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Hedda Hopper ACTOR


Hedda Hopper was boron on May 2nd, 1885 in Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania with the birth name Elda Furry, to parents, David D. and Margaret Miller.  She had six siblings and at the age of three, her family relocated to Altoona.
At the age of eighteen, she ran away to New York City and found work as a chorus girl on the Broadway Stage.  She was not so successful and therefore she soon joined the theater company of matinee idol, DeWolf Hopper. She toured all over the country and as much as she enjoyed dancing, she really wanted to be an actress.  She auditioned for the play, “The Country Boy” and was cast as the lead.  This gave her the opportunity to act and she toured for thirty five weeks.
After marrying her only husband, Dewolf Hopper Sr. In 1915, the couple relocated to Los Angeles, California and both began pursuing a career in entertainment.  Her career began as a working actress in a number of silent films.  She appeared in over 120 films and mostly worked with the Samuel Goldwyn Studio’s. 
During the 1930’s, roles were becoming less available to her and after starting a gossip radio show, she was offered an opportunity she could not pass up.  She was asked to write a gossip column called, “Hedda Hopper’s Hollywood” which debuted in the Los Angeles Times.  She became known by everyone in the industry and disliked by many for her blunt way of sharing the “inside scoop”.
She did continue towards the later part of her career to make occasional acting appearances on such films as, “Sunset Boulevard” (1950), “The Patsy” (1964) and such television series as, “I Love Lucy”, “The Beverly Hillbillies” and “The Ford Show”.
She only had one son throughout her lifetime, William Hopper who became a very well known actor who portrayed, investigator, Paul Drake on the television series, “Perry Mason” (1957).  On February 1st, 1966, she passed away at the age of eighty, in Hollywood California after suffering from double pneumonia.  She is buried at Rose Hill Cemetery in Altoona, Pennsylvania.  She was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for her contribution to the Motion Picture Industry.

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1940 Queen of the Mob 
1939 Laugh It Off 
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1938 Thanks for the Memory 
1938 Dangerous to Know
1938 Maid's Night Out 
1938 Tarzan's Revenge
1937 Nothing Sacred
1937 Vogues of 1938
1937 Artists & Models 
1937 Topper 
1937 Dangerous Holiday  
1937 You Can't Buy Luck 
1936 Bunker Bean 
1936 Dracula's Daughter 
1936 Doughnuts and Society 
1936 The Dark Hour 
1935 Ship Cafe
1935 Three Kids and a Queen 
1935 I Live My Life
1935 Alice Adams 
1935 Society Fever 
1935 Lady Tubbs  
1935 One Frightened Night 
1934 No Ransom
1934 Little Man, What Now? 
1934 Let's Be Ritzy 
1934 Apples to You!  
1934 Bombay Mail
1933 Beauty for Sale 
1933 Pilgrimage 
1933 The Barbarian 
1933 Men Must Fight 
1932 The Unwritten Law 
1932 Speak Easily
1932 Downstairs 
1932 Skyscraper Souls 
1932 As You Desire Me 
1932 Night World 
1932 The Man Who Played God
1931 Good Sport
1931 West of Broadway 
1931 Flying High 
1931 Rebound 
1931 The Mystery Train 
1931 The Common Law
1931 Shipmates 
1931 A Tailor Made Man
1931 Men Call It Love 
1931 The Prodigal 
1931 The Easiest Way 
1930 War Nurse 
1930 Our Blushing Brides 
1930 Let Us Be Gay 
1930 Holiday 
1930 Murder Will Out 
1930 High Society Blues 
1930 Such Men Are Dangerous
1929 A Song of Kentucky
1929 The Racketeer 
1929 Half Marriage 
1929 His Glorious Night 
1929 Cat, Dog & Co.
1929 The Last of Mrs. Cheyney
1929 Girls Gone Wild
1928 Runaway Girls
1928 Undressed 
1928 Green Grass Widows  
1928 Harold Teen
1928 The Chorus Kid 
1928 The Port of Missing Girls
1928 The Whip Woman
1928 Love and Learn 
1928 Companionate Marriage 
1927 French Dressing 
1927 A Reno Divorce 
1927 The Drop Kick 
1927 One Woman to Another 
1927 Adam and Evil
1927 The Cruel Truth
1927 Black Tears 
1927 Wings
1927 Children of Divorce 
1927 Matinee Ladies 
1927 Venus of Venice 
1927 Orchids and Ermine
1926 Obey the Law
1926 Mona Lisa
1926 Fools of Fashion 
1926 Don Juan
1926 The Silver Treasure
1926 Lew Tyler's Wives
1926 Skinner's Dress Suit
1926 Pleasures of the Rich
1926 The Caveman 
1926 Dance Madness 
1925 Borrowed Finery
1925 The Teaser
1925 Raffles
1925 Zander the Great 
1925 Dangerous Innocence
1925 Declassée
1925 Her Market Value
1924 The Snob
1924 Sinners in Silk
1924 Another Scandal
1924 Miami
1924 Happiness  
1924 Why Men Leave Home  
1924 Gambling Wives  
1923 Reno
1923 Has the World Gone Mad!
1922 Women Men Marry
1922 What's Wrong with the Women?
1922 Sherlock Holmes  
1921 Conceit
1921 The Inner Chamber  
1921 Heedless Moths
1920 The New York Idea  
1920 The Man Who Lost Himself 
1919 The Isle of Conquest  
1919 Sadie Love  
1919 The Third Degree  
1918 Virtuous Wives  
1918 By Right of Purchase  
1918 The Beloved Traitor  
1917 Nearly Married  
1917 The Food Gamblers  
1917 Her Excellency, the Governor  
1917 Seven Keys to Baldpate
1916 The Battle of Hearts  

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