogers Show

1956  The Young Guns

1956  Three for Jamie Dawn

1956  Kentucky Rifle

1956  I Killed Wild Bill Hickok

1956  The Proud Ones

1956  Wetbacks

1956  Backlash

1956  The Wild Dakotas

1956  Fury at Gunsight Pass

1956  Jungle Jim

1955-1956  Tales of the Texas Rangers

1956  The Violent Years

1956  Assignment: Mexico

1955  The Adventures of Champion

1955  The Rawhide Years

1955  Commando Cody: Sky Marshal of the Universe

1955  Wichita

1955  Seven Angry Men

1955  The Prodigal

1950-1955  The Cisco Kid ilcox

1954  The Adventures of Falcon

1954  Day of Triumph

1952-1954  Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok

1954  White Christmas

1954  Captain Midnight

1950-1954  The Gene Autry Show

1954  Two Guns and a Badge

1954  Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

1954  Man with the Steel Whip

1954  Silver Lode

1954  The Desperado

1953-1954  Space Patrol

1954  Stories of the Century

1954  The Forty-Niners

1954  Annie Oakley

1954  Mr. & Mrs. North

1954  The Adventures of Kit Carson

1954  Hopalong Cassidy

1954  Mr. District Attorney

1953  Tumbleweed

1953  Vigilante Terror

1953  Calamity Jane

1953  City of Bad Men

1953  Topeka

1953  Son of Belle Starr

1950-1953  The Lone Ranger

1953  Rebel City

1953  The Marksman

1953  Count the Hours

1953  Kansas Pacific

1953  The Lawless Breed

1953  Family Theatre

1953  The Range Rider

1952  The Raiders

1952  Wyoming Roundup

1952  Gang Busters

1952  Fargo

1952  Yukon Gold

1952  Dead Man's Trail

1952  Wagons West

1952  Kansas Territory

1952  Wild Stallion

1952  The Gunman

1952  Man from the Black Hills

1952  Leadville Gunslinger

1952  Rodeo

1952  Rancho Notorious

1952  Waco

1952  Fort Osage

1952  Gruen Guild Theater

1951  Stage to Blue River

1951  Captain Video, Master of the Stratosphere

1951  Westward the Women

1951  Texas Lawmen

1951  The Longhorn

1951  Cattle Queen

1951  Lawless Cowboys

1951  Whistling Hills

1951  Oklahoma Justice

1951  Bonanza Town

1951  Nevada Badmen

1951  Don Daredevil Rides Again

1951  Canyon Raiders

1951  The Red Badge of Courage

1951  Texans Never Cry

1951  The Living Christ Series

1950  California Passage

1950  Pirates of the High Seas

1950  The Return of Jesse James

1950  Desperadoes of the West

1950  Trigger Jr.

1950  Fast on the Draw

1950  Sierra

1950  Curtain Call at Cactus Creek

1950  Colorado Ranger

1950  Rock Island Trail

1950  Comanche Territory

1950  Hostile Country

1950  The Baron of Arizona

1950  Woman in Hiding

1949  Sands of Iwo Jima

1949  Bodyhold

1949  Mary Ryan, Detective

1949  Bandit King of Texas

1949  Roll, Thunder, Roll!

1949  Haunted Trails

1949  Calamity Jane and Sam Bass

1949  Trouble at Melody Mesa

1949  King of the Rocket Men

1949  Stampede

1949  Desert Vigilante

1949  Son of Billy the Kid

1949  Rimfire
1949  Ghost of Zorro

1949  The Lone Wolf and His Lady

1949  Gun Law Justice

1948  Whiplash

1948  Joan of Arc

1948  Gunning for Justice

1948  Adventures of Frank and Jesse James

1948  Congo Bill

1948  The Fighting Ranger

1948  Superman

1948  Feudin', Fussin' and A-Fightin'

1948  Dangers of the Canadian Mounted

1948  Tex Granger: Midnight Rider of the Plains

1948  Oklahoma Blues

1948  Check Your Guns

1948  The Prince of Thieves

1947  The Black Widow

1947  The Romance of Rosy Ridge

1947  Land of the Lawless

1947  Trailing Danger

1947  West of Dodge City

1947  Wild Country

1946  Wild West

1946  Silver Range

1946  North of the Border

1946  The Crimson Ghost

1946  Son of the Guardsman

1946  'Neath Canadian Skies

1946  Swamp Fire

1946  Daughter of Don Q

1946  Two-Fisted Stranger

1946  Terrors on Horseback

1946  The People's Choice

1946  Swing, Cowboy, Swing

1946  Ambush Trail

1946  Six Gun Man

1946  The Fighting Guardsman

1945  Navajo Kid

1945  Prairie Rustlers

1945  Fighting Bill Carson

1945  Flaming Bullets

1945  Outlaws of the Rockies

1945  Jungle Raiders

1945  Frontier Fugitives

1945  Stagecoach Outlaws

1945  Secret Agent X-9

1945  Mr. Muggs Rides Again

1945  Gangster's Den

1945  Springtime in Texas

1945  The Scarlet Clue

1945  Trouble Chasers

1945  The Power of the Whistler

1945  Crime, Inc.

1945  Lightning Raiders

1944  The Whispering Skull

1944  Can't Help Singing

1944  Crazy Knights

1944  Cyclone Prairie Rangers

1944  Black Arrow

1944  A Wave, a WAC and a Marine

1944  Gangsters of the Frontier

1944  Brand of the Devil

1944  Call of the Jungle

1944  The Desert Hawk

1944  Charlie Chan in The Chinese Cat

1944  Detective Kitty O'Day

1944  Shake Hands with Murder

1944  Oklahoma Raiders

1944  Outlaw Roundup

1944  What a Man!

1944  Nabonga

1943  The Phantom

1943  Man from Music Mountain

1943  Return of the Rangers

1943  The Underdog

1943  Trail of Terror

1943  Blazing Frontier

1943  Danger! Women at Work

1943  Isle of Forgotten Sins

1943  Batman

1943  Frontier Law

1943  Criminals Within

1943  Frontier Fury

1943  Wolves of the Range

1943  The Black Raven

1943  Death Rides the Plains

1943  Wild Horse Stampede

1943  Corregidor

1943  Bad Men of Thunder Gap

1943  The Kid Rides Again

1942  The Rangers Take Over

1942  Dawn on the Great Divide

1942  The Valley of Vanishing Men

1942  Outlaws of Boulder Pass

1942  Border Roundup

1942  Prairie Pals

1942  The Sombrero Kid

1942  Perils of the Royal Mounted

1942  Boot Hill Bandits

1942  Murder in the Big House

1942  House of Errors

1942  Arizona Roundup

1942  Black Dragons

1942  Man from Headquarters

1942  Road to Happiness

1941  Gentleman from Dixie

1941  Father Steps Out

1941  Arizona Bound

1941  Desperate Cargo

1941  Roar of the Press

1941  Sign of the Wolf

1941  Emergency Landing

1941  The Lone Wolf Takes a Chance

1941  The Trail of the Silver Spurs

1940  Rolling Home to Texas

1940  Arizona

1940  The Ape

1940  Queen of the Yukon

1940  Son of the Navy

1940  Midnight Limited

1940  Chasing Trouble

1940  Hidden Enemy

1940  The Fatal Hour

1939  Mutiny in the Big House

1939  Essex and Elizabeth

1939  Mr. Wong in Chinatown

1939  S.O.S. Tidal Wave

1939  Street of Missing Men

1939  Rough Riders' Round-up

1939  The Mystery of Mr. Wong

1939  Navy Secrets

1939  The Lone Wolf Spy Hunt

1939  Jesse James

1938  Kentucky

1938  A Christmas Carol

1938  Heroes of the Hills

1938  Woman Against Woman

1938  Over the Wall

1938  Maid's Night Out

1938  Port of Missing Girls

1937  The Singing Outlaw

1937  Boy of the Streets

1937  A Bride for Henry

1937  Atlantic Flight

1937  Vogues of 1938

1937  They Won't Forget

1937  Kid Galahad

1937  A Star Is Born

1937  Dick Tracy

1936  The Old Corral

1936  The Bold Caballero

1936  The Big Show

1936  Ghost-Town Gold

1936  Ride Ranger Ride

1936  Hot Money

1936  Special Agent K-7

1935  Front Page Woman

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