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George Raft ACTOR


George Raft was born on September 26th, 1901 in Hell's Kitchen, New York City to parents of German decent, Conrad Raft and Eva Glockner.  He had one sister, Eva, known as 'Katie'.  As a child he showed an interest in dancing and also had a good eye for fashion. 
At the age of thirteen he left home and found random jobs working as a taxi driver, ballroom dancer and prize fighter.  He was employed as a dancer in various New York City nightclubs and also got a role on the stage act of Texas Guinan.  He was quite successful from early on in life that he received the opportunity to work on Broadway as a dancer as well as in London in the early 20's as a chorus boy.
Raft relocated to Hollywood in 1929 and found himself taking on small roles in films.  His success came with his role in, "Scarface" (1932) portraying a gangster.  His character was so convincing, some actually thought he might have been a real gangster in real life.  During the 1930's, Raft was one of the three most popular actors to portray a gangster on screen.  Some of his other film work was on, "If I Had a Million" (1932), "The Glass Key" (1935), "Souls at Sea" (1937) and "Invisible Strip" (1939).  His role on, "Each Dawn I Die" (1939) where he played a convict in prison was highly successful.  George also received third billing for his role on, "Manpower" (1941) for playing the lead.  
As the mid 40's progressed, Raft turned down many substantial roles such as, "High Sierra" and "The Maltese Falcon" which both roles went to Humphrey Bogart instead and made Bogart a major player in Hollywood.   Raft was then cast in, "Background to Danger" (1943) and after its release he demanded for Warner Brothers to terminate his contract.  Warner Brothers offered a $10,000 settlement to Raft, but instead of Raft taking their payment, he misunderstood and thought he needed to pay $10,000 to end his contract and so with no hesitation, he did just that.
Raft was a good actor, but not so good with common sense.  He turned down many important roles that could have furthered his career and that with the publics dislike of his so called gangster life cause his career to end pre maturely.
Raft found employment as a greeter at the Capri Casino in Havana, Cuba in the 50's where he had also invested as part owner.  He did try to make financial gain on his gangster image by staring in, "Some Like it Hot" (1959) but this did not help further his career.  George relocated to Europe for some time and chose to make films there.  
When returning to the United States he took on a couple more film roles in, "Ocean's eleven" (1960) and his final film appearances were in, "Sextette" (1978) and "The Man with Bogart's Face" (1980). 

Raft's personal life had it's ups and downs too.  In 1923 he married Grayce Mulrooney who was quite older then him, the couple soon split but she refused to ever grant him a divorce.  Therefore, Raft was not able to re marry, but he did have numerous romantic encounters with Betty Grable, Marlene Dietrich and Mae West.  He was very involved with Norma Shearer and wanted to marry her, but his first wife refused to agree to granting a divorce.  He also had a situation where he was accused of tax evasion and almost had to go to prison, but was able to convince the judge to let the charges be dropped.  Raft was honored with two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for contributions to Motion Pictures. 

Raft passed away on Novmeber 24th, 1980 from leukemia at age 79 in Los Angeles, California.  He was interred in Forest Lawn - Hollywood Hills Cemetery in Los Angeles.


1980  Sam Marlow, Private Eye
1972  Hammersmith Is Out
1968  Skidoo
1967  Five Golden Dragons
1966  The Upper Hand
1964  For Those Who Think Young
1964  Outpost in Morocco
1960  Ocean's Eleven
1959  Some Like It Hot
1959  Jet Over the Atlantic
1956  Around the World in Eighty Days
1955  A Bullet for Joey
1954  Rogue Cop
1954  Black Widow
1952  Loan Shark
1949  Johnny Allegro
1949  A Dangerous Profession
1949  Red Light
1948  Race Street
1947  Christmas Eve
1947  Intrigue
1946  Nocturne
1946  Whistle Stop
1945  Johnny Angel
1945  Nob Hill
1944  Follow the Boys
1943  Background to Danger
1941  Manpower
1940  They Drive by Night 
1940  The House Across the Bay
1939  Each Dawn I Die
1939  Invisible Stripes 
1938  You and Me
1938  Spawn of the North
1937  Souls at Sea
1935  The Glass Key
1934  Bolero
1933  The Bowery
1932  Scarface
1932  Night World
1932  If I Had a Million
1932  Taxi!
1932  Love Is a Racket
1932  Night After Night
1931  Palmy Days
1929  Gold Diggers of Broadway

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