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Gig Young ACTOR

Gig Young was born on November 4th, 1913 in St. Cloud, Minnesota with the birth name Byron Elsworth Barr, born to parents John and Emma Barr.  He was raised in Washington DC and during high school he developed an interest in acting in a number of the school plays.  After high school he continued to gain some more stage experience and was then awarded a scholarship to study at the Pasadena Community Playhouse. 
During one of his early stage roles in, "Pancho" a Warner Brothers scout who viewed the production developed an interest in Young and signed him to a supporting players contract.
Now working in the film industry under his birth name Byron Barr he began appearing in a number of small roles such as, "Sergeant York" (1941) starring Gary Cooper and then "The Gay Sisters" (1942) where he played the character Gig Young and therefore took on the name as his stage name.  Young, then took a brief break from acting to join the United States Coast Guard and upon completing his service he returned right back to pursuing a career as an actor.
He originally was working with Warner Brothers Studio's prior to joining the Coast Guard, however when he returned back to acting, they had dropped his contract so he began doing a number of projects freelance. 
Some film roles he soon added to his resume were on, "Come Fill the Cup" (1951), "Holiday For Sinners" (1952), "Arena" (1953), "Desk Set" (1957), "Teacher's Pet" (1958) starring Clark Gable and Doris Day, "Kid Galahad" (1962) starring Elvis Presley and "They Shoot Horses, Don't They?" (1969) for which he won an Oscar.
Along with his work as a film actor, Young also appeared on such television series as, "Casablanca", "King's Row", "Cheyenne", "The Rogues", "Lux Video Theatre", "Twilight Zone" and "Gibsville".
He dealt with alcohol addiction his entire life and it had a huge affect on his professional career.  He lost a number of jobs due to his addiction and had a difficult personal life as well.  His last film role was in 1979 in, "Game of Death".  
Throughout his lifetime he married a total of five times.  His first wife was Sheila Stapler whom he wed in 1940 and divorced later in 1947.  He then married, Sophie Rosenstein in 1950, however she passed away in 1952 and the marriage also ended.  His third wife was Elizabeth Montgomery whom he wed in 1956 and his marriage also came to an end in 1963.  He then married for a fourth time to Elaine Young in 1963 and together they had one child before once again another unsuccessful marriage came to an end in 1966.  His fifth and final wife was Kim Schmidt whom he married on September 27th, 1978 but less then one month he shot his twenty one year old wife and then turned the gun on himself at the age of sixty five on October 19th, 1978 in New York City, New York.
His remains are buried in the Green Hill Cemetery in Waynesville, North Carolina.  Despite his personal issues, Hollywood still recognized his talents and he was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his contribution to the Motion Picture Industry.  


1978   The Game of Death 

1977   Spectre

1976-1977  Gibbsville

1976   Sherlock Holmes in New York

1976   McCloud 

1975   The Hindenburg 

1975   The Killer Elite

1975   The Turning Point of Jim Malloy

1974   The Great Ice Rip-Off

1974   A Black Ribbon for Deborah

1974   Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia 

1973   A Son-in-Law for Charlie McReady
1971   The Neon Ceiling

1970   Lovers and Other Strangers

1969   They Shoot Horses, Don't They?

1968   Companions in Nightmare

1967   The Shuttered Room

1966   The Red Skelton Hour

1964-1965  The Rogues

1965   Strange Bedfellows 

1965   Invisible Diplomats 

1963   Kraft Suspense Theatre 

1963   A Ticklish Affair

1963   For Love or Money

1962   Five Miles to Midnight 

1962   The Alfred Hitchcock Hour 1962  

1962   Kid Galahad 

1962   That Touch of Mink 

1961   The Spiral Staircase 

1960   Shirley Temple Theatre

1960   Ninotchka 

1959   The Story on Page One

1959   The Philadelphia Story 

1959   Twilight Zone

1959   Ask Any Girl

1958   The Tunnel of Love 

1958   Goodyear Theatre

1958   Teacher's Pet

1958   Studio One in Hollywood

1957   Climax!

1957   Desk Set

1956   The United States Steel Hour

1955   The Desperate Hours

1954   Young at Heart

1954   Lux Video Theatre

1954   Producers' Showcase

1954   Rear Window

1953   Schlitz Playhouse

1953   Robert Montgomery Presents

1953   Torch Song 

1953   Arena

1953   City That Never Sleeps 

1953   The Girl Who Had Everything

1952   Holiday for Sinners 

1952   You for Me 

1951   Too Young to Kiss

1951   Come Fill the Cup

1951   Slaughter Trail

1951   The Bigelow Theatre 

1951   Only the Valiant 

1951   Pulitzer Prize Playhouse

1950   Hunt the Man Down 

1950   The Silver Theatre 

1949   Tell It to the Judge 

1949   Lust for Gold

1948   Wake of the Red Witch

1948   The Three Musketeers

1948   The Woman in White 

1947   Escape Me Never 

1943   Old Acquaintance

1943   Air Force 

1942   The Gay Sisters 

1942   The Mad Martindales 

1942   The Male Animal 

1942   Captains of the Clouds 

1942   The Man Who Came to Dinner 

1941   You're in the Army Now 

1941   They Died with Their Boots On 

1941   The Tanks Are Coming

1941   One Foot in Heaven

1941   Navy Blues 

1941   Dive Bomber 

1941   Sergeant York

1941   Here Comes the Cavalry 

1940   Misbehaving Husbands 

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