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Guy Wilkerson ACTOR

Guy Wilkerson was born on December 21st, 1899 in Whitewright, Texas.  He became most well known for starring in western films, where over sixty of the films he was cast in were Westerns.
He is most known for playing the character, "Panhandle Perkins" in a total of twenty two westerns between 1942 and 1945 known as the, "Texas Rangers" film series.  Some of which were, "Hangmen Also Die!" (1943), "West of Texas" (1943), "Border Buckaroos" (1943) and "Trail of Terror" (1943). 
His career in entertainment began working as a vaudeville performer and burlesque artist.  Later in his career he also began adding other film roles such as, "The Scarlet Horseman" (1946) "Winchester '73" (1950) starring James Stewart, Stephen McNally, Shelley Winters and Dan Duryea, "The Big Sky" (1952) starring Kirk Douglas and Dewey Martin, "The Last Posse" (1953) and "True Grit" (1969) starring John Wayne and Glen Campbell.

Majority of his other film roles were un-credited, although he did also appear on such television series as, "Trackdown", "The Rifleman", "77 Sunset Strip", "The Rebel", "Laramie", "The Tallman" and "Twilight Zone".  
His final role was in 1971 on the film, "The Todd Killings".  Guy Wilkerson passed away on July 15th, 1971 in Hollywood, California after suffering from cancer.


1971   The Todd Killings
1969-1971  Bonanza 

1970   Monte Walsh 

1970   To Rome with Love 
1970   Adam-12

1969   Hello, Dolly! 

1969   Mod Squad 
1969   The Over-the-Hill Gang 

1969   The Great Bank Robbery

1969   True Grit
1969   The Guns of Will Sonnett

1965-1968  Petticoat Junction

1967   My Three Sons 
1967   Dundee and the Culhane

1967   Good Times 

1952-1967  Death Valley Days 
1966   Alvarez Kelly 

1966   The Silencers

1965-1966  Green Acres 
1965   The Legend of Jesse James 

1963-1965  The Virginian 

1965   Harlow
1965   Black Spurs

1965   War Party 

1965   Kentucky Jones
1964   Kraft Suspense Theatre

1964   Your Cheatin' Heart

1964   The Brass Bottle 
1964   The Fugitive 

1959-1964  Gunsmoke 

1963   The Haunted Palace
1962   To Kill a Mockingbird

1958-1962  Maverick 

1962   Moon Pilot 
1956-1961  Cheyenne

1961   Susan Slade

1961   Thriller 
1960-1961  Stagecoach West 

1961   Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color 
1959-1961  Lawman

1960   Twilight Zone

1959-1960  Wanted: Dead or Alive
1960   The Case of the Dangerous Robin

1960   The Walking Target

1960   Seven Ways from Sundown
1960   The Tall Man 

1960   Markham 

1960   Elmer Gantry
1960   Laramie

1960   The Rebel 

1960   Toby Tyler, or Ten Weeks with a Circus 
1959   Bronco 

1959   U.S. Marshal 

1959   Hotel de Paree 
1959   The FBI Story

1959   The Texan 

1959   No Name on the Bullet
1959   The Rifleman

1959   The Hanging Tree 

1959   77 Sunset Strip
1957-1958  Trackdown 

1958   Zane Grey Theater

1958   Man of the West 
1958   Wild Heritage 

1958   Tombstone Territory 

1958   The Jack Benny Program 
1958   Cowboy

1958   Tales of Wells Fargo

1957   Decision at Sundown
1957   Band of Angels 

1957   3:10 to Yuma

1957   The Buster Keaton Story 
1957   Shoot-Out at Medicine Bend 

1956   You Can't Run Away from It 

 1956   Jubal 

1956   Meet Me in Las Vegas 

1956   Ransom! 
1955   I'll Cry Tomorrow 

1955   Lucy Gallant 

1955   One Desire 
1955   Foxfire 

1954   The Far Country 

1954   Wyoming Renegades
1954   Ma and Pa Kettle at Home 

1954   The Boy from Oklahoma 

1954   Crime Wave
1954   Topper

1953   Take the High Ground!

1953   Those Redheads from Seattle 
1953   The Man from the Alamo

1953   The Stranger Wore a Gun 

1953   The Last Posse 
1953   Mr. & Mrs. North

1953   All I Desire 

1952   The Cisco Kid
1952   The Big Sky 

1952   The Story of Will Rogers 

1952   Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok 
1952   Scandal Sheet

1951   Drums in the Deep South 

1951   Mr. Belvedere Rings the Bell
1951   Passage West 

1951   Comin' Round the Mountain

1951   The Fat Man 
1951   Along the Great Divide 

1951   Santa Fe 

1951   The Red Badge of Courage
1951   The Great Missouri Raid 

1950   Stage to Tucson 

1950   Mr. Music
1950   Wyoming Mail 

1950   Winchester '73

1950   Return of the Frontiersman
1950   Please Believe Me

1950   A Ticket to Tomahawk 

1950   Woman in Hiding 
1949   Roseanna McCoy 

1949   The Lone Ranger 

1949   The Girl from Jones Beach 
1949   Red Stallion in the Rockies

1949   The Sun Comes Up

1948   The Decision of Christopher Blake
1948   The Plunderers

1948   Texas, Brooklyn & Heaven 

1948   Speed to Spare 
1948   Fury at Furnace Creek 

1948   Man from Texas 

1947   Big Town After Dark 
1947   That Hagen Girl 

1947   Unconquered

1947   Danger Street 
1947   The Sea of Grass

1947   The Michigan Kid

1947   California
1946   Duel in the Sun 

1946   The Spider Woman Strikes Back 

1946   The Scarlet Horseman 
1946   Abilene Town

1945   Captain Tugboat Annie

1945   The Royal Mounted Rides Again
1945   Flaming Bullets

1945   Frontier Fugitives

1945   Three in the Saddle
1945   Enemy of the Law 

1945   Marked for Murder 

1944   The Whispering Skull
1944   Dead or Alive 

1944   Gangsters of the Frontier

1944   Gunsmoke Mesa 
1944   Brand of the Devil

1944   Spook Town

1944   The Pinto Bandit 
1944   Guns of the Law

1944   Outlaw Roundup

1943   Boss of Rawhide
1943   Return of the Rangers 

1943   The Unknown Guest 

1943   Trail of Terror 
1943   Fighting Valley

1943   Border Buckaroos

1943   West of Texas
1943   Hangmen Also Die!

1943   Bad Men of Thunder Gap 

1942   The Rangers Take Over
1942   Vengeance of the West 

1942   The Pride of the Yankees

1942   Beyond the Blue Horizon 
1942   Juke Girl 

1942   Captain Midnight 

1941   Swamp Woman 
1941   Birth of the Blues 

1941   Spooks Run Wild 

1941   Sergeant York 
1940   Untamed 

1939   Gone with the Wind

1939   Our Neighbors - The Carters 
1939   Man of Conquest 

1939   Dodge City 

1938   The Cowboy and the Lady 
1938   Professor Beware 

1938   Kentucky Moonshine 

1938   Gold Is Where You Find It 
1937   Wife, Doctor and Nurse 

1937   Heart of the Rockies

1937   Mountain Music
1937   Yodelin' Kid from Pine Ridge 

1937   Mountain Justice 

1937   Servant of the People: The Story of the Constitution of the United States
1937   Paradise Express

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