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Henry O'Neill ACTOR


Henry O’Neill was born on August 10th, 1891 in Orange, New Jersey.  After high school he went to college briefly before dropping out and joining a traveling  theater group.  O’Neill continued working as a stage actor for a number of years before taking a brief break from the industry to serve his country during World War I.
Upon completing his military service, he returned to acting and back to his stage career.  By the mid 30’s he broke into the film industry appearing in such features as, "The Kennel Murder Case" (1933) starring William Powell, Mary Astor, Robert Barrat, Eugene Pallette, Jack La Rue and Ralph Morgan, “Ever In My Heart” (1933) starring Barbara Stanwyck, Ruth Donnelly, Ralph Bellamy and Otto Kruger, “Lady Killer” (1933) starring James Cagney, Mae Clarke, Margaret Lindsay, Raymond Hatton, Douglass Dumbrille and Leslie Fenton, "The Big Shakedown" (1934) starring Charles Farrell and Bette Davis, Ricardo Cortez, Glenda Farrell and Ellen Jenkins, “Road Gang” (1936) starring Donald Woods and Kay Linaker, “The Story of Louis Pasteur" (1936) starring Paul Muni, Josephine Hutchinson, Donald Woods, Porter Hall, Akim Tamiroff, Halliwell Hobbes, Dickie Moore and Anita Louise, "Dodge City" (1939) starring Errol Flynn, Olivia de Havilland, Frank McHugh, Ann Sheridan, John Litel, Victor Jory, Douglas Fowley, Ward Bond, William Lundigan, Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams, Henry Travers, Alan Hale Sr. and Bruce Cabot, "Sante Fe Trail" (1940) starring Errol Flynn, Olivia de Havilland, Raymond Massey, Ronald Reagan, William Lundigan, Gene Reynolds, Moroni Olsen, Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams, Alan Baxter, Alan Hale Sr. and Van Heflin, “Billy the Kid” (1941) starring Robert Taylor, Brian Donlevy, Gene Lockhart, Mary Howard, Lon Chaney Jr. and Ian Hunter, “Air Raid Wardens” (1943) starring Laurel and Hardy, Stephen McNally, Edgar Kennedy, Russell Hicks, Robert Emmett O'Connor, Philip Van Zandt and Jacqueline White, "Anchors Aweigh" (1945) starring Frank Sinatra, Gene Kelly, Kathryn Grayson, Dean Stockwell, Leon Ames and Pamela Britton, “The Virginian” (1946) starring Joel McCrea, Brian Donlevy, Sonny Tufts, Fay Bainter, Tom Tully, Paul Guilfoyle, William Frawley and Barbara Britton, "The Green Years" (1946) Charles Coburn, Tom Drake, Hume Cronyn, Gladys Cooper, Dean Stockwell, Andy Clyde, Wallace Ford, Henry Stephenson and Jessica Tandy, "You’re My Everything” (1949) with Dan Dailey, Anne Baxter and Anne Revere and his final film role was in, "The Wings of Eagles” (1957) starring alongside John Wayne, Maureen O'Hara, Dan Dailey, Ward Bond, Ken Curtis, Sig Ruman, Tige Andrews, Willis Bouchey and Kenneth Tobey.
Over the course of his career he added almost 200 roles to his credits, however he was one of the few actors that never ventured into television.  After his final appearance in 1957, he retired from the industry and remained living in California. 

Henry O'Neill married only once to Anna Barry in 1924 and they had one child together and remained married until he passed away on May 18th, 1961 in Hollywood, California at the age of sixty nine.


1957         The Wings of Eagles
1955         Untamed
1953         The Sun Shines Bright
1952         Scarlet Angel
1952         Scandal Sheet
1951         The Family Secret
1951         The People Against O'Hara
1950         The Flying Missile
1950         The Milkman
1950         Convicted
1950         The Second Woman
1950         No Man of Her Own
1949         Holiday Affair
1949         The Reckless Moment
1949         Strange Bargain
1949         You're My Everything
1949         Alias Nick Beal
1948         Leather Gloves
1948         The Return of October
1947         Little Mister Jim
1947         The Beginning or the End
1946         Three Wise Fools
1946         Bad Bascomb
1946         The Virginian
1946         The Green Years
1946         The Hoodlum Saint
1945         Anchors Aweigh
1945         Dangerous Partners
1945         Between Two Women
1945         Keep Your Powder Dry
1945         This Man's Navy
1944         Dark Shadows
1944         Nothing But Trouble
1944         Barbary Coast Gent
1944         Two Girls and a Sailor
1944         Main Street Today 
1944         Rationing
1944         The Heavenly Body
1943         Whistling in Brooklyn
1943         A Guy Named Joe
1943         Lost Angel
1943         Girl Crazy  
1943         Thousands Cheer
1943         Best Foot Forward
1943         Dr. Gillespie's Criminal Case
1943         Air Raid Wardens
1943         The Human Comedy
1943         For God and Country
1942         Stand by for Action
1942         White Cargo
1942         Pierre of the Plains
1942         Tortilla Flat
1942         This Time for Keeps
1942         Born to Sing
1942         Mr. and Mrs. North
1942         The Bugle Sounds
1941         Johnny Eager
1941         Shadow of the Thin Man
1941         Honky Tonk
1941         Down in San Diego
1941         Whistling in the Dark
1941         Blossoms in the Dust
1941         The Getaway 
1941         Billy the Kid
1941         Men of Boys Town
1941         Free and Easy
1941         The Trial of Mary Dugan
1941         Maisie Was a Lady
1940         Keeping Company
1940         Santa Fe Trail
1940         Knute Rockne All American
1940         Service with the Colors
1940         Money and the Woman
1940         They Drive by Night
1940         Young America Flies
1940         'Til We Meet Again
1940         Castle on the Hudson
1940         Dr. Ehrlich's Magic Bullet
1940         Calling Philo Vance
1940         The Fighting 69th
1939         Invisible Stripes
1939         Four Wives
1939         A Child Is Born
1939         Everybody's Hobby
1939         The Angels Wash Their Faces
1939         The Right Way 
1939         Sons of Liberty  
1939         Lucky Night
1939         Confessions of a Nazi Spy
1939         Juarez
1939         The Man Who Dared
1939         Dodge City
1939         Wings of the Navy
1939         Torchy Blane in Chinatown
1938         Brother Rat
1938         Girls on Probation 
1938         The Chaser
1938         The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse
1938         Racket Busters
1938         Yellow Jack
1938         Jezebel
1938         Gold Is Where You Find It
1938         White Banners
1937         Wells Fargo
1937         First Lady
1937         Submarine D-1
1937         Mr. Dodd Takes the Air
1937         The Life of Emile Zola
1937         The Singing Marine
1937         The Go Getter
1937         Draegerman Courage
1937         Marked Woman
1937         The Great O'Malley
1937         Green Light
1936         Rainbow on the River
1936         Anthony Adverse
1936         Two Against the World
1936         The White Angel
1936         The Big Noise
1936         Bullets or Ballots 
1936         The Golden Arrow
1936         Boulder Dam
1936         The Walking Dead
1936         Road Gang
1936         The Story of Louis Pasteu
1936         The Petrified Forest
1936         Freshman Love
1935         I Found Stella Parish
1935         Dr. Socrates
1935         The Case of the Lucky Legs
1935         Personal Maid's Secre
1935         Special Agent
1935         We're in the Money 
1935         Bright Lights
1935         Stranded
1935         Oil for the Lamps of China
1935         Dinky
1935         Alias Mary Dow
1935         Black Fury
1935         The Florentine Dagger 
1935         Living on Velvet
1935         While the Patient Slept
1935         The Great Hotel Murder
1935         Sweet Music
1935         Bordertown
1934         The Man Who Reclaimed His Head
1934         The Secret Bride
1934         Murder in the Clouds
1934         Flirtation Walk
1934         Gentlemen Are Born
1934         Madame Du Barry
1934         Big Hearted Herbert
1934         Side Streets
1934         The Man with Two Faces 
1934         The Personality Kid
1934         Midnight Alibi
1934         Now I'll Tell
1934         Fog Over Frisco
1934         The Key
1934         Upperworld
1934         Twenty Million Sweethearts
1934         Journal of a Crime
1934         Midnight
1934         Wonder Bar
1934         Fashions of 1934
1934         I've Got Your Number
1934         Bedside
1934         Massacre
1934         The Big Shakedown
1933         Lady Killer
1933         The House on 56th Street
1933         Son of a Sailor
1933         The World Changes
1933         From Headquarters
1933         Ever in My Heart
1933         The Kennel Murder Case
1933         I Loved a Woman
1930         The Strong Arm 

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