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Harriet Hilliard Nelson ACTOR


Harriet Hilliard Nelson was born with the birth name, Peggy Lou Snyder in Des Moines, Iowa on July 18th, 1909 to parents Roy Hilliard Snyder and Hazel Dell McNutt.  Her career in entertainment first began performing in vaudeville and was soon hired to sing under the name Harriet Hilliard with the Ozzie Nelson band.
Soon RKO Radio Pictures signed her to a one-year contract in 1936 and she remained singing with the band but also appeared in a number of feature films such as, “Follow the Fleet”.  She continued to act, appearing with her then Husband, Ozzie Nelson in such films as, “Honeymoon Lodge” and in, “Hi, Good Lookin”.  Some of her other films roles from throughout her career were in, “Cocoanut Grove” (1938), “Sweetheart of the Campus” (1941) and “Juke Box Jenny” (1942).
In 1944, the couple embarked on a new adventure together on a comedy series for radio called, “The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet”.  The show was so successful that it soon transferred to a television show.  The couple had two sons, Ricky and David and both boys were often featured on the show with their parents.  Ricky Nelson went on to become a famous Rock 'n Roll singer, musician and teen idol.  Later in 1973, they also starred in the sitcom, “Ozzie’s Girls”, however, the series was not so successful and lasted only one season.  She was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for her contribution to the television industry.
Following her husbands death in 1975, she did a couple more small appearances before in 1978, choosing to retire from entertaining and moved to her home in Laguna Beach, California.  On October 2nd, 1994, she passed away after suffering from congestive heart failure.  Harriet is buried with her husband and her younger son Rick who sadly passed away in a plane crash in the Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills Cemetery in Los Angeles, California.  


1989 Father Dowling Mysteries
1987 Time Out for Dad
1985 Glitter
1984 High School U.S.A.
1983 The Kid with the 200 I.Q.
1982 The First Time
1982 Happy Days
1981 Aloha Paradise
1979 A Christmas for Boomer
1979 Death Car on the Freeway
1978 Fantasy Island
1977 The Love Boat
1977 NBC Special Treat
1976 Smash-Up on Interstate 5
1976 Once an Eagle
1969-1973 Love, American Style 
1973 Ozzie's Girls
1972 Rod Serling's Night Gallery
1967-1968 The Red Skelton Hour
1952-1966 The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet
1952 Here Come the Nelsons  
1944 Take It Big  
1944 Hi, Good Lookin'! 
1943 Swingtime Johnny  
1943 Honeymoon Lodge  
1943 Gals, Incorporated 
1943 The Falcon Strikes Back
1943 Hi, Buddy
1942 Juke Box Jenny  
1942 Canal Zone  
1941 Confessions of Boston Blackie  
1941 Sweetheart of the Campus  
1938 Cocoanut Grove
1937 The Life of the Party 
1937 New Faces of 1937  
1936 Follow the Fleet
1932 The Campus Mystery 

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