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Hal Taliaferro ACTOR


Hal Taliaferro was born on November 13th, 1895 with the birth name Floyd Taliaferro Alderson in Sheridan, Wyoming.  He was raised on a ranch in Montana.  Before he became involved in the entertainment industry, he worked on a cattle drive and also drove a tourist stage for the Buffalo Bill Stage Line.
In 1915, he relocated to Los Angeles, California and first found work as a wrangler on Universal’s Ranch.  Before really trying to attempt a career in acting, he decided to join the army and served in the American Expeditionary Forces in France.
When returning to Los Angeles, he began looking for work as an actor.  Between 1921 and 1928, he appeared in twenty two silent films and later, took on the stage name, Wally Wales.  Throughout his career in the industry he would add a total of over 220 film roles to his resume.  He was an expert horseman and so many of his film roles were in Westerns.
He had no issue making the transition from silent films to sound films, however as his career progressed, roles were becoming less available to him.  In the early 1950’s, he decided to retire from the industry and moved back to his family's ranch. 
He remained on his ranch where he enjoyed painting landscapes in his free time.  He was admitted to a nursing home and passed away soon after at the age of eighty four, on February 10th, 1980 in Sheridan, Wyoming after suffering from pneumonia and stroke complications.  He was married twice throughout his lifetime to Gwendolyn Costello and Mary Bell Towers, but never had any children.


1952 Law of the Lawless
1952 Junction City 
1951 The Sea Hornet 
1950 California Passage
1950 Colt .45
1950 The Savage Horde 
1949 Brimstone 
1948 Blood on the Moon 
1948 Red River
1948 The Gallant Legion 
1948 West of Sonora
1947 Heaven Only Knows 
1947 Ramrod 
1946 Plainsman and the Lady
1946 Heading West 
1946 In Old Sacramento 
1946 Miss Susie Slagle's 
1946 The Phantom Rider 
1946 The Scarlet Horseman
1945 San Antonio
1945 Fallen Angel 
1945 The Cheaters 
1945 Federal Operator 99 
1945 Springtime in Texas
1945 Utah
1944 Zorro's Black Whip 
1944 Vigilantes of Dodge City 
1944 Haunted Harbor 
1944 Atlantic City 
1944 The Yellow Rose of Texas 
1944 Forty Thieves 
1944 Cowboy and the Senorita 
1944 Lumberjack 
1944 The Fighting Seabees 
1943 The Woman of the Town
1943 Cowboy in the Clouds
1943 Man from Music Mountain
1943 Silver Spurs
1943 Frontier Law 
1943 Colt Comrades
1943 Song of Texas  
1943 Leather Burners 
1943 It's a Great Life 
1943 Hoppy Serves a Writ 
1943 Idaho 
1942 Ridin' Down the Canyon 
1942 American Empire 
1942 Heart of the Golden West
1942 Little Joe, the Wrangler 
1942 King of the Mounties 
1942 Sons of the Pioneers 
1942 Tombstone: The Town Too Tough to Die 
1942 Romance on the Range
1942 Bullets for Bandits
1941 Red River Valley 
1941 Jesse James at Bay 
1941 Roaring Frontiers
1941 Riders of the Timberline 
1941 Bad Man of Deadwood
1941 Under Fiesta Stars 
1941 Law of the Range
1941 Sheriff of Tombstone
1941 Border Vigilantes 
1941 In Old Cheyenne
1941 The Great Train Robbery 
1941 Along the Rio Grande 
1940 The Border Legion
1940 Texas Terrors
1940 Young Bill Hickok
1940 Cherokee Strip  
1940 Colorado 
1940 The Carson City Kid 
1940 Adventures of Red Ryder
1940 The Man with Nine Lives 
1940 Dark Command 
1940 Pioneers of the West 
1940 Bullets for Rustlers
1939 Zorro's Fighting Legion 
1939 Two-Fisted Rangers 
1939 The Stranger from Texas
1939 Saga of Death Valley 
1939 The Story of Charles Goodyear 
1939 Outpost of the Mounties
1939 Daughter of the Tong
1939 Fugitive at Large 
1939 Riders of the Frontier 
1939 Overland with Kit Carson
1939 Western Caravans
1939 Man of Conquest
1939 North of the Yukon 
1939 Frontiers of '49 
1939 The Thundering West 
1938 Rio Grande 
1938 Prairie Justice
1938 Guilty Trails
1938 Crime Takes a Holiday 
1938 Black Bandit 
1938 Phantom Gold
1938 South of Arizona 
1938 Pioneer Trail  
1938 The Great Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok 
1938 Stagecoach Days 
1938 The Lone Ranger 
1937 Wells Fargo 
1937 The Trigger Trio 
1937 Trapped by G-Men 
1937 Heart of the Rockies 
1937 The Rangers Step In 
1937 One Man Justice 
1937 The Painted Stallion 
1937 Rootin' Tootin' Rhythm
1937 Law of the Ranger 
1937 Two Gun Law 
1936 Rio Grande Ranger
1936 The Gun Ranger 
1936 Law and Lead 
1936 Ambush Valley
1936 The Unknown Ranger
1936 The Traitor
1936 The Phantom Rider 
1936 The Crime Patrol 
1936 Avenging Waters
1936 Heroes of the Range 
1936 Hair-Trigger Casey 
1936 Lucky Terror
1935 The Shadow of Silk Lennox 
1935 Trigger Tom 
1935 Swifty
1935 Lawless Riders 
1935 Gun Play
1935 Between Men
1935 Western Courage 
1935 Powdersmoke Range 
1935 Heir to Trouble 
1935 Danger Trails 
1935 Men of Action 
1935 Get That Man 
1935 The Vanishing Riders 
1935 Stranded 
1935 The Laramie Kid 
1935 The Silver Bullet 
1935 Fighting Caballero
1935 Silent Valley 
1935 The Call of the Savage 
1935 The Miracle Rider 
1935 The Cowboy and the Bandit 
1935 The Pecos Kid 
1935 Five Bad Men 
1935 The Phantom Empire 
1935 Six Gun Justice 
1935 The Lone Bandit 
1935 The Rustlers of Red Dog 
1935 Unconquered Bandit
1935 The Cactus Kid 
1934 Mystery Mountain
1934 Range Warfare 
1934 The Oil Raider 
1934 West of the Law 
1934 The Way of the West 
1934 The Lone Rider 
1934 The Law of the Wild
1934 Pals of the West
1934 Fighting Through 
1934 The Desert Man
1934 Carrying the Mail
1934 The Lost Jungle 
1934 Smoking Guns 
1934 Sundown Trail
1934 The Fighting Rookie
1934 Arizona Cyclone
1934 Honor of the Range
1934 Western Racketeers 
1934 Romance Revier
1934 The Lost Jungle
1934 Nevada Cyclone 
1934 Adventures of Texas Jack
1934 Wheels of Destiny
1934 West of the Divide 
1934 Border Guns
1934 The Lucky Texan 
1934 Potluck Pards
1933 The Mystery Squadron 
1933 Sagebrush Trail 
1933 The Trail Drive 
1933 Secrets of Hollywood 
1933 The Fighting Texans 
1933 King of the Arena
1933 Rusty Rides Alone 
1933 Deadwood Pass 
1932 Law and Lawless 
1931 So This Is Arizona 
1931 Flying Lariats
1931 Riders of the Cactus 
1931 Hell's Valley
1931 Red Fork Range
1930 Breed of the West
1930 The Utah Kid
1930 Trails of Danger
1930 Canyon Hawks
1930 Bar-L Ranch 
1930 The Voice from the Sky
1929 Overland Bound 
1928 Flyin' Buckaroo 
1928 Saddle Mates 
1928 Desperate Courage 
1927 The Desert of the Lost
1927 The Soda Water Cowboy
1927 White Pebbles
1927 Skedaddle Gold
1927 The Meddlin' Stranger 
1927 Tearin' Into Trouble 
1927 The Cyclone Cowboy 
1927 Pals of the West
1926 Ace of Action
1926 Twisted Triggers
1926 Double Daring 
1926 Ridin' Rivals
1926 Vanishing Hoofs
1926 The Fighting Cheat  
1925 Galloping On
1925 The Hurricane Horseman 
1925 Tearin' Loose
1921 Crossing Trails
1921 Western Hearts

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