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Hoot Gibson ACTOR


Hoot Gibson was born on August 6th, 1892 in Tekamah, Nebraska with the birth name Edmund Richard Gibson.  Hoot was raised on a ranch and by the age of two he already owned his first pony.  When he was seven years old his family relocated to California and at the age of thirteen he ran away from home to join a circus.
He later returned to his roots of ranching and worked as a horse wrangler.  By 1907 he signed a contract with the Dick Stanley-Bud Atkinson Wild West Show and would tour throughout the nation. 
Three years later he broke into the film industry working as a stuntman.  He began appearing on such films as, "Pride of the Range" (1910) and "The Two Brothers" (1910).  Along with acting he remained working on the Rodeo circuit making a decent income doing both acting and Rodeo even winning the title of, "All Around Champion Cowboy" in 1912.
He continued to work on films appearing in 1912 in the short, "His Only Son" directed by Jack Conway.  Gibson continued to make connections in Hollywood and became friends with director John Ford.  He alter appeared in more films such as, "Cheyenne's Pal" (1917), "Straight Shooting" (1917), "The Secret Man" (1917) and "A Marked Man" (1917).
During World War I, he took a brief break from acting as well as the rodeo circuit to join the United States Army where he reached the rank of sergeant.  Upon completing his military service, Gibson had no issues returning right back to where he left off.
As his career progressed some other films he added to his resume were roles in, "The Fighting Brothers" (1919), "The Blackhorse Bandit" (1919), "Rustlers" (1919), "Gun Law" (1919), "The Gun Packer" (1919), "By Indian Post" (1919), "The Trail of the Holdup Man" (1919), "The Sheriff's Oath" (1920) and "The Wild Wild West" (1921). 
After a number of shorts being added to his credits he reached a decent level of success when he starred in, "Action" (1921), directed by John Ford and being his first full-length feature film.  It was this film that really began his western career success.
When the silent era came to an end, he made the transition to sound films with ease.  During this time he added such films to his resume as, "The Long, Long Trail" (1929), "Trigger Tricks" (1930) and "Clearing the Range" (1931).
Finally at the height of his career, he lost his contract with Universal and the quality of film roles he took on were less successful than he had become accustomed to.  Other western stars such as Gene Autry and Roy Rogers were being offered the better roles but he did still manage to appear in some successful films such as, "Powdersmoke Range" (1935) and "The Painted Stallion" (1937).
With his career in films on a downfall he decided to leave Hollywood and joined the Robbins Brothers and Russell Brothers Circus for about a year.  He then retired from show business and dabbled in real estate for a couple years.
In 1943 Monogram Pictures approached him and offered him a role in their "Trail Blazers" series which were a total of almost a dozen films.  Sadly, no other offers came out of this opportunity and therefore, after filming the last of the series, "Trigger Law" (1944), he for the most part retired from acting and returned back to making a living in real estate.  On occasion he did return for small appearances on, "Flight to Nowhere" (1946), "The Horse Soldiers" (1959) starring John Wayne and William Holden and his last appearance was on, "Ocean's Eleven" (1960) starring Frank Sinatra, Peter Lawford, Sammy Davis Jr., Richard Conte and Dean Martin to name a few.     
He married four times throughout his lifetime.  First to Helen Gibson in 1913 but by 1920 this marriage came to an end.  He then married Helen Johnson in 1922 and they had one child before this marriage also ended in 1930.  His third wife was Sally Eilers whom he wed in 1930 but by 1933 another marriage had become unsuccessful.  His fourth and final marriage was to Dorothea Dunstan in 1942 and they remained together until he passed away at the age of seventy from cancer on August 23rd, 1962 in Woodland Hills, California.  His remains are buried at Inglewood Park Cemetery in Inglewood, California.
Although he suffered a number of up's and downs in his professional and personal life with failed marriages and financial turmoil, he was still an amazing actor and Hollywood honored him with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his contribution to the Motion Picture Industry.  He was also inducted into the Western Performers Hall of Fame at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City.   


1960   Ocean's Eleven 

1959   The Horse Soldiers 

1955   I Married Joan

1953   The Marshal's Daughter 

1946   Flight to Nowhere 

1944   Trigger Law 

1944   The Utah Kid

1944   Marked Trails 

1944   Sonora Stagecoach

1944   Outlaw Trail 

1944   Arizona Whirlwind

1944   Westward Bound 

1943   Death Valley Rangers 

1943   Blazing Guns

1943   The Law Rides Again

1943   Wild Horse Stampede 

1937   The Painted Stallion 

1936   Cavalcade of the West 

1936   The Riding Avenger 

1936   The Last Outlaw 

1936   Feud of the West 

1936   Lucky Terror 

1936   Frontier Justice 

1935   Swifty

1935   Powdersmoke Range

1935   Rainbow's End

1935   Sunset Range

1933   The Fighting Parson 

1933   The Dude Bandit 

1932   The Cowboy Counsellor 

1932   The Boiling Point 

1932   A Man's Land 

1932   Spirit of the West

1932   The Gay Buckaroo 

1932   The Local Bad Man 

1931   The Hard Hombre

1931   Wild Horse

1931   Clearing the Range

1930   The Concentratin' Kid 

1930   Spurs

1930   Trigger Tricks 

1930   Roaring Ranch 

1930   Trailin' Trouble 

1930   The Mounted Stranger 

1929   Courtin' Wildcats

1929   The Long, Long Trail

1929   Points West

1929   The Winged Horseman 

1929   The Lariat Kid 

1929   Smilin' Guns 

1929   Burning the Wind 

1929   King of the Rodeo 

1928   The Danger Rider

1928   Clearing the Trail

1928   Hollywood or Bust

1928   Riding for Fame 

1928   The Wild West Show 

1928   The Flyin' Cowboy

1928   A Trick of Hearts

1928   The Rawhide Kid

1927   Galloping Fury 

1927   Painted Ponies

1927   A Hero on Horseback

1927   The Prairie King 

1927   Hey! Hey! Cowboy

1927   The Denver Dude 

1927   The Silent Rider

1926   The Buckaroo Kid

1926   The Texas Streak 

1926   The Shoot 'Em Up Kid

1926   The Man in the Saddle

1926   The Phantom Bullet

1926   The Flaming Frontier 

1926   Chip of the Flying U

1926   Arizona Sweepstakes

1925   The Calgary Stampede 

1925   Spook Ranch

1925   Let 'er Buck 

1925   The Saddle Hawk

1925   The Taming of the West

1925   The Hurricane Kid 

1924   The Ridin' Kid from Powder River 

1924   Hit and Run

1924   Sawdust Trail 

1924   Broadway or Bust

1924   40-Horse Hawkins 

1924   Ride for Your Life 

1924   Hook and Ladder 

1923   The Thrill Chaser

1923   The Ramblin' Kid 

1923   Blinky 

1923   Out of Luck 

1923   Shootin' for Love 

1923   Double Dealing 

1923   Dead Game

1923   Single Handed 

1923   The Gentleman from America 

1923   Kindled Courage 

1922   Ridin' Wild 

1922   The Lone Hand 

1922   The Galloping Kid 

1922   The Loaded Door 

1922   Trimmed 

1922   Step on It

1922   The Bearcat 

1922   Headin' West 

1921   The Fire Eater

1921   Sure Fire

1921   Red Courage 

1921   Action 

1921   Beating the Game

1921   The Man Who Woke Up

1921   The Movie Trail

1921   Bandits Beware

1921   The Wild Wild West

1921   Double Crossers

1921   Crossed Clues

1921   Who Was the Man?

1921   The Cactus Kid

1921   Out o' Luck

1921   The Fightin' Fury

1921   Kickaroo

1921   Sweet Revenge

1921   The Driftin' Kid 

1921   The Winning Track

1921   The Saddle King

1920   The Trail of the Hound

1920   The Man with the Punch 

1920   Fight It Out

1920   The Brand Blotter

1920   The Stranger

1920   Superstition

1920   Tipped Off

1920   The Two-Fisted Lover

1920   Double Danger

1920   Cinders

1920   'In Wrong' Wright

1920   The Shootin' Fool

1920   One Law for All

1920   The Grinning Granger

1920   A Gamblin' Fool

1920   The Big Catch

1920   The Champion Liar

1920   The Smilin' Kid

1920   The Shootin' Kid

1920   The Fightin' Terror

1920   The Broncho Kid

1920   Thieves' Clothes

1920   Masked

1920   Wolf Tracks

1920   His Nose in the Book

1920   The Rattler's Hiss

1920   Held Up for the Makin's

1920   Runnin' Straight

1920   Hair Trigger Stuff

1920   The Sheriff's Oath

1920   Roarin' Dan

1920   West Is Best

1920   The Jay Bird

1920   Winning a Home

1919   The Double Hold-Up

1919   The Lone Hand

1919   The Trail of the Holdup Man

1919   The Tell Tale Wire

1919   The Face in the Watch

1919   The Jack of Hearts

1919   The Four-Bit Man

1919   The Fighting Heart

1919   Kingdom Come

1919   The Gun Packer

1919   By Indian Post 

1919   Gun Law 

1919   Rustlers 

1919   Ace High

1919   The Rustler

1919   His Buddy

1919   The Fighting Brothers 

1919   The Black Horse Bandit

1918   Danger, Go Slow

1918   The Branded Man 

1918   The Midnight Flyer

1918   Play Straight or Fight

1918   The Woman in the Web 

1918   Headin' South 

1917   A Marked Man 

1917   The Secret Man 

1917   The Texas Sphinx

1917   Straight Shooting 

1917   Cheyenne's Pal 

1917   The Soul Herder

1917   The Wrong Man 

1917   The Golden Bullet

1917   A 44-Calibre Mystery

1917   The Voice on the Wire

1916   The Mysterious Cipher

1916   The Treasure Train

1916   The Capture of Red Stanley

1916   The Wedding Guest

1916   The Governor's Special

1916   The Passing of Hell's Crown

1916   The Night Riders

1916   Stampede in the Night

1916   A Knight of the Range 

1915   Stingaree 

1915   The Ring of Destiny

1915   Judge Not; or The Woman of Mona Diggings 

1915   The Pay Train

1915   The Death Train 

1915   The Man from Texas 

1915   Buckshot John

1914   The Man from the East

1914   The Hazards of Helen 

1914   The Telltale Knife

1914   Shotgun Jones

1913   In the Secret Service

1913   Cowboy Sports and Pastimes

1912   His Only Son

1911   The New Superintendent

1910   The Two Brothers

1910   Pride of the Range

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