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Harry Langdon ACTOR


Harry Langdon was born on June 15th, 1884 in Council Bluffs, Iowa to parents William and Lavinia.  At the age of twelve he left home to join the circus.  When he got older he decided to pursue a career in vaudeville silent films.  He spent the next twenty years of his life developing a spcial character known as, "Harry's New Car".  Langdon made his Broadway debut in 1899 on, "The Winter's Tale".  In 1923 he decided to try to pursue a career in film and soon joined Vitagraph Movie Studios. 

He was very child like on stage and had an amazing talent as a pantomimist.  Soon, he moved over to Keystone studios, which greatly benefited his career.  A majority of his work was produced by Mack Sennett studio as well when he was picked up by them in 1923.  Due to such a unique character portrayal he had earned himself an amazing public following.

His work was so well received that he was in great competition with Charlie Chaplin, Harold Lloyd's and Buster Keaton.  Some of his best work was in the following films, "The Strong Man" (1926), "Saturday Afternoon" (1926) and "Long Pants" (1927).  His first feature length comedy was, "His First Flame" (1927) and soon after he completed  his last starring silent in 1928 and then he decided he wanted to take control over his films.  Harry formed his own company, The Harry Langdon Corporation and his first film, "Tramp, Tramp, Tramp" (1926) was actually a big hit.  However, he soon had a falling out with his co director, Frank Capra and sadly his next couple of films were not as well received and this career move actually hurt his popularity and made him a less desirable commodity. 

In 1928, he was actually bankrupt and neeed work desperately.  As he entered into the talkies era of films he signed a contract with Hal Roach, however, his childlike character did not take so well and after eight films he was fired.  He was then signed with Columbia pictures at the age of 50 in 1934 and he remained with them for the next ten years.  He continued his career into the 40's mostly working on low budget fims and shorts.

Harry Langdon passed away at the age of 61 on December 22nd, 1944 from a cerebral hemorrhage in Los Angeles, California.  He was interred at the Grand View Memorial Park Cemetery in Glendale, California.
Langdon was married to three different woman throughout his lifetime, first to  Rose Musolff in 1903 when they worked together but the couple divorced in 1929.  The couple did have one child together, unfortunately their child passed away at birth.  He then married Helen Walton from 1929-1932.  His third marriage was to Mabel Sheldon in 1934 to 1944 when he passed away and they had one child together. 
His home town of Council Bluffs decided in 1997 to celebrate Harry Langdon day and also named a boulevard in 1999 in his honor.  He was also awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his contribution to the Motion Picture Industry.


1945   Swingin' on a Rainbow 
1945   Pistol Packin' Nitwits
1945   Snooper Service
1944   Block Busters 
1944   Mopey Dope
1944   Hot Rhythm 
1944   Defective Detectives
1944   To Heir Is Human
1943   Spotlight Revue
1943   Here Comes Mr. Zerk
1943   Blonde and Groom
1943   A Blitz on the Fritz
1942   Piano Mooner
1942   Carry Harry
1942   Beautiful Clothes
1942   Tireman, Spare My Tires
1942   House of Errors  
1942   What Makes Lizzy Dizzy?
1941   Double Trouble 
1941   All-American Co-Ed 
1940   Misbehaving Husbands 
1940   Cold Turkey
1940   Goodness, a Ghost
1939   Zenobia
1938   A Doggone Mixup 
1938   There Goes My Heart  
1938   Sue My Lawyer
1938   II Mad About Money  
1935   I Don't Remember
1935   His Marriage Mix-up
1935   Atlantic Adventure 
1935   The Leather Necker
1935   His Bridal Sweet
1934   Shivers
1934   Counsel on De Fence
1934   Petting Preferred
1934   Circus Hoodoo
1934   Trimmed in Furs
1933   Roaming Romeo
1933   On Ice
1933   My Weakness 
1933   The Stage Hand
1933   Hooks and Jabs
1933   Marriage Humor
1933   Tied for Life
1933   Knight Duty
1933   The Hitchhiker
1933   Hallelujah I'm a Bum  
1933   Leave It to Dad
1933   Tired Feet
1932   The Big Flash
1930   See America Thirst  
1930   A Soldier's Plaything  
1930   The King
1930   The Shrimp
1930   The Big Kick
1930   The Fighting Parson
1930   The Head Guy
1930   La estaci├│n de gasolina
1930   ┬íPobre infeliz!
1929   Skirt Shy 
1929   Sky Boy
1929   Hotter Than Hot
1928   I Heart Trouble 
1928   The Chaser 
1927   I Fiddlesticks
1927   Three's a Crowd 
1927   His First Flame 
1927   Long Pants
1926   The Strong Man
1926   Ella Cinders 
1926   Soldier Man 
1926   Tramp, Tramp, Tram 
1926   Saturday Afternoon
1925   There He Goes
1925   Lucky Stars
1925   The White Wing's Bride 
1925   Horace Greeley, Jr.
1925   Remember When?
1925   Plain Clothes
1925   Giddap
1925   Boobs in the Wood
1925   His Marriage Wow
1925   The Sea Squawk 
1924   Feet of Mud 
1924   All Night Long
1924   The Hansom Cabman
1924   The Luck o' the Foolish
1924   The First 100 Years
1924   His New Mamma
1924   The Cat's Meow 
1924   Flickering Youth  
1924   Shanghaied Lovers  
1924   Scarem Much  
1924   Smile Please
1924   Picking Peaches  

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