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Hope Lange ACTOR

Hope Lange was born on November 28th, 1931 in Redding Ridge Connecticut with the birth name Hope Elise Ross Lange.  She had 3 other siblings and her mother was a working actress.  When her father passed away prematurely, her mother was left to support the family.  She was only nine years old and was already performing on stage in amateur productions.  Hope made her acting debut on Broadway when she was eleven in the play, "The Patriots".   
To help her mother financially, Hope found work as a waitress and also met Eleanor Roosevelt and became her dog walker.  When her photo was taken a put in the newspaper she was seen and offered a job in advertising on the 1949 cover of "Radio Electronics".  She was still only fifteen years old so along with helping out financially, she attended college for two years in Oregon and New York and then found work in television which soon followed with 20th Century signing her to a contract. 
Hope did a number of successful screen tests and soon made her film debit in, "Bus Stop" (1956) opposite Marilyn Monroe.  She next was cast on the film, "The True Story of Jessie James" (1957) followed by a role on, "Peyton Place" (1957) which at the time was considered a risqué film which dealt with subjects such as rape and incest.  However, her performance was received so well by critics she earned an Academy Award nomination.
Successful film roles continued to come her way as she was considered one of the most natural beauties of the 1960's.  She was cast in the films, "The Best of Everything" (1959), "Love is a Ball" (1963) and "Wild in the Country" (1961) with Elvis Presley.
She then changed the direction of her career and began to focus on television.  Her most well known role came on the sitcom, "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir" (1968-1970) which ran for three seasons and garnished her two Emmy Awards for, Outstanding Continued Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role in a Comedy Series.  She also was cast as a regular on the series, "The New Dick Van Dyke Show" (1971-1974).  Lange finished out her career with a couple more big screen appearances in, "Blue Velvet" (1985), "Clear and Present Danger" (1994) and "Before He Wakes" (1998).
Lange was diagnosed with a bran tumor in the early 90's and under went a successful surgery, however, she continued to take on sporadic roles but with her health declining in 1998 she finally retired for good.        

Throughout her lifetime, the American beauty married three times.  First to Don Murray from April 14th, 1956 through July 7th, 1961.  She had two children with her first husband, Christopher and Patricia Murray and no other children with the next two men she married.  Her second husband was Alan Pakula from 1963 then divorcing in 1971.  Lange then married one more time to Charles Hollerith, Jr. from 1986 through her death on December 19th, 2003 in Santa Monica, California.  Her known cause of death was ischemic colitis infection at the age of seventy.


1998 Before He Wakes
1995 Just Cause
1994 Clear and Present Danger 
1993 Message from Nam 
1987-1993 Murder, She Wrote 
1993 Cooperstown
1993 Dead Before Dawn
1990 Tune in Tomorrow... 
1989 Knight & Daye
1987 Trying Times
1987 Ford: The Man and the Machine
1983-1986 Hotel
1986 Blue Velvet 
1985 A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2: Freddy's Revenge 
1985 Private Sessions 
1985 Survival Guide 
1984 Finder of Lost Loves
1983 I Am the Cheese 
1983 The Prodigal 
1983 Fantasy Island
1982 Matt Houston
1980 Pleasure Palace 
1980 Beulah Land 
1980 The Day Christ Died 
1979 Like Normal People 
1978 The Love Boat
1977 The Love Boat II 
1977 Police Story
1976 Gibbsville
1962-1975 Hallmark Hall of Fame 
1975 Medical Story
1975 The Secret Night Caller 
1974 Fer-de-Lance 
1974 Death Wish 
1971-1974 The New Dick Van Dyke Show 
1974 I Love You... Good-bye 
1973 The 500 Pound Jerk 
1972 That Certain Summer 
1970 Crowhaven Farm 
1968-1970 The Ghost & Mrs. Muir
1968 Jigsaw 
1967 CBS Playhouse
1966 The Fugitive 
1963 Love Is a Ball
1961 Pocketful of Miracles
1961 Wild in the Country 
1959 The Best of Everything 
1958 In Love and War 
1957-1958 Playhouse 90
1958 The Young Lions 
1957 Peyton Place 
1957 The True Story of Jesse James 
1956 Bus Stop 
1956 Kraft Theatre 

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