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Goldie Hawn ACTOR


Goldie Hawn was born on November 21st, 1945 in Washington, District of Columbia to parents Laura Steinhoff and Edward Rutledge Hawn.  She has two siblings a sister and a brother named Edward who sadly passed away before she was born.  From a young age she was exposed to ballet and tap dance lessons and when she was ten years old she was already performing on stage in a, "Nutcracker" production.
When she graduated from high school she enrolled at American University where she was majoring in drama, but soon decided to drop out, dance professionally and worked part time as a dance instructor.
In 1964, Hawn relocated to New York City and found work as a go-go dancer which helped land her a spot on the comedy hit show Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In" (1968-1970).  Soon she was getting cast in the film and television industry.  Her first role was on a comedy called, "Good Morning World" (1967-1968) followed by a role that got her a decent amount of media attention in, "Sketch Comedy" (1968-1973). 
Her film debut followed shortly in, "The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band" (1968) followed by three more film roles, "There's a Girl in My Soup" (1970), "Butterflies Are Free" (1972) and "Cactus Flower" (1969), for which she received her first Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.
During the mid 70's and into the 80's,  roles kept coming to Hawn working on such feature films as, "The Sugarland Express" (1974), "Shampoo" (1975), "The Girl from Petrovka" (1974), "Foul Play" (1978), "Private Benjamin" (1980), "Protocol" (1984), "Wildcats" (1986), "Swingshift" (1984) and "Overboard" (1987).
Not only was she making quite a career for herself as an actress, she also gained media attention when she chose in 1985 to pose for the cover of Playboy wearing nothing but a white collar shirt, black tie and heels in a giant martini glass. 
More successful film roles followed in the 90's such as, "Bird on a Wire" (1990), "Crisscross" (1992), "Deceived" (1991), "Death Becomes Her" (1992) and "HouseSitter" (1992).
In the early 90's,  her mother became ill with cancer and she took a break from acting for four years to care for her.  When her mother succored to the disease in 1994, Hawn returned to films and worked on the other side of the industry as a producer and director for such films as, "Something to Talk About" and on the movie made for television, "Hope" (1997).
She then reverted to acting starring in, "The First Wives Club" (1996), "Everyone Says I Love You" (1996), "The Out-Of-Towners" (1999), "Town & Country" (2001) and her final film appearance was in 2002 in, "The Banger Sisters". 
Hawn has remained out of the limelight for quite some time and is currently in a relationship with actor, Kurt Russell since 1983.  She was married twice before this relationship, first to Gus Trikonis from 1969 through 1976.  She then married Bill Hudson in 1976 and they had two children together, Oliver and Kate before the marriage ended in divorce in 1980. 
Goldie Hawn founded and also funds the Hawn Foundation.  The organization teaches Buddhist technique of mindfulness training.  She is trying to get the, Mind technique to be taught at a school in Britain.  Her daughter Kate has just given birth to Goldie's fourth grandchild. 


2002 The Banger Sisters 
2001 Town & Country
1999 The Out-of-Towners 
1996 Everyone Says I Love You
1996 The First Wives Club
1992 Death Becomes Her 
1992 HouseSitter 
1992 CrissCross 
1991 Deceived
1990 Bird on a Wire 
1987 Overboard 
1986 Wildcats
1984 Protocol
1984 Swing Shift
1982 Best Friends
1980 Seems Like Old Times
1980 Private Benjamin
1979 Viaggio con Anita
1978 Foul Play
1976 The Duchess and the Dirtwater Fox
1975 Shampoo
1974 The Sugarland Express
1972 Butterflies Are Free
1971 $
1970 There's a Girl in My Soup
1968-1970 Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In 
1969 Cactus Flower
1969 Five the Hard Way
1968 The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band
1967-1968 Good Morning, World 

Matinee Classics - Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In starring Dan Rowan, Dick Martin, Ruth Buzzi, Gary Owens, Alan Sues, Arte Johnson, Henry Gibson, Lily Tomlin, Richard Dawson, Jo Anne Worley and Goldie Hawn
Matinee Classics - Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In starring Dan Rowan, Dick Martin, Ruth Buzzi, Gary Owens, Alan Sues, Arte Johnson, Henry Gibson, Lily Tomlin, Richard Dawson, Jo Anne Worley and Goldie Hawn

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