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Herbert Marshall ACTOR


Herbert Marshall was born on May 23rd, 1890 in London in the United Kingdom with the birth name Herbert Brough Falcon Marshall, born to Percy F. Marshall and Ethel May Turner.  Originally, he had the intention of pursuing a career in accounting and received all the necessary schooling to do so at St. Mary's College, however he soon decided that he would prefer to work as an actor.
Prior to pursuing his goal in entertainment, he served during World War I and suffered an injury losing his leg, however, he received a wooden leg and did not let this impact his goals to pursue a career as an actor.
He began working as a stage performer and gained twenty years of experience in London before he even attempted to go the route of films.  His British accent was loved on the screen and he was never type cast to one specific type of character.
By the age of forty he finally made the move to working on American films with his first role being in, "The Letter" (1929).  He soon followed with more prominent roles in such films as, "Trouble in Paradise" (1932), "Blonde Venus" (1932) starring Marlene Dietrich and Cary Grant, Dickie Moore, Clarence Muse, Sterling Holloway, Hattie McDaniel, Dennis O'Keefe, Kent Taylor, Gene Morgan, Robert Emmett O'Connor and Sidney Toler, "Foreign Correspondent" (1940) co-starring Joel McCrea, Laraine Day, George Sanders, Albert Bassermann, Robert Benchley and Edmund Gwenn, "The Little Foxes" (1941), "Duel in the Sun" (1946) starring Jennifer Jones, Joseph Cotten, Gregory Peck, Lillian Gish, Lionel Barrymore, Charles Bickford, Otto Kruger, Dan White, Lane Chandler, Harry Carey, Sidney Blackmer, Walter Huston, Butterfly McQueen and Joan Tetzel, "The Razor's Edge" (1946), "Riders to the Stars" (1954), "Gog" (1954) and "The Fly" (1958).
Along with his many years of stage experience and work on a number of films he also worked as a television actor on such series as, "Playhouse 90" (1957), "The Loretta Young Show" (1957), "Lux Video Theatre" (1954-1956), "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" (1957-1958), "77 Sunset Strip" (1958) and "Zane Grey Theatre" (1961).
Throughout his lifetime he married a total of five times.  His first marriage was to Mollie Maitland in 1915 but by 1928 this marriage had come to an end.  His second wife was Edna Best whom he wed in 1928 and after having one child this marriage came to an end in 1940.  His third time to marry was in 1940 to Elizabeth Roberta Lee Russell and they also had one child together and remained married until 1947.  With three unsuccessful marriages, he still chose to wed again for a fourth time to Boots Mallory in 1947 and they were together until she passed away in 1958.  He then married his fifth and final wife Dee Anne Kahmann in 1960 and they were together until he passed away on January 22nd, 1966 in Beverly Hills, California after suffering from a heart attack.  His remains are located at the Chapel of the Pines Crematory in Los Angeles, California. 


1965   The Third Day 

1964   The Presidency: A Splendid Misery

1963   77 Sunset Strip 

1963   The Caretakers

1963   The List of Adrian Messenger

1962   Five Weeks in a Balloon

1961   Zane Grey Theatre 

1961   A Fever in the Blood 

1961   Michael Shayne 

1960   Hong Kong 

1960   Midnight Lace

1960   College Confidential

1960   Adventures in Paradise 

1958   The Fly 

1957-1958  Alfred Hitchcock Presents 

1958   Stage Struck

1958   Studio One in Hollywood

1957   Playhouse 90

1957   The Loretta Young Show

1954-1956  Lux Video Theatre 

1956   The Weapon 

1956   Wicked as They Come 

1955   Celebrity Playhouse 

1955   The Virgin Queen

1954   The Elgin Hour

1954   The Best of Broadway

1954   The Black Shield of Falworth

1954   Gog

1954   Riders to the Stars

1952   Angel Face 

1952   The Ford Television Theatre 

1951   Robert Montgomery Presents 

1951   Anne of the Indies

1950   Nash Airflyte Theatre

1950   The Underworld Story 

1950   Captain Blackjack 

1949   The Secret Garden

1947   High Wall

1947   Ivy 

1946   Duel in the Sun

1946   The Razor's Edge 

1946   Crack-Up

1946   Monuments of the Past

1945   The Unseen

1945   The Picture of Dorian Gray

1945   The Enchanted Cottage

1944   Andy Hardy's Blonde Trouble 

1944   The Shining Future

1943   Young Ideas

1943   Flight for Freedom

1943   Forever and a Day

1942   The Moon and Sixpence

1941   Kathleen 

1941   When Ladies Meet 

1941   The Little Foxes 

1941   Adventure in Washington 

1940   The Letter 

1940   Foreign Correspondent 

1940   A Bill of Divorcement

1938   Zaza

1938   Always Goodbye 

1938   Woman Against Woman

1938   Mad About Music

1937   Breakfast for Two

1937   Angel

1936   Make Way for a Lady

1936   A Woman Rebels 

1936   Girls' Dormitory 

1936   Forgotten Faces

1936   Till We Meet Again 

1936   The Lady Consents 

1935   If You Could Only Cook

1935   The Dark Angel

1935   Accent on Youth

1935   The Flame Within 

1935   The Good Fairy

1934   The Painted Veil 

1934   Outcast Lady 

1934   Riptide

1934   Four Frightened People

1933   The Solitaire Man 

1933   I Was a Spy 

1932   Evenings for Sale 

1932   Trouble in Paradise 

1932   Blonde Venus 

1932   Faithful Hearts 

1931   Michael and Mary 

1931   Bachelor's Folly 

1931   Secrets of a Secretary 

1930   Murder!

1929   The Letter

1927   Mumsie

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