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Hans Conried ACTOR

Hans Conried was born on April 15th, 1917 in Baltimore, Maryland with the birth name Hans Georg Conried Jr., born to parents, Edith Beyr Gildersleeve and Hans Georg Conried.  He was raised in Baltimore and later his family moved to New York City.  After high school he enrolled at Columbia University and studied drama getting some decent experience as a stage actor.
He then joined the Orson Welles' Mercury Theatre Company and then found work on the radio on the show, "My Friend Irma"" and "Edgar Bergen-Charlie McCarthy Show".  He took a brief break from his entertainment career to enlist in the united States Army during World War I.  Upon completing his military service he went right back to acting.  He later found work on Broadway performing in such productions as, "Can-Can" (1953), "70", "Girls" and "Irene".
Hans became most well known for his work on the radio show, "The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show" and also his voice over work playing the character, Captain Hook in Walt Disney's, "Peter Pan" (1953).  He is also remembered for playing the character, Uncle Tonoose on, "The Danny Thomas Show" (1953) which later became known as, "Make Room for Daddy", a role he portrayed for thirteen years.
Along with his radio and stage work, Conried also appeared in numerous films, some of which were, "The Big Beat" (1958), "The Twonky" (1953), "My Six Loves" (1963), "The 5000 Fingers of Dr. T" (1953), "The Brothers O'Toole" (1973) and "The Shaggy D.A" (1976).
Conried was also a guest on such shows as, "Meet McGraw", "Hey, Jeannie!", "The Monkees", "I Love Lucy", "Gilligan's Island", "Lost in Space", "Dr. Kildare", "The Beverly Hillbillies", "Love, American Style", "Have Gun - Will Travel", "The Love Boat", "Hogan's Heroes", "Maverick", "Alice" and "Laverne & Shirley".
His career was mostly centered around television roles with numerous made for television movie roles such as, "Wife Unto Caesar" (1954), "The Unchained Goddess" (1958), "Feathertop" (1961), "Kismet" (1967) and "Barefoot in the Park" (1981).    
Conried married only once to Margaret Grant in 1942 and they had four children together and remained married until he passed away on January 5th, 1982 in Burbank, California after suffering from a heart ailment.   His remains were donated to medical science.


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1980   Oh, God! Book II 

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1955-1979  Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color

1979   Supertrain

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1977-1978  The Tony Randall Show 

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1976   The Shaggy D.A. 

1975   Kolchak: The Night Stalker

1973   The Christmas Visit 

1973   Dr. Seuss on the Loose 

1969-1973  Love, American Style

1973   Here's Lucy

1973   Butch Cassidy

1973   The Brothers O'Toole 

1972   The Partners

1972   O'Hara, U.S. Treasury 

1971   The Chicago Teddy Bears 

1970-1971  Make Room for Granddaddy 

1970   The Phantom Tollbooth 

1970   Horton Hears a Who! 

1970   Christmas Is

1969   The Debbie Reynolds Show 

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1963-1964  Fractured Flickers

1955-1963  The Danny Thomas Show 

1963   The Lucy Show 

1963   The DuPont Show of the Week

1963   My Six Loves

1962   Mister Ed

1961   Have Gun - Will Travel

1955-1961  The Red Skelton Hour 

1954-1961  The United States Steel Hour 

1961   Feathertop 

1961   The Bullwinkle Show

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1961   Adventures in Paradise 

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1959   1001 Arabian Nights 

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1959   The Ransom of Red Chief 

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1958   Maverick

1958   The Big Beat

1958   The Unchained Goddess 

1957   Dragnet

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1955-1957  The Lineup

1944-1948  The Woody Woodpecker Show

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1956   Playhouse 90

1956   Saturday Spectacular: Manhattan Tower

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1956   The Alcoa Hour 

1956   Ford Star Jubilee 

1956   The NBC Comedy Hour 

1955   The 20th Century-Fox Hour 

1955   Cavalcade of America

1955   You're Never Too Young 

1955   Four Star Playhouse

1954-1955  The Ray Milland Show: Meet Mr. McNulty 

1955   The Pepsi-Cola Playhouse 

1954   Wife Unto Caesar 

1954   Crown Theatre with Gloria Swanson

1953   Ben and Me 

1953   The Affairs of Dobie Gillis 

1953   The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T.

1953   I'll Buy That

1953   Siren of Bagdad 

1953   The Emperor's New Clothes 

1953   Peter Pan

1953   The Twonky

1952   I Love Lucy

1952   Mr. & Mrs. North

1952   Big Jim McLain

1952   The Unexpected

1952   Three for Bedroom C

1952   The World in His Arms 

1952   The Light Touch 

1952   Johann Mouse 

1951   The Walt Disney Christmas Show

1951   I'll See You in My Dreams 

1951   Too Young to Kiss 

1951   Texas Carnival 

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1949   On the Town 

1949   Bride for Sale 

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1949   My Friend Irma

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1948   Variety Time 

1948   Wacky-Bye Baby 

1947   The Senator Was Indiscreet 

1947   Well Oiled

1945   The Dippy Diplomat 

1945   Woody Dines Out

1945   Sliphorn King of Polaroo

1945   Chew-Chew Baby 

1944   Ski for Two 

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1943   His Butler's Sister

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1942   A Date with the Falcon

1941   The Gay Falcon

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1941   Unexpected Uncle 

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1941   More About Nostradamus 

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