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Glenn Ford ACTOR


Glenn Ford was born, Gwyllin Samula Newton on May 1st, 1916 in Sainte-Christine, Quebec, Canada.  Already, at the age of 4 he worked at the local community theater in a production of, "Tom Thumb's Wedding" (1924).  His family moved to Santa Monica, California and he was active in theater all throughout his schooling. 

He landed his first professional theater job as a stage manager in 1934, and that same year, he was acting in a West Coast company of Lillian Hellman's "The Children's Hour".

Glenn was discovered in 1939 by Tom Moore, a talent scout for 20th Century Fox.  He made his film debut in 20th Century Fox's " Heaven With a Barbed Wire Fence " (1939), however, signed a contract with Columbia Pictures the same year whom he remained with for the next fourteen years.  After an apprenticeship in such B-movies as "Blondie Plays Cupid" (1940), Ford was promoted to Columbia's A-list.
The first phase of his stardom was interrupted by World War II service in the Marines in 1942. During his service, he helped build safe houses in France for those hiding from the Nazis. Ford continued his military career in the Naval Reserve well into the Vietnam War, becoming one of the few actors to achieve flag-rank.  Upon his return, Ford had some struggles getting his career moving again, but he was back on top in, "A Stolen Life" (1946) and as Rita Hayworth's co-star in "Gilda" (1946).

Ford's range was quite extensive.  He played anything from a cowboy to an ordinary man stuck in an unusual experience.  Some films he starred in were, "The Big Heat" (1953), "Human Desire" (1954) "Teahouse of the August Moon" (1956), and "The Gazebo" (1959).  About half of his films were Westerns, such as, "The Desperadoes" (1943), "The Fastest Gun Alive" (1956), "3:10 to Yuma" (1957), and "Cowboy" (1958) with Jack Lemmon.

In 1958, Ford was voted the number one male box-office attraction.  In 1971 he joined the weekly television grind, however his series "Cade's County" ended after a single season.  He proceeded to star on another series, "The Family Holvak" (1975), and hosted a weekly documentary.  He continued showing up in choice movie supporting roles into the early 90's, with one of the best being, "Superman: The Movie" (1978).

Ford had retired from acting in 1991 following heart and circulatory problems.  His last film appearance was a cameo in, "Tombstone" (1993) starring Kurt Russell and Sam Elliott, and after a series of strokes later that decade, he died in 2006 at the age of 90.  Ford had quite a interesting love life, with many marriages.  First, he married actress Eleanor Powell on October 23, 1943 later divorced in 1959.  He then married Kathryn Hays, March 27, 1966, but this marriage too ended in divorce.  Following he married Cynthia Hayward on March 27, 1977 and again was divorced and remarried to Jeanne Baus on March 5, 1993.  He had 1 child from his first marriage, Peter Ford who wrote a biography Glenn Ford: A Life, which talks about everything from his dad's career to his personal love life.  He was a man of confidence and charisma and was a great part of film history starring in over 100 films total.

2008   Personal Journeys of World War II as Voice Narrator
2007   Esther Ponce: Flamenco Dreams as Performance
1991   Final Verdict as Reverend Rogers
1991   Raw Nerve as Captain Gavin
1990   Border Shootout as Sheriff John Danaher
1985   The Hollywood Clowns as Voice Narrator
1982   Virus as Richardson
1981   Day of the Assassin as Christakis
1981   Happy Birthday to Me as Dr. Faraday
1980   l Visitatore as Officer Durham
1979   Beggarman, Thief as David Donnelly
1979   When the West Was Fun: A Western Reunion as Host
1978   Evening in Byzantium as Jess Craig
1978   Superman: The Movie as Jonathan Kent
1977   The 3,000 Mile Chase as Dvorak/Staveck
1976   Midway as Rear Adm. Raymond A. Spruance
1973   Santee as Santee
1972   Sam Cade as Sheriff Sam Cade
1971   Cade's County as Sam Cade
1970   The Brotherhood of the Bell as Professor Andrew Paterson
1969   Heaven with a Gun as Jim Killian
1969   Smith! as Smith
1968   Day of the Evil Gun as Warfield
1967   A Time for Killing as Major Charles Wolcott
1967   The Last Challenge as Marshal Dan Blaine
1966   Is Paris Burning? as General Omar Bradley
1966   Rage as Reuben
1966   The Money Trap as Joe Baron
1965   The Rounders as Ben Jones
1964   Advance to the Rear as Captain Jared Heath
1964   Dear Heart as Harry Mork
1964   Fate Is the Hunter as Sam McBane
1963   Love Is a Ball as John Davis
1962   Experiment in Terror as John 'Rip' Ripley
1962   The Courtship of Eddie's Father as Tom Corbett
1962   The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse as Julio Desnoyers
1961   Cry for Happy as Andy Cyphers
1961   Pocketful of Miracles as Dave the Dude
1960   Cimarron as Yancey Cravet
1959   It Started with a Kiss as Sgt. Joe Fitzpatrick
1959   The Gazebo as Elliott Nash
1958   Cowboy as Tom Reece
1958   Imitation General as Master Sgt. Murphy Savage
1958   The Sheepman as Jason Sweet
1958   Torpedo Run as Lt. Cmdr. Barney Doyle
1957   3:10 to Yuma as Ben Wade
1957   A Day Called X as Voice Narrator
1957   Don't Go Near the Water as Lt. Max Siegel
1956   Jubal as Jubal Troop
1956   Ransom as David G. Stannard
1956   The Fastest Gun Alive as George Temple
1956   The Teahouse of the August Moon as Captain Fisby
1955   Blackboard Jungle as Richard Dadier
1955   Interrupted Melody as Dr. Thomas King
1955   Trial as David Blake
1954   Human Desire as Jeff Warren
1954   The Americano as Sam Dent
1954   The Violent Men as John Parrish
1953   Appointment in Honduras as Steve Corbett
1953   Plunder of the Sun as Al Colby
1953   Terror on a Train as Peter Lyncourt
1953   The Big Heat as Dave Bannion
1953   The Man from the Alamo as John Stoud
1952   Affair in Trinidad as Steve Emery
1952   The Green Glove as Michael Blake
1952   Young Man with Ideas as Maxwell Webster
1951   Follow the Sun as Ben Hogan
1951   The Secret of Convict Lake as Canfield
1950   Convicted as Joe Hufford
1950   The Flying Missile as Cmdr. Bill Talbot
1950   The Redhead and the Cowboy as Gil Kyle
1950   The White Tower as Martin Ordway
1949   Lust for Gold as Jacob Walz
1949   Mr. Soft Touch as Joe Miracle
1949   The Doctor and the Girl as Dr. Michael Corday
1949   The Man from Colorado as Col. Owen Devereaux
1949   The Undercover Man as Frank Warren
1948   The Loves of Carmen as Don Jose
1948   The Mating of Millie as Doug Andrews
1948   The Return of October as Professor Bassett
1947   Framed as Mike Lambert
1946   A Stolen Life as Bill Emerson
1946   Gallant Journey as John Montgomery
1946   Gilda as Johnny Farrell
1943   Destroyer as Mickey Donahue
1943   Show Business at War as Himself
1943   The Desperadoes as Cheyenne Rogers
1942   Flight Lieutenant as Danny Doyle
1942   The Adventures of Martin Eden as Martin Eden
1941   Go West, Young Lady as Tex Miller
1941   So Ends Our Night as Ludwig Kern
1941   Texas as Tod Ramsey
1940   Babies for Sale as Steve Burton
1940   Blondie Plays Cupid as Charlie
1940   Convicted Woman as Jim Brent
1940   Men without Souls as Johnny Adams
1940   My Son Is Guilty as Barney
1940   The Lady in Question as Pierre Morestan
1939   Heaven with a Barbed Wire Fence as Joe Riley 

Matinee Classics - The Disappearance of Flight 412 starring Glenn Ford, Bradford Dillman, David Soul, Robert F. Lyons, Guy Stockwell, Greg Mullavey, Stanley Clay, Jonathan Lippe, Jack Ging and Ken Kercheval
Matinee Classics - The Disappearance of Flight 412 starring Glenn Ford, Bradford Dillman, David Soul, Robert F. Lyons, Guy Stockwell, Greg Mullavey, Stanley Clay, Jonathan Lippe, Jack Ging and Ken Kercheval
Matinee Classics - Glenn Ford
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Matinee Classics - Gallant Journey starring Glenn Ford, Janet Blair, Charlie Ruggles, Henry Travers, Jimmy Lloyd, Charles Kemper, Arthur Shields, Willard Robertson, Selena Royle and Robert DeHaven

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